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  1. And funnily enough, cheaper than in Spain - that’s unusual
  2. I see a Taino head wayyy off [emoji41] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. I believe MD Puffer meant delegate the meeting to a receptionist 😂😂
  4. El Prez, some simple advice: the actual weight doesn’t count at all. If you want to build and/or strengthen muscles what counts is hurt. There’s an old rule that can’t be beat: NO PAIN, NO GAIN! BUT don’t fool yourself. You can easily “feel” that it hurts mentally, but it really doesn’t. If it hurts, it means that it HURTS on the second or the third day.😎 As you get older, you must however be careful with the hurt. Don’t overdo heavy weights - pain easily transfers to injury. And recovery time is longer. Split the body in sections and do one section once or max twice a week, with 3 days apart. Diet: I basically do Atkins. That’s no carb or very low carb. If you do no carb, it stresses your body and it MAY affect your weight lifting/training ability either temporarily when you start, or forever. Depends on your body’s ability to convert fat to energy. The good thing about Atkins is you can eat all you want of meat, fat and veggies. But the second good thing is that you won’t, because the body will automatically restrain its own intake because it can’t convert the stuff you eat to energy fast enough. Atkins doesn’t really go well with a hedonistic lifestyle, but basically stay away from beer. Beer is essentially liquid honey. And you WILL get fat from it sooner or later, IF you don’t quickly burn it off. And that can only be done with intense cardio stuff, like running, biking (long and hard) etc. etc. And talking about fruit. Fruit sugar is fructose, and in controlling blood sugar (insulin release), it is the worst kind of sugar because it triggers insulin release the fastest. Insulin release spikes are your ENEMY number one, because it triggers not only metabolism and the energy pathway it also triggers and chain reaction a whole lot of other different processes of which the worst is “stomach emptiness” 😎 good luck.
  5. I had a friend scour the island in July. Came home empty handed. Didn’t even bring me a Casu Marzu cheese - it was 3 kg and 100 euros 😎
  6. I’d like to see some 2019 announced Trinidad’s before I start thinking about this lot 🥵
  7. If anyone hasn’t tried it yet, do so - this is and will be even more fabulous over time[emoji41]
  8. Driving your car through the Netherlands, to the UK and back is a bad idea - especially when you have extra days to waste on checking out the little cities along the way [emoji41]
  9. I have not the experience of the market to say anything on that. All I can say from my side is, damned most expensive new stick I ever bought (and will be buying) 😂
  10. A pint with Her Majesty [emoji41] - ERDM La Reina
  11. If not Cuba, then Andorra for price (and stocks can be really good also), for stock definitely Beirut 😎
  12. Yes they’re running like a wildfire - 735-895 £ depending on how posh the shop 😎

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