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  1. Yet another tin foil hat conspiracy theory promulgated by the CIA or FBI that their agents in the fake news media breathlessly shared. They said Russians were using top secret sound wave guns to melt their brains. This is literal tin foil hat stuff yet people still believe these clown agencies about other matters. Neurotic hypochondriacs with 100% psychosomatic “illnesses”. Sound familiar? I’m sure if they just keep looking they’ll find the Russian that colluded to do this! I even hear certain congressmen hold proof of this but they can’t share just yet!
  2. The Australian government is an absolute disgrace, truly the laughing stock of the entire world at this point with their clown antics and concentration camps for their own citizens. Now they are persecuting and discriminating against one of the greatest athletes of all time because he refuses to do a medical procedure that has dubious benefits at best. Djoker played by the rules and did absolutely nothing wrong. You guys should be angry at your joke of a government. Not Novak.
  3. That was the number as of June 23, 2021. The number is much higher now. Nice try. And downplaying it as mild is straight up lunacy. There is nothing mild about a heart condition like that. Will you also discount the "mild" cases of covid - which applies to 99% of covid cases who have "mild symptoms and fully recover"? Why not? Why are covid truthers so dishonest with their statistics?
  4. 99% of NHL players are vaccinated, so it's likely that everyone on the Ottawa Senators was vaccinated. Now they are postponing games because of an outbreak. Multiple NFL coaches have missed game as a result of contracting covid. 100% of NFL coaches are vaccinated. Let's not even talk about the ridiculous amounts of healthy young people and athletes suddenly suffering from myocarditis. Serious and life threatening heart inflammation that is a result of the vaccine. Soon you will need a third shot to be considered "fully vaccinated" because, it turns out, the vaccine is not anywhere close to as effective as we were initially misled to believe. Yeah, the vaccine totally works you guys!!! Perfectly safe and effective!
  5. The bottom line is the vaccine is not anywhere close to as effective or as safe as promised. Yet another lie in a long list of lies told by the authorities on covid. At this point, only blind fools still believe what they are told about it from governments and the pharmaceutical companies who make billions while shielded from all liability. And now these same ghouls are trying to push their poison onto children, who are effectively at zero risk from covid. Truly evil people.
  6. A Choix Supreme I’ve had in my singles humidor for two years. It wasn’t bad per se, just rather flavorless and boring.
  7. There were several good shops in Munich when I visited a few years ago, all near the main center. The LCDH of course, plus Max Zechbauer and Pfeifen Huber. Smoking is or was banned indoors in Bavaria so you typically couldn’t smoke in any. But all had wide selection and fair prices.
  8. Inflation is happening across the board. Have you seen the prices in the grocery store lately? Prices are not coming down. It’s not just cigars.
  9. First one I have smoked in about a year out of a PSP box. It has improved slightly over the last one. Perfect open draw. Light and delicate smoke, under medium. Creamy smoke with touches of citrus and a general sweetness. I’d rate the smoke an 88/100. Highly enjoyable smoking with friends at a Mexican resort so I’d rate the experience a 100/100. Only downside was the humidity started to have a negative effect on the draw and flavors after half way.
  10. Picked these up at LCDH Cancun this week. $250 each. One box in 0700s, the other 0900s. Still sealed.
  11. A 2013 PLPC. Was more mild than most from the box, but still pretty tasty even if one dimensional.
  12. Do you have any self awareness at all? One sentence you tell us how right you are about everything, then in the very next sentence you say debate is pointless because people are "only interested in being right" 😭 Okay that's really it this time LOL
  13. Again, your comparison is totally legit, true, and doesn’t make you sound absolutely insane at all. 🙄 How is someone who is not vaxxed a risk to vaccinated people if the vaccine works? Why won’t you address that? Why are Iceland and Israel having huge surges despite near universal vaccination? Why do we need booster shots? Why are all the goal posts shifting? its amazing how thin skinned these little authoritarians and covid truthers are when they face even basic questions about why the goal posts have suddenly shifted!
  14. Thats a great way to put it. I am glad we agree mandates are terrible. After all, your liberty to swing your needle ends at my nose and skin. Is that what you’re trying to say? Or are you just saying it doesn’t apply when you are swinging or decide that you are right and that everyone else has to do what you think? Or are you saying someone unvaxxed is putting you at risk? How so? Does the vaccine work or does it not?
  15. Your hate and intolerance are duly noted. Yeah man that’s a totally legit, reasonable, and comparable situation, you don’t sound absolutely insane at all. On the other hand, while I will ignore your US Politics posting, it seems like my post did score a direct hit with you!
  16. Why should I be forced to take on any risk for someone else’s alleged benefit? Are you actually admitting there is risk in taking the vaxx? How exactly does “society” benefit from me getting it? It seems like I would be the one benefiting. Or does it just make you feel better when you can force your own decisions onto others? If you get it and believe the vaccine works, why do you care if someone is unvaxxed? Do you not actually believe you are protected by it? Or is it magic, like your your vaccine force field only activates when mine is activated too? That’s certainly not what we were promised with this perfectly safe and effective vaccine. Why are Israel and Iceland - two of the most vaccinated states - seeing record cases leading the US State department to issue travel warnings for them? And what’s this about booster shots? We were told one or two then back to normal. Why are the goal posts shifting all of a sudden?
  17. Sad reality. The amount of intolerance and outright hate from the pro-government, pro-violence (mandating someone shove a needle with experimental treatments into their arm IS advocating for violence), and pro segregation (vax “passports”) crowd is truly disturbing. And these people actually believe they are being heroic by advocating for this. They really think sitting on their ass and getting a vaccine makes them some kind of hero. It’s classic cult behavior with the covid truthers. When their predictions of doomsday (covid will kill us all, 15 days to stop the spread!) and/or miracles (the vaccine is safe and works) don’t come to fruition, they always double down on their zealotry. The new covid religion.
  18. Exactly, it’s like the current hysteria with kids supposedly getting it in any serious numbers. Absolutely no scientific or statistical evidence behind it, pure fear propaganda. If you are vaccinated and believe the vaccine works, why are you even concerned with being around unvaccinated people? Are you not supposedly protected? It makes no sense, but then again little of it does at this point. It has become the new religion and all heretics against the current narratives must be cancelled.
  19. Zinc, D3 and NAC supplements. Will likely improve your mood in a matter of days and a whole lot of other things too.

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