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  1. Great topic. I mostly echo previous responses: Fundadores Partagas E2 Monte 4 898 Also: Ive had some TOS Dip 2 from late 15 that are incredible now. (I know that’s 3 years) SCDLH Fuerza. I smoked one from 14 recently that was lovely but slightly “faded.” I figure a 2 year old one should be right in wheelhouse. I would think Fonseca 1 should be fine at 2 years.
  2. I really like this question. As I think about my own collection, it has great resonance. I certainly don’t smoke “everything.” There are a few that I have found to be what I enjoy which I stock and I have a drawer of singles/fivers that I use for the purpose of sampling. Given my own predilections, I smoke: PLPC, Quai Corona, RASS, 898, Monte 4, PSD4, and Partagas E2. The first 3 on that list just aren’t that enjoyable to me without multiple years of aging. I don’t sample them new. They just lay down. I’ve found that older 898s (like from 2008, say) still might need time but somehow the new 898s seem pretty good with very little age. They must have changed the blend. The Monte 4, PSD4 and E2 really are a great ride. I like them young, I like them old. They tell a great story. The above is my personal story. I’ve kissed quite a few frogs along the way though. I always love hearing about how others find their taste profile.
  3. What has been remarkable is that while they might not have that salty/briny/iodine-y quality that some of the Sanchos have, they manage to present the citrus/tangerine complexity you get from older Cohibas next to that earthy/forest floor “umami” that is not totally common. Obviously since you are “smoking” something, every cigar has a “bitter” component. These Edmundo Dantes are among the most complex rides. Wish I had more!
  4. Great topic. Some of the most complex cigars I have had were the Edmundo Dantes ones. There’s some magic in that blend where it really tells a story and goes for a ride.
  5. Yes! That’s it! It’s the best. Also very comfy.
  6. Not a funny or ironic mug but apparently my wife’s grandmother knew these potters in Cape Cod and she had this particular mug in the 60s. The potter’s Grandkids run the business and they still make the same pattern. I love it.
  7. Wailbait

    Box of the day (Wednesday)

    I have been eagerly awaiting a great box of e2. My favorite schmancy cigar.
  8. If my own enthusiasm is a barometer, it will be the most frenetic 24:24 imaginable.
  9. Hate to bury the lede. I love this cigar. Start to finish. It may not be the last word in complexity but it is so wonderfully enjoyable. Pre light is actually relatively mellow and mild. Some light notes of hay and cedar but that also might be box smell. Firsf half: Just perfect. Slight twang gives way to the classic pancake aroma that all folks speak of. The 6 years has helped mellow this cigar into something special. My friend said if reminded her of Wheatena, a breakfast cereal she had as a child and I think that’s right. Toasted wheat with baking spices. Second half: Not a huge change but flavors have amplified. This is the half where a few years changes the palate heft. I believe that if this were two years old it would have more “kick” but I enjoy the mellowness. It’s round and rich and lovely. This is just one of those cigars I would always want to have access to. Great after meals. I paired it with a split Manhattan of bourbon and Calvados. The apple of the Calvados picked up flavors well.
  10. Great assessment and I will actually try one from my 2016 box and see how that one’s doing.
  11. PLPC's are just about my favorite cigar out there and I tend to agree with many others out there that they really shine after they have had a nap. Having recently sampled one from an EML 2014 box, I thought last night would be a great opportunity to try one with an extra year of age. I thought the EML was just starting to come about. How would the 2013 AME be? Prelight: Intoxicating. Fruity and earthy. One thing I have started to notice is if cigars have some cherry and berry overtones at prelight, it can manifest into harsher more youthful flavors in the second half. It happened recently with my Allones Silver Jubilee that smelled like a cherries jubilee but was a bit youthful on the back end. I would have been surprised if a 2013 PLPC was still youthful. First half: Lovely. Mellow. Easy draw and very twangy. While my 2014 EML had started to turn into the caramel apple, this one was just apple. That said, I enjoyed how complex it was. Second half: Still youthful. Not harsh. Just youthful. A bit of the sweeter profile starting to enter. Toast and cedar. A very pleasant cigar. I'm excited to see where the rest of these go in the next year or so. There is great complexity in these sticks and time does seem to do them quite well - they are among my favorite sticks to age on the longer end. I sampled two bourbons with this cigar. The 1792 single barrel which was fine if somewhat indistinct and the EH Taylor Bonded which I loved. The Taylor is sort of an interesting beast in the Buffalo Trace line. I quite enjoyed it and went very well with a cigar. it.
  12. A yeoman’s service to say the very least!

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