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  1. Review is spot on. Had two relatively recently (within the last year) and thought exactly the same. Very good. Doesn’t have much more in it to “complexify.” Enjoy them. They are quite good.
  2. This Lone Ranger had been sitting in my singles drawer because it had a cracked head and I didn’t want the jostling when I moved boxes around to further exacerbate it. I used a Xikar to cut it about 1/2” up to avoid unraveling. My friends have heard me wax on and on and on about how I believe the 14 and 15 cigars were really great. Now that they are 5 or so years old, many of them are coming into their prime. I had an easy Friday. Gotta love those so it was a good excuse to sit back and enjoy a cigar with friends. My friend had a 2014 Upmann 2 so this was a good chance to try this Diplo. Plus I love them. Honestly, I’m not going to bury the lede. This was a great cigar. Draw was perfect. It was subtle for the first third. A lot of hay and straw. Middle third have wood and leather and last third was a ramped o experience that was full but never overpowering. I find that young Diplo 2 can be harsh in the last third (but quite enjoyable for the first two thirds). 5 years in, and while the last third is strong, it’s never unpleasant or overly ashy - although slow smoking is still required. Ive been so impressed with my 14 and 15 Diplo 2 (and SCDLH La Punta). The era and the age seems to give them great focus. This was easily a 94-95 point cigar. At the end we paired the cigar with a super interesting Highland Park/Three Chiefs stout aged with cedar chips. Good pairing.
  3. Wailbait

    TV query??

    That’s not a brand that I’ve seen. A buddy of mine is an engineer at Sony. According to him, the differences are relatively small when you are dealing with the big guys (Sony, LG and Samsung). After that he sort of seemed to imply it was a crapshoot. Since I’m going to assume you’re like me - reliability is paradigm and bells and whistles second - I’d start by seeing which brands have the best track record. For whatever reason I’m super fussy about audio gear but I have never really chased the latest and greatest in video.
  4. Wailbait

    TV query??

    I’ve had 2 Samsung TVs for the last ten years or so. They seemed to be a reasonable intersection of quality/user friendliness/price.
  5. It’s interesting. I am very curious to see how this new “blend” ages. I think the new Fonseca 1 differs from older blend as well.
  6. I mean. Greatest poll ever. Don’t even care about the result but I love chatting BOND!
  7. For many folks that I know, the Lonsdale/Dalia represents the perfect size. I’m one of those people. If pressed, I’d likely say “corona” but since there are so few coronas made, this ends up being the winner. Of all the production lonsdales, none seems to be as elegant as the Partagas 898 (both in flavor and packaging). I don’t like to sound like a conspiracy theorist but it feels like the 898 blend changed. I have been trying to do detective work to figure out EXACTLY when it was but here goes the theory. (Varnished) 898s until about 2013 seem to need quite a bit of a nap. They are strong when young and their flavors mellow into harmony with time. I have had a couple of boxes of recent 898s (2017-2018) and the blend is quite mellow when new and smokable right out of the gate. I’m thus unsure of the aging potential of these. I have quite a few 06-09 898s that, even after a decade, are stronger than new 898s. So I was super excited to try this 15 as I was curious if it was the older stronger blend or the newer milder blend. Weight and prelight aroma were beautiful. Wrapper smooth. Cold draw was tight. I’m not going to bury the lede here. It wasn’t great. Marred by a kind of “leak” the smoking experience felt a curious combination of acrid and dilute. I did get some of the classic notes that I like but there was some inexplicable construction issue that prevented me from waxing poetic on this one. The burn was great and the room note was lovely. Im sure a Lonsdale isn’t as tough to roll as a lancero, but the combination of longer leaves, longer length and thinnish ring gauge must be more challenging than some other short-thin or wide/fat cigars. I see fewer 898s than other cigars - this could be a function of demand (no one wants them) or supply (Cuba doesn’t make that many). Fortunately I have more and am eager to try as I have found 2014-15 to have consistently produced great cigars. My quiet hunch is that these 2015 898s lie in the “older stronger” style than the newer ones.
  8. Had one of these a few months back and thought EXACTLY what your review stated. Great but perhaps a slightly faded flower. That said - just great and worth smoking.
  9. Doesn’t seem crazy to me at all. Aside from the fact that it includes fancy VIP park tickets, at some level it feels just like a “magical” day if the Disney thing is really a place of magic for you.
  10. Ultimate FOH branding opportunity. Fit one with a glass dome, and it’s a micro-cigar lounge.
  11. Totally my thought. Needs more time. Haven’t seen too many Upmann PC that need more than 3 years to even open up but that’s certainly what I believe to be the case
  12. This evening was entitled “Let’s See how these are doing...”. My buddy got a recent bundle of Alex’s Puntillas and he wanted to see how they are before a long nap. And I had been wanting to try my first Upmann PC from a box split awhile back. I was excited as I love this cigar. First thoughts. This box has a really interesting mottled wrapper. Never seen anything quite like it. Cold draw is perfect. Great resistance. First half. This thing is a HAMMER. It’s the most un-Upmann cigar. Voluminous smoke production and quite strong. After the first 3/4” it calmed down a bit and became focused. Didn’t have the vegetal quality of a young cigar (it’s already 3+ years old) but it had a lot of green and pine notes. Second half and conclusion This cigar never hit “elegant” which is to some extent the way that I have described these in the past. I have a TOS 16 box that completely embodies that term. Figgy and complex. This was not that. By the end, we all agreed that the prevailing note was “ashy.” To be fair, while this review sounds overly negative and harsh, it wasn’t a wholly unpleasant experience. It’s true I did go in with certain flavor expectations - as would anyone who has some experience with a product. This one was just soo... different. Perhaps the other 11 will be different.
  13. Best poll ever. One where the average person likely has an opinion and can’t understand the appeal of the other camp!! So interesting that it’s bascially 50/50!

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