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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your wisdom here, Ray: I’m really grateful. Have a great 2020!
  2. Thanks Ray, I’ve been grateful for the Cuban crush tip lately! It’s just odd that the frequency I’m getting them has jumped so markedly when source (FOH) and humidor (so far as I can tell) have remained constant.
  3. For some reason I’ve had a load of cigars tunnelling recently, though I’m not aware of anything having changed in storage (and from different humidors). Any ideas why? Any advice? Are there any old threads that deal with this? Thanks!
  4. I love H Upmann, and I find these rather special: dark, oily wrappers, and every one from this box (MEG JUN 16) so far has been well constructed, giving perfect burn and draw. In many ways it has a classic Upmann profile. It’s nutty with occasional hints of sweeter marzipan. However, these are darker, deeper, earthier, with more dark chocolate and a particularly beautiful aroma. Delicious.
  5. Sorry, it’s not glamorous, I know, but I’ve been loving these lately as a nice morning cheapie, and feel that if anyone on the forum hasn’t tried them, they should. R&J isn’t a favourite of mine, but I’ve tried a number of R&J and never quite got the cherry note @Elpresidente has mentioned. But this morning I had one while walking the dog. Wasn’t paying great attention to it, and then WHAM: cherry in spades! Worth a shot if you haven’t had one yet.
  6. This was my first Presidente - started it with some ‘Peat Faerie’ (a blend of Speyside and Islay malt whisky). I’d only given it 30 days down and it had no great aroma at cold, so I was wary. When cut, the draw was perfect (quite loose for a Cuban, but not badly so). Love the feel of it in the hand. I was glad of a precision lighter to avoid scorching the wrapper. From the first puff I was impressed: it got straight in there. Mild but packed with flavour, and a sensational aroma. I’d been expecting something punchy, but it wasn’t what I thought it would be (in fact, the whisky was a bit
  7. OBM NOV 15. Boxing Day smoke with my Christmas read: an excellent new biography of Churchill. Paired with an Ardbeg Uigedail, a Christmas gift which I feared could be overpowering, but worked beautifully for me (both sweet and smoky, which worked well with the Lusi). First inch or so was the warm-up, promising all that was to come. Truly gorgeous aroma throughout. Then into the main action, which was pure Partagas, but delivered in the most classy format. Good construction, fairly clean burn; complex, slightly sweet, wonderful. I rarely have time for a double corona, but love them wh
  8. Just got a box of Quai d’Orsay 50. Never had them before. In a recent 24:24, @Elpresidente suggested they need a good nap before they’re ready. Can anyone recommend how long they need? Thanks!
  9. ? Principes. Wrappers like this make what I think of as the SCDH fudge go through the roof.

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