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  1. Judging from The few pics released The wrappers do NOT at all look The same
  2. Hookmaker

    can someone explain brexit?

    Food for thought: There has never been as many hits on google for "what is the EU?" from the UK as there was the DAY AFTER the Brexit vote 😂😂
  3. Find Alejandro Glez on FB 😎
  4. Sure they are, he’ll make you anything, just talked to him yesterday. But if you’re going in a weeks time, you better order, everyone’s there for the festival😎
  5. Hookmaker

    Has anyone dreamt about cigars

    I dream a lot about cigars, but mainly while I’m wide awake 😎
  6. Bunch of pussies. Any victory in the league of SB merrIts at cigar, smoker or non smoker 🤣🤣
  7. C’mon Mike - your will will state me as the sole benefactor 😜
  8. Every red neon sign saying “tabaccheria” should be your guiding star when in Italy. Most are lotto shops but a lot of them have at least a small humidor/coolidor with cigars. No one ever buys more than a few sticks. So they wait for us to come along 😎
  9. I love Rome and the historic sites even going out to Tivoli etc. spent time both on the Amalfi coast and on the Adriatic Sea side. All great. Agree that Capri is a must see. the tip I’ll give you is: jump into any tabaccheria you pass, especially off the beaten tourist track. This Last summer I found aged stock plus la Escepcion in several places (I shouldn’t have said that but I’m a nice guy😎). Have a great trip.
  10. Wedding ring? Never wore one for more than 30 years. Waste of good cigar budget + makes me look married 😂😂
  11. Hookmaker

    Box of the Day (Tuesday)

    I'm beginning to suspect that HSA has found out the cooking oil trick...😎
  12. Can’t live without some more A’s for aging [emoji12]
  13. Yep, I think so, already smoked half a box 😉
  14. Well, all the same people keep blabbing this and that about what’s right and wrong about Cuba, but at the same time aparantly don’t have a problem supporting the ‘so called regime’ with hunger for their cigars. Just my 2 cents.
  15. Well, I don’t want to discuss politics in this forum for one. Secondly it appears I have another view than you, that’s fine. Third, yes I’ve been to Cuba and I’ve been quite a lot around, seen the results and spoken to people. That’ll be all for now 😎

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