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  1. My family (my mother's side) lost their farm. That's never coming back. The Cuban government will have counter suits (maybe?) as they claim billions in economic damages from decades of embargo policy. Whether or Cuba, Venezuela, wherever.... Political risk is part of the picture when foreign nationals/companies do business on soil other than their own. Cuba will never see a penny of damages and Exxon will never get a penny of recompense for their nationalized property. Meanwhile, new business opportunity remains unexploited (with all the same risk as before). Anyway, that's how I see it.
  2. My parents gifted me a box of RyJ Churchills from Cuba for my 40th birthday. They had my aunt buy them in Havana. First time I'd smoked a legit/well cared for Cuban. Haven't smoked anything but since with a very few exceptions. That was in 2000.
  3. That's what I have said for a long time. The "best friend" of lovers of CC is the embargo. Can't even imagine the demand spike of they could be bought off of retail shelves in USA.
  4. Aside from keeping my stock of "regular" smokes full, I'd really like to get my hands on a box of Monte A coffins and a box of Cohiba Especiale. My "regulars" are Monte 4; Partagas Shorts, SC El Principe and Bolivar PC.
  5. I had to reply to this post because these are to date the only EL I have purchased and my experience was of course almost identical to yours. Offering a "spoiler alert" here about those last three sticks........don't be disappointed if they are just like the seven before them. Part of the reason I jumped on them is that the price for an EL was actually not too bad. Still high enough to warrant a well constructed cigar though and that just didn't happen. Going from memory now because it's been about 4 or 5 months since I put the last one out of it's misery, your flavor review is more generous than my own. I remember a very monotone cigar mostly consisting of earth and wood and nothing like the RASS that I had hoped it would emulate. Have a great week!
  6. Born Habano

    Fav ring gauges

    40 to 47 but the top end only because the RyJ Churchill is one of my all time favorites. Truly though, 40-42 is really the size I like best. I smoke plenty of Robusto and Hermoso but on a daily basis, minutos, perlas and most of all petite coronas are what I most consume.
  7. 1947 Pontiac. I was about 4 yrs. old and got lost in the back seat once.
  8. Born Habano

    Bitter cigar guy

    Even the communists are capitalists at heart!!
  9. If I want to go with an adult beverage, I like a Bellhaven Black Scottish Stout. The bittersweet chocolate/cream of the stout works great with just about any cigar but I really like it with the profile of RyJ. If not that then espresso cortado. The rich coffee with the floater of cream (preferred) or half & half is great. And always a glass of water to refresh and "start over". Enjoy your trip!
  10. Born Habano

    Scotch Connoisseurs - Anything here with buying?

    If you like rich, malty scotch, balanced peat and smoke and just a hint of sweetness from the aging barrels, the Longrow 14 is the best whisky I've ever had. My personal collection has 17 single malts (had, I'm finishing off bottles I don't intend to replace). Unfortunately I can't get Longrow in the US but every now and then a kind friend will "mule" one back for me from the UK. Plenty of other good ones too. Depends on your taste, are you an Islay guy (smoky, peaty, essence of listerine) or a highland guy, (sweet, floral, dried fruits kind of thing)?
  11. Born Habano

    Wooden Desktop Humidors

    I use the same Milano as posted by Belleville. It works GREAT. I pack it full with 3 boveda's. Keep in mind the capacities are estimated with what must be corona ring size. I can't cram 100 cigars in there when the average ring is 47 to 50.
  12. Born Habano

    Hello from Oklahoma

    Thanks for adding. Long time cigar smoker and enjoying leaf from my native land for about 10 years or so. Never appreciated Cuban tobacco/cigars until had the chance to smoke not only authentic but properly cared for Habanos. Always looking to learn more about them, especially thoughts on brands and formats I haven't yet tried. Looking forward reading and participating in this group.

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