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  1. Great review for a cigar I have been eager to try.
  2. I’ve never been so I can’t comment on the quality of the hotel or its offerings, but its website features cigar related merch quite prominently and it states you can smoke in the Porte Cochere.
  3. Man. That is such a great question. Wondering if indeed there are secrets. Mr. C? Bazaar? Something else?
  4. Wow! Very excited! Thank you so much!
  5. To be fair - this was an absolutely isolated incident as I have never had another one before. It’s possible he just got a bum box. I’m sure other boxes are fantastic. Hecho y Mano.
  6. It was a fantastic afternoon, and I decided to end the day with a cigar. This was a day that extolled friendship. I spent the day with friends. Opened a bottle of Weller bourbon that was given to me by a friend. And was going to a friend’s house to smoke this evening. Oh - and the cigar was given to me by a friend! The Punch Regios is a cigar that sounded great from its description and I have been tempted to purchase a box. Since they are somewhat spendy, I figured I’d try one before committing to a box. First off, it’s REALLY pretty. Not in “silky smooth Cohiba” way but the wrapper has great depth of color, weight was superb and well packed. PRELIGHT Floral. Very floral. I love this prelight aroma. If can be somewhat cloying if that aroma is the only thing present during the burn but it’s a great treat at the onset. FIRST THIRD, SECOND THIRD, THIRD THIRD.... I really wish I had a better story to tell. Construction was impeccable the entire way through so that’s a plus. Cigar was obviously made extremely well. However, the floral top notes present at the onset, left somewhat quickly: left in their wale was a pervasive cardboardiness that persevered for the entire duration. This is something that would normally be fine as the cigar is extremely young and I usually don’t smoke much that’s under one year old. The problem was that since the cigar was already extremely mild, that flavor overshadowed anything else present. The flavor got more complex in the final third but the “wood paste” too note pervaded. Suffice it to say, this wasn’t my favorite cigar. (Trying an MDO 4 afterwards - and it was an absolutely perfect smoke). However it did lead to a great discussion that I’d love to hear others chime in on (if you actually made it this far into this Punch exegesis...) Many of us enjoy watching flavors change over time. There are many cigars that feel a bit rough-and-tumble in their youth but evolve into something special later. That’s sort of a “lateral” flavor move. A flavor was there but changed over time. Has anyone had a cigar hat tasted like nothing in its youth only to blossom later into something special?
  7. The beer-line thing is so interesting to me. I love that there is so much community and enthusiasm for any craft offering. It keeps producers reaching beyond to innovate and refine. But, it’s also a hype machine and creates a fascinating secondary market where people pay 100$ for a 4 pick of IPA. I guess it’s whatever the market will bear.
  8. Wailbait

    LAX Monday 5th of November

    I’m thoroughly useless in recommending good places to smoke. (I leave that to Senor Perfecto) But I can try to make some recs on good places to eat while here.
  9. Wailbait

    LAX Monday 5th of November

    Looking forward to this.
  10. Wailbait

    FOH Weekend Playlist.

    This song is a real earworm. The video is fun too.
  11. Wailbait

    The Audio Files

    I also had focal speakers in my car about a decade ago. I was always happy with them. I had focal utopia speakers in the house as well and was also happy with them. I think they make good stuff and it seems to last. That said, having heard some of their more recent stuff (since the last decade or so) the beryllium tweeters are a bit more “detailed” but I sort of read it as “harsh.” Just my $.02.
  12. Ive had an Encore for about 6 years. It’s great. Is there a grinder out there that doesn’t “shed” grinds when you pull out the container? I’m assuming the shedding is from static cling of the grinds to the motor. Are there ones that are better than others?
  13. Pretty much exactly what I was going to write. Admittedly, that’s not a prediction - it’s more of a wish.
  14. Wailbait

    Factory Codes Running List

    Yup. AMO became UAO. Simple as that . EML became TOS became LGR. The other noise is not correct.
  15. Wailbait

    Factory Codes Running List

    Incredible work and very useful.

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