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  1. Hard to decide between King of the Hill and South Park for me
  2. Well done guys and congrats. Enjoyed both of your reviews.
  3. rguinn

    Your favourite Ashtray

    Favorite: Backup:
  4. Enjoyable read, thanks! I also had a door fly open on me while in a taxi (50’s Chevy) in Havana. The driver seemed unphased as if it happened often. I chalked it up to part of the experience and didn’t think twice about it really until your post!
  5. rguinn

    happy words

    If won was in the top 20, I’d be interested to see where one ranked...
  6. I picked up a box of PSP Monte 4’s on 24:24 about a month ago. Beautiful dark wrappers that will need some time to develop but I wouldn’t hesitate to pick some up again. From the store, I’d expect the same but perhaps a mix of HP/HQ quality.
  7. The one thing I’ll give NC’s is they’re usually always consistent. Consistently bad or consistently good. Once you’ve tried one example you can pretty much make your decision on whether you like it or not. Cubans...not so much. It’s much more about construction and the batch of tabbacco that month/year from my experience, but more often than not I’ll find something to like about a good example of a CC. A bad example is typically just young or poorly constructed. I’m fond of most Fuente, Padron 64/26, Illusione and Oliva.
  8. 4, 5 and 2. In that order.
  9. Usually 1-2 a day depending on whether I can squeeze in a long lunch. Typically always 1 in the evening though.
  10. Yes, coverage is excellent although most all games are played on Saturdays. Your Rugby league sounds a lot like the direction of the NFL. Once teams are locked into the #1 spot for the playoffs they often let their star players sit out a game, sometimes two. Not fair to the fans that pay good money to come to the games but the teams are protecting their investment and chance at winning a championship so I suppose it goes both ways. I do wish Rugby had more coverage in the States. It seems like an awesome sport but even soccer has a difficult enough time breaking through TV ratings here. I always check out a Rugby match when I see it on, it’s just not often.
  11. Luckme10 hits on some good points. I’m also a fan because it’s quite a bit more dynamic than the NFL, particularly on offense. There are 3-4 variations of offense vs. 1 in the NFL. Plus I find the playoff system (and the old system) to determine a national champion a lot more intriguing. Every game matters vs. in the NFL an 8-8 team could potentially make the playoffs and win it all. Recruiting high school talent then developing the talent also adds another dimension. In many states, high school football is equally if not more popular.
  12. Growing up in Alabama, you have two choices - Good or evil. I chose good. ROLL TIDE! In all seriousness, college football falls directly behind God and family in the State of Alabama. In 1992 I was 11 and watched Alabama beat Florida for the first ever conference championship then go on to crush a heavily favored Miami team to win a national title. I was hooked ever since and still count the days to the start of college football every year. Due to the teams success over the last decade, most either hate them or have hopped on the bandwagon but they’ll always be my most loved sports team.
  13. rguinn

    Taste this............

    Not no, but HELL NO!!!!
  14. Excellent choice. One of, if not my favorite non-Cuban stick. Enjoy!

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