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  1. 898 LMB 10/17 my last mdo 4 is ULA 15 but I did see an MSU 2/18
  2. Ken. You’re a one-man tastemaker. I’m certainly into this based on your article. Well written. Looking forward.
  3. I have loved reading the reviews of others for this review weekend. The reviews themselves have been interesting and insightful but, from a 20,000 foot point of view, it’s really a meta-review. That is, “hey everybody, what is go-to reliable cigar?” And the variety of the answers has been illuminating! I would have expected others to have similar “go-tos” but I just love how everyone’s sense of faithful and reliable is totally different. For me, the Partagas D4 is, in theory, “old faithful.” They make a lot of them, they’ve made them for a long time and everyone has had them. Lighting this D4 up was a fantastic reminder why it may have been a bad choice for this review. Unlike the SCDLH Principe, for example, the D4 while readily available, does have great variation. First half. Lovely night. Great time for a cigar. This one was darn pretty and from a box that appeared to be ready. Cold draw was fabulous. On first light, I got cedar, forest floor and..... menthol. The menthol was pervasive throughout the experience. Normally I would cut the review in thirds but in this case, it took until the second half to get past the Newport-life. second half Once the menthol subsided, there was a lot of fruit interwoven in the wood. I love the smoke production on this stick and it seemed to behave throughout. Grey ash was flaky but sturdy and the entire smoke lasted about 1.5 hours. I’d give it an 85 but I have hopes for the rest of the box.
  4. I see what you are saying but I don’t see it altogether incongruent. Let’s say every person believes in the possibility, or likelihood on “at least” pond scum somewhere else in this really really really big universe. Seems presumptive not to believe this. 2/3 of voters think it’s unlikely for them to have been here. (Maybe pond scum doesn’t fly a ship? Maybe they live far away?) 1/3 believe they have been here or currently reside here. Comments seem to somewhat jive with that.
  5. I agree with this statement in many many ways. I don’t have that many boxes left from 05-10 but have savored my 08s. I have had good luck with those and kept them. My only box of 10’s are Encantos and I still believe they have legs. That said, two of my favorite recent production sticks, 898 and e2 have interesting things. My 898 from 09 are still strong and robust. They can go another 10 years. My 6/17 898s were GREAT when new and I am unsure how they will age. I have Laguito E2 from 15,16 and 17. Tried a 15 last week - thought it was FABULOUS - but fabulous right now. I don’t know the legs on them.
  6. Great reviews! I was pleased to see it wasn’t a “kiss the ring” lovefest but rather solid and measured reviews.
  7. There are some Marcus that I don’t sample often because I don’t own many of them (ERDM and VR I’m looking at you) but there are others that I don’t sample because, well I don’t know. Cohiba is that brand for me. I certainly own a few boxes but rarely smoke them. I trace this back to the Halloweens of my youth. After trick or treating, I ate all the crappy candy and saved the “good stuff” for the future. By the time I wanted to try the Kit Kat the following July, it had gone bad. Good lesson to learn. I was excited to pull out a nice Laguito s2. under incandescent light, there was a slight grey cast to the wrapper. Not very sheeny. Outdoors, it was prettier. Prelight smell was non existent but I have found that many of the better Cohibas I have had have very little prelight aroma. First half: Starts very well. The lemongrass and light citrus that people rave about is present. It’s a very “relaxing” smoke and doesn’t have any of the tar and ash components that I associate with Cuban Cigars. Great funk though. Second half. Burn line is sharp. Draw is perfect. Construction is great. As I’m starting to miss the bass notes, the second half introduces a nice strong boost, like adding a woofer to a pair of mini monitor speakers. While the first half was gentle and delicate, this half is more harmonious. What’s interesting is that smoke volume didn’t change much, only flavor intensity. Overall I am impressed with this cigar. I believe I will try to have more although I think it’s still very much on its uphill of evolution. In a bit of time, this could be a 94 point cigar. As it stands, I give it a 92.
  8. This!! Times a billion. I only have the 109s but I’ve been gifted (or traded) a few random ones from UK, Asia Pacifico and Switzerland. I haven’t had any that really blew me away except for an Allones Suiza from a couple years back. The PL 5th Avenida are good too.
  9. Regardless of how this particular cigar smoked, I was sorry to see it go as it represents my last from this box that has been very good. I actually got it from another member as a trade a couple years back because he liked the stick but didn’t like the size so I got a few smaller sized boxes and gave up some robustos or some such. This whole box (or the 18 or so I had) has been a joy. I won’t bury the lede - this cigar was as great as the others. First off, it’s pretty. Great color and sheen. Nice weight too. Draw was superb. I smoked this next to my buddy who had a more recent production Reyes. We were curious how time affects stick. Mine started off soft. Perhaps - as I felt for the first 10 minutes - too soft. The flavors were there but slightly too rounded. One might say harmonious, but someone less judicious might call them muted. But at the ten minute mark and for the rest of the smoke, which was longer than I expected at over 45 minutes, it was medium+ in strength but laser focused. The perfect age too. While it could go for even a longer nap, 6 years is a GREAT age for these things. Enough time for the flavors to mellow but still quite kicky. We paired our Reyes (plural Reyeses? Reyes’ ?) with a split gin martini (2oz Bombay Dry and 1oz Boodles- Boodles is too sweet for a martini by itself. .75oz Dolin Dry). Fabulous pairing. Truly a happy night - tempered with the tiniest bit of sadness as this was my last Reyes.
  10. Star Wars is much more important to more people around the world. I still picked Bond. Totally antiutilitarian of me. The worst choice for the greatest number.
  11. Great idea. I definitely know there are certain sticks I like less than others. Doesn’t make them bad, And I’m sure that others might enjoy.
  12. I know that the RJ Churchill Anejados are starting to trickle out. Wondering if the three letter factory codes that have been stamped on boxes of Anejados are real codes or just made up for the sake of the Anejados program. For example, if you have a box of the Upmann Anejados, have you seen that code on any other box from 07 or 11?

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