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  1. Zinc, D3 and NAC supplements. Will likely improve your mood in a matter of days and a whole lot of other things too.
  2. These statistics are pure propaganda and you know it. Anyone who died with a positive test within a month is a “covid death” regardless of what the actual cause of death is. We should all stop spreading disinformation and fear mongering like that. From the CDC study: Among 148,494 adults who received a Covid-19 diagnosis during an emergency department or inpatient visit at 238 U.S. hospitals from March to December, 71,491 were hospitalized. Of tho
  3. This logic actually applies to all taxes, including the income tax.
  4. Defi is the future. If you're putting new money in at this point, I would buy BTC, Ether, or one of the Defi coins. GME is a massive awakening by normal people to the typical tricks and rigging done by Wall Street, plus the politicians that are their agents. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a big market pull back soon with the flood of retail investors and FOMO. It reminds me a lot of the events and mentality of many in Bitcoin's first big run up in late 2017. I'm sure the Fed's printer has other ideas though.
  5. “The vaccine works and is perfectly safe for everyone” will be 2021’s version of “but they are all just peaceful protestors.” Whatever happened to the “my body, my choice” certain global political movements have been pushing for decades?
  6. I’m low risk so I’ll be altruistic and volunteer to let everyone else take the vaccine before I take it never. Brand new type of vaccine. Completely unknown side effects. They don’t even claim 50% effectiveness for flu shots, only a fool would believe the 95% effectiveness claims for this vaccine. But then again, people will believe literally anything their government tells them without a second thought as long as they instill enough fear in the people first. There’s a much bigger agenda behind it, as people like Bill Gates have repeatedly told us openly.
  7. TUA JUL 20 and record shipping time. Now I can feel less bad smoking from my 2016 box. Thank you!
  8. Two out of the four are also now widely known as false flag operations, the Maine and Tonkin incident. The other two were simply allowed to happen. Perhaps something people should keep in mind these days.
  9. I can't believe so many people are still falling for some of the obvious nonsense that is being pushed our way regarding the virus. It's pure election year politics and is all about control and compliance. Really is amazing how a little fear causes so many people to lose all sense. As for the masks, before they became a hot political issue for social control, here's what the CDC's Journal had to say about them:
  10. Incredible work. Thank you so much for sharing.
  11. Ummm, that isn't a myth. The amount of obscene fear-mongering going on with this virus is disgusting.

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