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  1. mike74

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Glorious little RASCCal
  2. I've got a load of Boveda 62s in my humidors and tupperdors, but for the last few weeks they've really struggled to keep the humidity down. Any wisdom greatly appreciated!
  3. Anyone know of anywhere to smoke in central Belfast? Quick trip, don't know the place...
  4. Know exactly what you mean!
  5. How long do you recommend ageing them? And how does their profile change with age? I've got some RGPEs with a couple of years on them and they're a good deal sweeter and milder than the younger RGPs I have: is that typical ageing for the marca?
  6. mike74

    Fake or Real?

    Send it over and I'll check it for you properly...
  7. Same for me: time-zone means i’m often too late for 24:24 😢. So in last few months, I’ve bought some Choix Supreme, R&J MF, RASCC, BBF from store - all great quality.
  8. mike74

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Completing the holiday with a Lusi
  9. Was there last year: nothing...
  10. Not my dream vitola, but practical. Feels like you’re enjoying a bigger smoke, but you can fit it in when you don’t have time for anything larger.
  11. mike74

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Upmann 2 MEG JUN 16 Ok, these are now (very!) good to go..

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