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  1. The Haunting of Hill House The Boys The Pacific Justified Sopranos
  2. Nudie N1...keeping up with the best of them
  3. Don’t second guess yourself. You made the right decision!
  4. Is that a Michter’s 10 Yr bourbon I see you swapped over to in the final 3rd? One of my all time favorites 🤤
  5. I typically stay away from Cohiba due to the number of fakes going around. The exception being my steady supply of Grand Reserva Siglo VIII Lanceros I get from my guy in Miami...
  6. It has, but a few days usually takes care of things and “resets” my taste buds. If you’ve really taken weeks off and the flavors haven’t come around, perhaps try some different sticks. NC’s, full flavor or dare I say flavored cigars to see if that changes things up enough. You can always come back to what you’re smoking now down the road. Good luck!
  7. Nicely done @benfica_77 I enjoyed following the tournament and not really surprised by the end result. SW is a fantastic smoke.
  8. Done TBird. All the best to your mother and her speedy recovery.
  9. You guys are awesome, thanks FOH! I have a reminder set this go around. Halloween screwed me a couple of weeks ago.
  10. Wow, only had one of these. Absolutely fantastic.
  11. Black coffee (morning-noon), water or OJ (afternoon), bourbon + water or just water (night).

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