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  1. Yes they’re running like a wildfire - 735-895 £ depending on how posh the shop 😎
  2. I was there when the Big, Fat and Gutsy was born. It never ceases to please me. Neither does the QdO Coronas Claros - I’d hunt these down any day [emoji41]
  3. This is the wee price you guys have to pay for not having to cope with 4 months of rain, sleet, howling wind, 6 hours of daylight if any at all and 35F 😝😝
  4. Excess ascorbic acid guys! Just send your stock to me and I’ll eliminate safely[emoji41] https://www.google.dk/amp/s/oncubanews.com/en/world/latin-america/bolsonaro-government-bans-sale-of-cohiba-cigars-in-brazil/amp/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. A sucker for jars [emoji41] - 5th. Avenue 30th. anniversary Bolivar BF
  6. Great! Then I don’t need to watch crappy ads when tuning into my favorite cig channels 😎😎
  7. Try it before they’re gone and before they go to sleep[emoji41] - LGC Orgullosos
  8. Burgundy is a spiders web of wine that is impossible to navigate to the novice. 1. There are no good burgundies that will not break the bank (unless you’re quite used to and okay with +75 USD wines) 2. None of the top estates have open doors and only accepts by invitation only. But what the heck, you’d never buy their wines anyway due to 1. 3. Rent/borrow a bike and do your own tour. See the famous vineyards - selfie yourself in them [emoji41]. Go into some of the open vineyards and do a couple of tastings - one or two days like that is a lot of fun. And don’t worry that you didn’t get to taste La Tache and all the other DRC wines. Who cares, there’s so much fantastic wines elsewhere to be found [emoji41] Have a good trip and enjoy[emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. 20 years ago I opened a way overdue can on request. It was about 5 years over the top and bulging. It was done in a pile of mashed up newspaper inside a large cardboard box outside at a trash stand. The second the can opener penetrated the can ALL 8 bystanders vomited instantaneously. I didn’t. The fish was gone. I’ve been in Sweden on fishing for many years, and know quite a few people (mainly elderly) that eat this every odd Sunday. They are fresh cans. I wouldn’t touch the sheit, - in fact I’d rather eat an entire Casu Marzu cheese by myself for that matter. 😎
  10. Great place, one of my favorite “costas” in Europe - hope you guys will have a ton of fun, enjoy 😊
  11. Here are my top 5 ordered top to bottom: - Trinidad Topes, best Cuban I ever had - LGC Orgulloso, these will develop BIG - Cohiba Supremos, arghh what a smoke - RA Phoenicia 30, how could a RA ever be better - RA Phoenicia 35, following just behind Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. A colleagues daughter returned from Havana bearing gifts from Alex [emoji7][emoji7]
  13. Anyone with a record, I lost track of this particular item: HdM Du gourmet (2013) sold on 24:24 on July 20 2018, thanks.

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