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  1. QD50 SMA SEP 18 and some Corona Especial and Siglo III singles.
  2. Preservation Hall is a must see. I stayed at Hotel Monteleone, it’s a great hotel but not sure of their smoking policy. They do have a nice roof top pool at least.
  3. Hoyo du Prince a couple months ago. Wish I had more
  4. Grateful13

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    First smoke in the sunroom of my new house. RJ Short Churchill from the aged sampler. AGU OCT 07. Had a really uneven burn on one side from start to finish, probably due to the serious box press. Many touch ups didn’t help. Flavorwise, was not at all what I was expecting too
  5. Nice report, thanks for sharing. Very informative.
  6. Regular smokes - Monte 4, PLPC Some skinnies - MdO4, PLMC, Monte Especial Most of all, I hope to get to Havana so I can buy some of the more premium boxes that may be available at the various LCDHs.
  7. Grateful13

    FOH Auctions Update

    I am looking forward to bidding!
  8. Grateful13

    La Gloria Cubana Question

    Same here, bummer! I should have checked out sooner
  9. Grateful13

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    May 16 QD Corona from a psp box. A lot better than the last one I tried 6 months ago.
  10. Switzerland - landscape, economics, and neutrality. Or Czech Republic or Russia - best looking women.
  11. Grateful13

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Did an A-B on these with a friend new to CCs to show him how age changes a smoke. This past week we smoked from my TOS MAR 17 box. He was amazed! Also, first time I’ve used a V cut
  12. Agree. He could have held it back himself or could have stopped it at various points but he said nothing and let the cigar go to waste. Of course he’s going to chose the colorful multi banded example if you give an idiot the choice I hope you at least called the guy out for being a jerk, having no respect, and wasting the stick.

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