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  1. I have a few larger format cigars but it’s not that common that I try them, but, having nothing to do with this review weekend, my friend said, “when are you going to smoke that Gigantes I gave you?” Most of my DCs are HDM, SLR and Punch as I like how they age. But I have a few odds and ends. Gigantes are one such. Normally I enjoy these sorts of sticks with 5+ years of age but these are so pretty. First impressions . These are great and have a real depth. I get a bit of toffee and caramel at the first light. Draw isn’t as forgiving as I would love but a couple of
  2. It’s been SUCH a long time since I have had one of these. My ULA 14 box is incredible. So good that I ration them like Scrooge. My ABR ULA 15 box that I did a box split on years ago has always been “meh” but I recently picked up a few singles and they look PERFECT. These look and feel like a Quai should. On first light, draw is good and ITS ALL THERE. I’m just surprised how focused it all is. Not the baking spice/gingerbread thing that people talk about but it’s just so darn refined. I had intended to make a Manhattan to enjoy with it but the flavor is just so darn good that I put
  3. Thank you all for your responses! All great to hear!
  4. A few years back, these seemed to be the “it” cigar. A lot of folks talked (and raved) about them. In fact, my ONLY good box from 2016 was a PSP box of them. I haven’t purchased any since 2017. 2 questions: No one talks about them anymore. Why? Are they still good? Better? Worse?
  5. Couple of newcomers to this list for me. Monte Petit Edmundo (UBM 17 and AMO 15) PLMC EML 14 and 15 Don’t like them young, but these have been great. SCDLH Principe (currently AME 13 but have EML in the wings) Partagas E2 (suddenly my ULA 14 and AMO 15 turned the corner and came into focus) Partagas Shorts 2013. Got them from BR last year. Perfection.
  6. Oh snap. That’s before my code knowledge starts. I have no clue what EL was back then. I’m sure you’re right. Damn - that sounds like a nice trade!
  7. AME was the code for La Corona from late 2012 to early 2014 (replaced by EML). I myself haven’t seen 898s rolled at La Corona. MSU is the Partagas factory so that makes sense they’d roll 898. I saw a lot of Talismen from Partagas but not many other Cohibas. I like the original poster’s question. My s5 are from RAE which was a stunning provincial factory during 2014-2015. I’ve never been able to pinpoint its transition exactly but I’m 80% sure it’s the REG factory. Some nice Cohibas from REG of late. CCEs for sure. And - to continue this - I’ve never seen a CCE rolled at El L
  8. These are all superb pieces of advice and I agree with their existential benefits. My only addition to the topic: when parboiling potatoes, start with cold water.
  9. Since nobody asked for it, here is my opinion: If it sells, it was properly priced. Certainly doesn’t mean I understand it. A chicken nugget shaped like George Washington is $8,100. Doesn’t mean I understand it. The other day, I was at an auction and meaningless vase that opened at $50 sold for $45k. I CERTAINLY had no clue but two dudes obviously did. I’ve never tried an Opus. Heard they are good. I know they are sought after. I saw some guy wearing $300 embroidered True Religion jeans. I thought “that’s insane.” I’m sure that dude looked at my $300 mundane blah Ja
  10. That was my take too. I didn’t have any misapprehension of the band being fake. I just had NEVER seen a fake Lancero.
  11. Here’s a new one (at least for me). I was trading with a buddy some odds and ends in our various singles drawers. He gave me this Cohiba Lancero. Totally seemed fake to me. Neither here nor there (was only one cigar and everything else was small stuff). My question is- have you guys seen fake Lanceros? Seems like a tough size to roll and has less overall interest than CoRo and Esplendidos.

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