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  1. Right now. Jessica Pratt. Great for languid mornings. Her album Quiet Signs is a revelation.
  2. Agreed. Sometimes you can’t age your way into magic. Probably good life advice for me, actually.
  3. This particular cigar is from a 5er that I traded for a cpuple years back (he got 5 2014 EPI 2s). It’s my last one so this review weekend was as good as any to see how it was doing. I have found that 2014 sticks were on the whole, quite good. Now that they are all about 5-6 years old, they are also coming into their own. Pack and weight on this cigar is fantastic. Sadly, it’s packed so full that the draw is a little tighter than I would like. after a little massage when it warms up, the knot is cleared and it’s smoking great. Classic Allones flavor profile. Very very deep. Barnyard funk and deep stone fruit. It’s a great cigar. The second half gets even deeper. Hits up very well with a little bit of bourbon. It’s such a fun cigar and I am sad it is my last one. I think these 14 ULA will continue to evolve. I have a half cab of some RASS from 2016. I’m delighted to be proven wrong but I’m not sure they will ever come around like these 14 have.
  4. I love podcasts. Here are my faves. No Such Thing as a Fish. Trivia. But smart and funny as opposed to know-it-all and smug. Car Talk. Ostensibly about cars but really about humanity.
  5. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. Often attributed to Groucho Marx though I don’t believe that’s correct. That said, still my favorite.
  6. Sure it’s wonderful and noble to buy a brand new box of cigars, try a few young and see how the box evolves over the course of a decade. Sometimes you get the opportunity to luck into a box where someone did all the aging for you. This PLPC getting close to 10 years old and it’s neat to be the guy that pulls the first stick from the cab. Most of my PLPC are lighter in shade. These are quite dark but my best box, EML 14, also have these dark wrapper. They have a great weight and pack. Not much aroma at cold which is not surprising. This is a great smoke with “texture.” Full bodies but not strong. I get more nutty flavors with this cigar than with most of my other PLPCs. It’s great. Second half ramps up in strength but still very elegant. The nuttiness doesn’t down and leaves with a forest floor/ dried leaves. A bit of the caramel flavor comes through and it’s sort of always there given the wrapper color but overall very balanced. This is a treat. Excited for the next 49. Paired well with a Knob Creek.
  7. Cases are heavy and I am lazy. Quote of the day. Review the Punch next!
  8. When sitting with friends smoking cigars I am definitely guilty of prattling on about one of two topics. One is cigar performance vis a vis factory code. And the other is trying to understand how a particular cigar is tasting on its aging journey. There aren’t many Cuban cigars that I enjoy when super-young. My personal opinion is that most benefit from at least a year’a age. One particular cigar I enjoyed (surprisingly) while young were the Laguito E2s. I was shocked at how refined they tasted when basically new. No D4 ever tasted like this. I was curious how they are faring as they near their 5th birthday. It’s a lovely day in LA and I had some time. This cigar is pretty. Nice weight. Even pack. A tad spongy but that’s been the case on a few from this box and it hasn’t negatively affected the draw. My brother is a big wine collector and we have spoken extensively on aging being something like an arc. The item “isn’t ready”, at some unique point the elements come into focus (and hopefully stay there for a bit) and then generally decline. Maybe there’s a second “peak” down the line, but it’s basically decline. This E2 is burning well, tastes great. And it’s totally in focus. Basically I think this is the peak. Which brought the rest of my conversation to the other question. If this is the peak of these Laguito E2, how long will they remain? I have 5 year old D4 that clearly aren’t ready yet. I hope the arc continues and I continue to enjoy the box for years to come. (For the record, my boxes of ULA E2 are much more rough and tumble and clearly aren’t ready yet.) Right now this is a 95 point cigar. Paired with a nice gin martini.
  9. I have nothing of merit to add to this. But boy is that cool. Great box design!
  10. Wow. So sorry to hear this. Trunk looks snubbed off like old Volvo or Saab 9000. but those are super old so BMW is a good guess.
  11. These review weekends can be wonderful as they allow you to look at your collection through different eyes. I don’t own many tubos. A few oddball Cohibas, some old Mag 46, and this, a Bolivar No. 1 Tubo. My friend Dan offhandedly mentioned that this particular cigar was one of the best he had in 2018. I recalled that comment because I realize I also didn’t reflect too much on the comment. While I love the size of this cigar, I also don’t think that frequently about this cigar. Tubos are great when traveling and since I haven’t traveled in a long time I haven’t looked twice at the tubos. My mistake. This was a lagniappes given to me a bit ago. I’ve been excited to try it. Upon opening it, I just kept thinking how perfect it looked. Great construction, great weight. First half. I don’t smoke Bolivars all that often because in my mind they are too strong. But this cigar is PERFECT. Mellow cedar and oak with some cinnamon. So easy and refined. Incredibly impressive. Second half. Continued to be impressed at how easy both burn and draw are. Increased spice box notes but some warm milk and vanilla. It’s a great evening cigar. I made a Manhattan and it was a nice pairing. This is a cigar that I will get more of and revisit. Solid 93.
  12. Can’t recall the last time I saw X on a code.

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