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  1. That is great insight. To be honest, I probably don't try enough stuff fresh. I think I lay almost everything down for extended naps before even sampling so it's possible i never have enjoyed these at their best. If my review comes across as being negative, I don't mean it to be. It was good. It's just that somehow, the Punta really works for me.
  2. The best thing about these review competitions is that they compel me to dig a bit and try one of the sticks that I might not normally reach for. It so happens that the SCDLH La Punta is one of my top 5 favorite cigars but for whatever reason, I rarely smoke the Punta as evidenced by the fact that I don't think I have a single one of them that's more recent than 2014. It's not that I don't like the Fuerza, it's just that I LOVE the Punta. So it was exciting for me to revisit this cigar that I recalled being from an excellent box. I'm sure that others have pointed this out, but aside from the Subaru Swift and the Ford Aspire, this could be one of the most misnamed products on the planet. This cigar is many many things, but "Fuerza" it is not. I love martinis. A few years back, in the post-Hendricks craze, all the gin makers began the trend to highly aromatic (and slightly sweet) gins. They are impressive and unique and likely work in a G&T but most don't do it for me. So to drink them as a martini, my general rule is to do 2oz Bombay Dry, 1oz Aromatic Gin and 1oz Dry Vermouth. I find it helps tame the flavor and doesn't make it feel like I'm drinking a field of flowers. Today's gin is Grey Whale. It's from California and it's very nice. I hoped the martini would be a good partner for this cigar. It was. Predraw. Light and floral. Not that much to speak of actually. But the wrapper and fill was BEAUTIFUL. Nice weight and construction. First third. Very very mild. Almost restrained. Extremely elegant construction and flavor profile. Despite the darker wrapper, it doesn't have any of the cocoa or chocolate notes that one might think of. It was fruity and slightly game-y. Not unlike prosciutto and melon. Second third. Now things are really picking up. Not getting stronger but many more flavors coming through. I don't recall ever having had a Principe but others talk about the Pancake and Maple Syrup flavors of the SCDLH line. I have gotten that in the Punta but none of that so far in this Fuerza. The most unique aspect of this part of the cigar was a dark bread quality. I enjoyed. Final third. Construction and smoke have been superb on this cigar. It's surprisingly subtle and mild even to the end. The martini was a nice easy cocktail that didn't compete and cleansed the palate nicely. I'm not sure this particular box has ever had the complexity of the various Puntas I have had but it's an enjoyable mild smoke with lovely room notes. I'd recommend this cigar for those that like a subtle smoking experience with an excellently constructed cigar.
  3. Oh wow. Now this is my milieu. I could bust the FOH server with the levels of my gripes. This is my industry. I'll give you a couple of my gripes from the other end of things . . . . Please end your phone call before ordering. "To go" means you don't eat it at the restaurant. If you want to eat at a restaurant, you eat at a restaurant. That's called dining in a restaurant. Nothing makes me madder both from an environmental standpoint (it's wasteful) and financial standpoint than watching a dude order food to go then eat it at a table. I hate the waste and I hate the optics. Please don't nickel and dime your "substitutions." If you want a dish with no cheese and no bacon or whatever, please don't be surprised if the restaurant charges you for the avocado or chicken breast you added. It's a restaurant - not a bartering center. Please don't snap to get people's attention. I actually don't have a specific reason why I find this distasteful, I just do. When sitting in a venue with open seating, try to choose a table size that roughly corresponds with your group size. If you are dining alone, don't sit at the table that seats 8. If a party of 8 walks in 5 minutes later, we don't want to ask you to move (because that feels crummy for all parties). Why not just choose that table that seats 2 to start with? I have many many more of these. I will say that I have observed far fewer of the bloggers/influencers trying to strut their stuff of late. I don't know if the trend has waned or if it has just proven to be ineffective. I'm pleased to see that.
  4. Wailbait

    Thanksgiving cigars.....

    This is so awesome! Thank you! On a personal note, I really enjoy the "holiday" posts as I get to see how the brothers and sisters from around the globe spend these lovely days taking time with family and friends - or sometimes even having that important moment alone.
  5. Well... more likely a testament to the fact that I am not a very good photographer. The cigars actually look way better than the washed out sunlight makes them appear.
  6. I’m also a huge fan of the Quai Corona. For whatever reason, it’s the most consistent wrapper I’ve encountered.
  7. Wailbait

    Thanksgiving cigars.....

    Had the most wonderful day spent with family and friends. Even had some daytime downtime!
  8. We are absolutely on the same page. One of my favorite drinks in the world is a martini - no mods or fancy variations - and I've tried a billion fancy gins but I end up coming back to either Bombay Dry (not Sapphire) or Beefeater. Both are made so well by companies that have been making their product long before the hipsters got into the game. That said - similar to how I can do a manhattan with a 2/3, 1/3 split of Evan Williams to spicy rye, I also enjoy a 2/3, 1/3 split of 2/3 Beefeater or Bombay and 1/3 so Mme fancy aromatic gin. I find it benefits both aspects well because it lengthens the flavor of the fancy aromatic gin and my Martini doesn't taste like a basket of roses. I'll certainly look out for that tequila as I haven't heard of that one before.
  9. Love to hear that! What are some of your fave spirits for cocktails?
  10. I am Sooooo glad you asked this question as I have extensive opinions about this.... here is my personal opinion. I love superb spirits when consumed straight but I really think that for cocktails, spend the $ on the adjuncts. My personal favorite dollar to quality bourbon is Evan Williams. It’s lovely and is still 86 proof. That said, I have had GREAT experiences using a 2/3,1/3,split of evan Williams and a nice spicy rye. Since I was feeling lazy and wanted to bask in the fun glasses I just used Evan Williams. i profusely apologize in advance for the extended exegesis of a reply.,
  11. I mean - absolutely. That's the best vantage point I could come up with. That said - my iphone so crummy at letting me rotate!!!!
  12. This was a special day as I can’t recall the last time I had a cigar during a work day afternoon. But today was a late start and it was a particularly nice fall afternoon. (By “fall” in Los Angeles, I mean that the temperature was 75 degrees.) Because it was a cigar oasis kind of afternoon, I figure pair it with one of my favorite cocktails. A simple Manhattan. I used two vermouths. Half Dolin for its vinous quality and half Chinato for the bitterness. Normally I drink my Manhattans stirred and strained, but today I really wanted to utilize these beautiful glasses and The was line is so low without an ice cube. So aesthetics triumphed. PLPC is one of my favorite cigars and I was excited to see how this box has been progressing. I smoked a 2011 about two months ago and found it to be right there. Lets see how this one is... Prelight was promising. When young, I notice these can have a lovely fruit aroma that’s great at cold but can be bitter in the first third. This didn’t have that so I assumed the evolution was proceeding as planned. first third. Lovely. Mellow and easy. Perhaps not as flavorful as the 2011 but still elegant. Some hay and funk. second third Bam. Here’s the caramel. It’s exactly what you want in a rested PLPC. This part hit up beautifully with the Manhattan. Complex but also familiar. Final third Unfortunately the intensity ramped up a bit but wasn’t as refined as I would have hoped. Still needs a bit more time as the 2011 was substantially better at this point. I’ll try another one in 6 months and see how these are. I love the idea of these cigar and drink pairings. I have truly enjoyed reading the reviews of others.
  13. I have found many things from late 12 to 14 to be very very good.

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