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  1. Don’t worry about the Preferidos, I think they’ll be around. I am not impressed by the first box, and there’s going to be 10k boxes. There’s always a run on the 5th. In the first days, - I think however the stampede will wear off soon😎
  2. Well, it shouldn’t, and that’s exactly the situation where I’ve learned it’s most advantageous. 2 years with 150 mile a day commute in heavy rush hour traffic with 99% of the miles done on autopilot has made me a very relaxed driver and much more rested when arriving at job and at home. Sit back and relax while all the mongrels take the stress😎
  3. Wow, everything combined in one smoke except for RE😂😂
  4. This sport is ruining me🥵🥵
  5. Well, the fact of the matter is, that most (way > 90%) need no tank of fuel or electrons to drive more than 130 miles a day - and that's a lot of driving). So for that amount of driving most people are suited with home charging over night. More range and Superchargers are for long distance driving. I find that a 30 min break for each 250 km's of driving down the Autobahn from Denmark to Italy is a welcoming thing. Anyways, as i said above this will go away once the mass of cars is big enough to allow for investment in battery exchange technology. Then it takes only this long (start at 1:00):
  6. Battery swap is the future, it takes tesla less than 3 minutes, shorter time than to fill a 60 l tank. Find it on YouTube. However, this requires a certain mass of cars on the street to be a viable solution and we’re not there yet.
  7. I’ve seen quite a lot of US guys that have bought salvaged Tesla 85kwh batteries to install at home for storing solar/wind turbine power.
  8. A lot! Just saw a study showing German industrial giant BASF has a daily electrical consumption same size as the whole of Denmark!!😳😳
  9. What heated discussion? For once I feel that a subject in here that may be politically associated is being discussed in a moderate tone. There are opinions and then there are opinions, - that’s how the world works😎
  10. I have. My daughter works at a popular juice and coffee bar in Copenhagen. They have a few tables out on the sidewalk in front of the shop. One Sunday morning early I went there and had a coffee to enjoy outside. I brought a Co Mad5 to smoke. 20 minutes into the stick, a lady approached me and asked if I could please put out my cigar. The was a shop owner 3 shops down. She’d been into the juice bar and asked who I was and my daughter had told her the man smoking was her father. I politely told the lady that I would stretch myself to put out the cigar IF she paid me the 25 USD for the stick. She declined and I smoked on. The audacity some people have.
  11. I bought my first Tesla model S 5 years ago, and currently drive a P85D. I’m happy and I’ll never go back. It’s a fantastic vehicle. I’ve never been interested in horsepower but I am now. Because I’m always in pole position 😎 I drive 30 k miles a year and I’m having a blast every mile. I’m the fastest accelerator out there. I’ve done numerous track days and drag strips. Always on top. No V8 sound could overshine the feeling of being first across the line. Ever. The only vehicle that ever beat me was True Cousins electric dragster, but hell they do 0-60 in 1,38 sec. It ALWAYS starts. It’s always nice and warm in winter. I do 95% of my driving on autopilot. Totally no stress 60 mile commute every morning. Emails, texts whatever (it’s illegal I know, but I don’t give a damn) I do 5000 mile trips all over Europe, UK, Italy, north of Norway, you name it - I’ve been there. For free. Tesla supercharger network. 0 cent vacation driving. Hell, a 1000 mile trip takes me 3 hours longer due to charge stops, but now I arrive refreshed and happy, where I used to sleep 24 hours after a long and stressful drive. I have a flat rate monthly charging scheme at home. 100 usd/month and all the power I can use. ALL windpower generated. This makes me feel good. My days of supporting Arab, US, Venezuelan, or even my own country Denmark’s slimy black oil are over. Let the others have it. i don’t need towing power, if I do, I’ll hire someone to tow for me. After 100K miles my maintenance costs are: ZERO! My neighbor owns a Maserati - same price range. He pays 6000 USD a year in petty maintenance plans + the stuff that needs to be replaced. I laugh at him. His next car will be a ? Yeah you guessed it. Hell, I’m still laughing. And I’m laughing at the world that still doesn’t believe that the revolution is here and it’s here to stay.😎
  12. Hookmaker

    The Harley Davidson Decline

    Sure, just as some great American industrialist once around the turn of the century claimed that the horse will forever be the preferred transport of man 😂
  13. Hookmaker

    The Harley Davidson Decline

    Let’s meet again in 10 shall we 😎
  14. Hookmaker

    The Harley Davidson Decline

    Well, said. I too hate that s***! I went Tesla 5 years ago, and will never go back. Combustion and oil is dead and for cavemen. Like cash. Hell, I like noisy car/bikes - on track days. But not on my city streets.
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