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  1. MSU NOV18 five pack in Zurich. Only a few boxes left. I already regret not buying a whole box. Beautiful cigars
  2. Fresh Maltes. Surprisingly mild and kind of bland.
  3. Nice day at the Munich LCDH. A few premium singles I have not tried yet. New shipment just in and they had found an old box of Gloria’s but they’d only sell 2 per instead of the full box. My travel humidor is now slammed full.
  4. All that soy. If you want to lower your testosterone and grow man boobs, this is definitely the “meat” for you.
  5. I don’t really disagree but it’s important to point out that these tech companies only exist in their current form as a result of government intervention and protection. Specifically, Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act grants “platforms” immunity for content posted by users. However, we all know in reality Facebook and others are publishers, as their censorship proves beyond any doubt they are making publishing decisions daily. It’s beyond time for that to be repealed so big tech has to play by the same rules as everyone else. Also, the recent $5b fine is a total joke. The amount is a drop in the bucket for them and most importantly, it lets Facebook off the hook for all of their prior privacy violations with full immunity - even those the public or anyone else is not aware of!
  6. You should be honest and just come out and say straight up that you think violence is okay as long as it’s in pursuit of the far left agenda. That’s quite literally what you are saying And look at what I bolded. Lol zero self awareness. You clearly have a lot of hate in your heart. Just be honest. You think any opinion besides the far left orthodoxy of the day is hate. And that anyone who doesn’t fall in line with it must be a Nazi Brownshirt and should be met with hate, violence, or worse. Violence is never acceptable.
  7. When violent leftists perpetrate domestic terrorism like this against Brexit supporters, media and corporations like Burger King support it and cheer it on. And make no mistake, violence to push political aims is in fact the definition of terrorism. We all know the reaction would be entirely different if it was the left getting violently attacked. There would have already been swift crackdowns and the media would be melting down blaming Farage or Tommy Robinson for incitement. We’ve seen the same thing in America with the media promoting ANTIFA domestic terrorism for the last 3 years.
  8. CCE REG DIC 17. Tight draw and fresh but fantastic. Single I got about two months ago and first CCE I’ve had. Now I need a box
  9. I've sniped and been sniped hundreds of times over the years on eBay. It's just part of the game. Anyone who complains about it must be a total noob to online auctions IMO (not that there's anything wrong with that).
  10. 2000 that’s been in my humidor almost 2 years. First NC for me in nearly that long. Meh
  11. PE from the aged sampler a while back. POS MAY 07

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