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  1. Nothing Cohiba because I refuse to kowtow to the perceived hype or for someone doing it for “the gram” No Robaina. Doesn’t feel like a “typical” Cuban. No Upmann 46. For whatever reason I find that new smokers gravitate towards the Upmanns. The 46 isn’t typical to the marca so I probably wouldn’t want to disabuse them of their notions.
  2. I like it a lot. If someone “said” to me “we are more alike than different”, it’s sort of treacly. When someone “shows” me that, it’s sticky.
  3. Ugh. I don’t recall 140 but I did get a few at a bit more. Those were the days.
  4. I have loved these cigars. In fact I find this particular era of Quai (2013-2015) to be incredibly consistent which is a huge bonus when it comes to Cuban cigars. My only questionable box was one from 2015 with dark wrappers. (Quai should never have dark wrappers in my opinion) This is just a pretty cigar. I love the size and feel. I wish there were more Coronas but I don’t want to be the old man that yells at a cloud. Draw on this one is slightly tighter than I love but not so bad that I want to monkey with it. Flavors are all spot on. Some baking notes, some gingerbrea
  5. Sorry to hear that. Our place got robbed a couple of times and it’s a really crummy feeling. In the US, cops were very pleasant but basically said “yeah we aren’t going to catch them.” I guess we got to enjoy the cam footage.
  6. Here’s a review where I won’t bury the lede. This is a great stick. Honestly it’s a situation where I have one of these perhaps every 6-9 months, I think to myself “I love this - I should get more to age” and I just never do. I got this box awhile back, around 2017, and it clearly wasn’t ready, but around the 4-5 year mark, it really came into focus. Just look at it! Great color. Lovely sheen. Weight and fill were both great. I find myself buying PLPC more than any other PC because I like how they age. But those really need some time. These are great at 4 years where my PL
  7. Lots of great thoughts on this. It has compelled me to think further on my notes. For the record - it’s not a dis track on these cigars. They might smooth out in the next few years. I had steered clear of the JL1/2 for years because they were too strong for my palate and I never felt they would resolve. I still love my JLPC. But maybe some good words about JL2 will have me revisit. I only had examples from 14 and 15 and I think that recent blends on many cigars seem milder so maybe I’ll redip my toe in the water.
  8. I love review weekends as sometimes they compel me to dig around and try something I haven’t had in awhile. I split this box of Juan Lopez years ago and have never tried one from it. My experience with Juan Lopez sticks ( on the 3-5 occasions I have had one) is that they are often compared to Cohibas and I just don’t see it at all. It’s not that I dislike them, I just personally don’t see the comparison. The one thing they have in common is that in my opinion both need at least 5 years to shine. I probably bought this box in 16 or 17 and figured they weren’t ready. Loo
  9. This is a PSA. If you haven’t been watching I Think You Should Leave on Netflix, then cancel your engagements for the week and get on it. The best sketch show since Mr. Show.
  10. I have actually never purchased a box. I got some odds and ends over the years and I got two fivers because they are so great. They are definitely on my “hunt” list. My guess is new ones are likely good.
  11. I’m not going to bury the lede or beat around the bush. One of the top 10 cigars I’ve had this year. If you need strength, this isn’t the one for you, but if you value balance and complexity, look no further. This is chai in a stick. Tea. Cinnamon. Cardamom. It’s elegant and refined. Not a ton of change from start to finish but when it’s this good, who needs it? The second half is a bit stronger but never got hot or bitter. It’s somewhat reminiscent of a well aged Quai Corona. This is a unique cigar and one that I will seek out if new ones are as good. Hig
  12. I haven’t had the chance to smoke many cigars of late so it is with great pleasure that I took the time out to have two recently with a friend. The Connie 1 has long been one of my favorite cigars and for me was the definition of a stick that punches above its weight. I love the blend and I love how they age. Recently with the add of the Connie 2 and the Connie B, my guess is Cuba felt the same. I haven’t tried any of the new ones because, frankly, they punch a bit above my wallet’s weight. I had a BRE 17 Connie 1 somewhat recently and I remarked at how ligh
  13. I have a few larger format cigars but it’s not that common that I try them, but, having nothing to do with this review weekend, my friend said, “when are you going to smoke that Gigantes I gave you?” Most of my DCs are HDM, SLR and Punch as I like how they age. But I have a few odds and ends. Gigantes are one such. Normally I enjoy these sorts of sticks with 5+ years of age but these are so pretty. First impressions . These are great and have a real depth. I get a bit of toffee and caramel at the first light. Draw isn’t as forgiving as I would love but a couple of
  14. It’s been SUCH a long time since I have had one of these. My ULA 14 box is incredible. So good that I ration them like Scrooge. My ABR ULA 15 box that I did a box split on years ago has always been “meh” but I recently picked up a few singles and they look PERFECT. These look and feel like a Quai should. On first light, draw is good and ITS ALL THERE. I’m just surprised how focused it all is. Not the baking spice/gingerbread thing that people talk about but it’s just so darn refined. I had intended to make a Manhattan to enjoy with it but the flavor is just so darn good that I put

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