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  1. Also surprised Spain #1. Isn't it also a very cigar friendly country? Certainly a factor. 😀 I visited when I was in high school and even at that age, I appreciated the beauty and culture. Would love to go back someday and visit some of the cigar lounges. (And see some of the other sites.) I would have assumed Scandinavia would dominate the list. I don't want to know how far down the list the US is...
  2. Smoked my first premium cigar in 1996 after the Yankees won the World Series. I was in a night club in Baltimore. I smoked a lot of NC after that while still in college. My smoking would wax and wane over the years from a few a year to many more in the summers at the beach. Only had a few CC during that time, mostly Cohiba and Montecristo. Most were excellent, not sure about authenticity, but they were definitely different that what I was used to. Two years ago, I stopped in a shop while on cruise to Cozumel and got a bunch of CC singles. Way overpriced but they were real. I discovered RASS, Siglo III, RyJ SC, ERDM CS, Monty 3. A new world for me. I found the Dr. Joe Show on Youtube and I was hooked. A few online vendors, then found my way over here. A full cabinet, Newair and two tupperdors later and I'm still addicted to 24:24. I consider myself a CC connoisseur in every circle, except here where I am humbly reminded on a daily basis that I have much to learn and experience in this fabulous journey.
  3. As a Yankee fan, I wanted no part of Machado. Don't want his attitude corrupting the young core of this team. Someone like him probably wanted no part of a big market team team like NY or Boston, where fan and media scrutiny would call out his style of play on a daily basis. Let him get his millions in a small market where he can hide. I wouldn't be surprised if he never cares about winning a title.
  4. I'm currently smoking through a box of these, LUG JUN 15, PSP/HQ. It's one of my go to smokes. Almost always delivers with typical Monte flavors. It's not as classy as the #1 or Especiales, but when I want good flavor that I don't have to think about, the Double Edmundo is one of the few cigars that I know I'll be happy with.
  5. I had a Demi Tasse this morning and it was great. I only had 15 minutes and that's how long it took to smoke. Will be picking up a box the next time they're on 24:24.
  6. Great review. The Lancero from last year's Christmas sampler was AMO JUN 16. By far the class of that sampler. I got a ton of lemon zest from mine. I remember thinking it was like smoking a key lime pie!
  7. My only Lancero was also from the Christmas sampler. It was AMO JUN 16. Far and away the stud cigar of the sampler. It outshined the Esplendido, Siglo VI, Sir Winnie, etc. I agree with your review, but I got more of a tangy lemony flavor in the second third instead of black coffee. Loved the transitions throughout each third. I had no construction, burn issues until the very end. I found it hard to pace myself and could never make it last for three hours. But I am a believer, the hype for this cigar is real.
  8. Yes, when I was there last year we stayed in the Boardwalk area right outside Epcot. Every night after the family went to sleep, I would go out and smoke while sitting on a bench or walking around the lake. It definitely made the days more tolerable. They actually sell cigars in many of the general stores but as expected I didn't see anywhere you could smoke indoors.
  9. Is there any consistency to factory codes/date within a mastercase? Could you figure out at least an approximate date based on the other boxes in the case? My answer is similar to what others have said, if it is from you, no, it is not a faulty product. I would be quite comfortable purchasing an HQ 50 cab RASS with an approximate date late 2016 - early 2017. If I'm buying blind from somewhere else, everything needs to be tip top. Same goes for bandless cigars.
  10. I went with the temperature control in my M Plus. Glad I did. I got full length glass doors and keep the cabinet in my basement. I believe the local environment in your home is as important as the climate you live in. It has been hot and humid in New Jersey for several weeks now. I keep the temp set to 68F and the coolers are running all the time. My Nest thermostat turns off the air conditioning automatically when no one is home. I don't want the AC running all time. Also I've had a tough time keeping the humidity down. I want it around 60%. This summer it's been hovering between 64-67% usually on the higher end. I've taken the humidifiers out and put in some damp rid. I have a dehumidifier in the room. This helps but the exhaust from the dehumidifier heats up the room. So instead of chasing my tail, I've accepted the higher humidity, slightly softer cigars. Hopefully by September things will stabilize. Bob initially tried to talk me out of glass doors with the temperature control. When I told him the cabinet was going in the basement, he thought it would be OK. I wonder how full length wood doors would affect the internal environment. No regrets though. I like sitting in front of it and staring at my collection.
  11. Before I finished my basement, I knew there would be a separate room from my office. I decided to turn it into a smoking lounge. I had an in line duct fan (~900 cfm) for exhaust put in. A separate duct for return air with a duct heater. I use a rabbit air to help clear the air. With all this, I found a scented candle works surprising well to eliminate any lingering odors. When everything is running, my wife and daughter will come into the room while I'm smoking and not complain about smoke, odor, etc. (And they do not like my hobby at all.) The following was my inspiration for the project: https://player.vimeo.com/video/14319197. This guy used to have a website with detailed plans, list of equipment with prices and vendors. However the website seems to be down. If you google his name (Ryan Deyer), you may find more information.
  12. Value, customer service, grading by condition, packaging, shipment tracking, civilized online community from all other world - FoH is the best vendor by a mile (or 1.6 km depending on what language you speak).

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