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  1. This particular cigar wasn’t the most “typical” of my experiences in the past. I do often get more lactones (peach/coconut/almond) but this one was leaner. When they hit, they are among the most refined cigars that Cuba makes.
  2. I love the idea of a review where I take a picture of the things that are most dear to me. My wife and kid! However, the greatest oasis of tranquility I have with a cigar are generally the moments I have away from them - not that I don’t love them. (I mean - we can either know the position or the velocity of a particle but not both. So let’s be honest - even nature knows what I’m talking about) It’s a lovely afternoon where I get to take the time with my favorite cigar and my favorite cocktail. An MDO4 and a martini. It’s a great stick. Cold draw is not much to write home
  3. Thank you! My wife bought me these awesome Bormioli Rosso Coupe glasses because she didn’t want me taking nice Crystal outside and I LOVE the proportions. Highly recommended for cocktails and they are cheap so you don’t freak out if you break one.
  4. KC 27. TB 21 I’m going to open this review up to say that I’m a Los Angeleno through and through. There are good aspects and bad aspects I suppose but I am a WIMP when it comes to weather. So when the temp dips below 50, I rarely venture out. I haven’t had a cigar in a few weeks because I wasn’t able to venture out during daytime and the nights got too cold for me. Today was a great excuse to enjoy 70 degree weather so I had a cigar that is FAR larger than I am accustomed to. I have had exactly 2 Hoyo DC. This seemed like a good opportunity to have one with 6 years on it.
  5. Not sure this qualifies as “clever” but I made this a few years back and I figured some folks on this board would dig it.
  6. Is it? I had been operating under the assumption that BSM is the new ARS.
  7. So I thought about it more. What is a cigar that I think will ascend in 2021. Honestly, I have no clue and it’s based on factors that are way outside my wheelhouse. So I thought about it differently - things are cyclical. What’s a cigar that I (and others) used to talk about but seems to have fallen away a bit in the conversation? I recall about 5-6 years ago, EVERYONE was talking about the Petit Edmundo. How they loved it. How it was the favorite of the line (I have only had one double Edmundo so I don’t have a ton of experience here). But around 2018, the “sleeper” cigar was the
  8. Interesting question that I pondered. Does a “predicted star” means something that comes from behind to eke out a win? Like “The Bad News Bears?” Or something that seems to be on an upward trend in terms of quality and consistency (Monte 2). Ultimately, I just went with Lebron James. You expect he will be pretty good at the start of the season, and you know what? He’s pretty good. There are two such sticks that I feel exemplify this. The Hoyo Rio Seco and the Trinidad Esmerelda. The former doesn’t get talked about nearly enough. But the Rio Seco I smoked this week had construction p
  9. Kenco cigar labels. They work well for me.
  10. I felt EXACTLY the same way. I had one recently - less than a week ago. I liked it but it had faded a lot from previous examples. Could be an anomaly but my brother felt the same. I also gave it an 87 knowing that the last one I had was a 94.
  11. To be honest - I know this stick has not fully been discontinued - in the way that upmann and Juan Lopez pc are. But I haven’t seen any for 3 years.
  12. So I’m not totally sure that this review is allowed. I personally haven’t seen this cigar since MSU 2017 boxes, but I’m also not certain the stick has been discontinued. My friend and I were talking about discontinued sticks but then he dropped a bombshell on me - he’s never had a La Gloria cigar. WELL THAT NEEDED TO BE REMEDIED. I won’t bury the lede. This is one of my favorite blends in one one of my favorite sizes (the MDO 2 also counts in both of these respects). I have had very good luck with ULA codes from 13-15. They are all smoking well. I also had a 2008 one recently
  13. I’m pretty darn close to this list. I’d probably sub out the Esplendidos for Lanceros. Or Monte especial. But basically yup
  14. This is hilarious. There was a liquor license expediter in Los Angeles who had the license plate “HAVANA1”. Now I know who beat him to the punch.

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