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  1. I smoked a Davi Dom Perignon with a glass of Dom and then a glass of Stitzel Weller pappy 20 (when you could find easily for $100) when my first son was born in 2008. Was easily top 3 day of my life(wedding and 2 kids) and I will never forget it. Honestly, the cigar wasn’t that great, I ended up smoking a monte esp 2 right after. 😀
  2. Ive just recently started smoking again and I'm lucky enough to have several desktops of things with a few years of age. Found the last one of these from a box I bought fresh..... First impression is the cigar is extremely tight. I don't remember that being an issue with previous cigars from this box. A lot of pepper and coffee throughout the first 1/4. The pepper went away and turned to coffee/chocolate for the next 1/2 of the cigar. Really nice flavor but still very tough to draw. Finished up a lot sweeter than I expected, almost pure chocolate and cedar. Overall I enjoyed the flavor but the tightness of the cigar resulted in a solid 90 minutes of smoking. Glad Im able to smoke some again, looking forward to digging through the desktops and finding some more treats.
  3. I read this today as well. Michael Lewis is a great writer, brutally honest. Anyone who enjoys reading business should pick up some of his books; Liar's Poker, the New New Thing, Blindside, Moneyball, and a few others are awesome. » I read this morning a great article on the history of the Wall St collapse. » Here is the link. » » For those who have not sone so and who have an interest in » it. Fantastic stuff. » » » » For Aussies I copy below a small section from the article (referenced » above). » » Note the Australian Median Residential Property Price is $401,000 AUD. » The Median household income is $41300 AUD. Ratio 9.71 » » » » » At the end of 2004, Eisman, Moses, and Daniel shared a sense that » unhealthy things were going on in the U.S. housing market: Lots of firms » were lending money to people who shouldn’t have been borrowing it. They » thought Alan Greenspan’s decision after the internet bust to lower » interest rates to 1 percent was a travesty that would lead to some » terrible day of reckoning. Neither of these insights was entirely » original. Ivy Zelman, at the time the housing-market analyst at Credit » Suisse, had seen the bubble forming very early on. There’s a simple » measure of sanity in housing prices: the ratio of median home price to » income. Historically, it runs around 3 to 1; by late 2004, it had risen » nationally to 4 to 1. “All these people were saying it was nearly as high » in some other countries,” Zelman says. “But the problem wasn’t just that » it was 4 to 1. In Los Angeles, it was 10 to 1, and in Miami, 8.5 to 1. And » then you coupled that with the buyers. They weren’t real buyers. They were » speculators.” Zelman alienated clients with her pessimism, but she » couldn’t pretend everything was good. “It wasn’t that hard in hindsight to » see it,” she says. “It was very hard to know when it would stop.” Zelman » spoke occasionally with Eisman and always left these conversations feeling » better about her views and worse about the world. “You needed the » occasional assurance that you weren’t nuts,” she says. She wasn’t nuts. » The world was.
  4. Thanks guys, I dont know why, but I was having a tough time with the CC. » » Anyone know what DGC CCUT means? » » » Have a look at » [link][/link]
  5. Quick code question....... Anyone know what DGC CCUT means? Thanks
  6. » Hi there, Im Cuban, Im in Hamilton, Canada since 1 week ago. I have 3 boxes » of Cuban Habanos Cohiba Esplendidos. Each box has 25 cigars a think. I sell » each in 700 Canadians. If you take all i let them in 600. Write to » rainier1983 to gmail, .com Wow :-)
  7. I smoked a 00 SW last night, and thought the flavor was fantastic, the only problem was that the draw was miserable(as noted above). Beatiful dark chocolate color, and balanced taste.
  8. Although very different in taste, I agree with the 64 maduro by Padron as well as the 1926 natural. Opus are great if they have a few years(like many habanos) and tats are great. » » » Many of them are not sold here but I have smoked all why?:-D » » » Padron , OpusX and VSG are worth to try IMO. » » » » If you wern't so far away Yossie I'd send you a few AF Don Carlos I » think » » you would enjoy them. Heck cost me 100.00 just to ship. » I'm really pleased to hear your offer but My humidor is currently » filled..:crying:
  9. » Welcome Froglicker Hey man. I haven't been around very long, but have enjoyed what I have been able to learn. Hopefully you'll feel the same.
  10. They look great, I just noticed the code while cleaning things out last night. Thanks for all of the input, I was unaware that production ran over for the EL's. I will just have to smoke one to verify.
  11. I have picked up a handful of el 06 pyramides and have one box with an 07 stamp. Hopefully I am wrong, but this seems obviously suspect. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
  12. Thanks to everyone............ I have been a cigar smoker for 10 yrs or so, in the last few I have turned mostly to habanos which led me here from CF. CF is the only other board I post on and enjoy it tremendously, I just don't smoke alot of what is getting discussed over there. Looking forward to watching and learning. » From one Bill to another, welcome.
  13. » Welcome Bill! Dont I know you from somewhere?:-D I am glad to see so many familiar names as I flipped through the directory.
  14. Just registered as forum's look great. I trade over at CF and was sent here for a look. Looking forward to learning some new things.

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