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  1. Taking US tax payer funded stimulus money and sending to Australia . Solid.
  2. 03 RJ PC after golf with my 11 yr old. Discontinued Davi lonsdale and a 2010 JL 2 after red beans and rice. Some blackjack w the kids tonight. Trying to make the best out of the current world situation.
  3. I bought a bundle of these a while ago and remember them being really good.
  4. Birthday line up. Starting with the Davidoff anniversary
  5. It’s an old 28 I picked up at a quail unlimited auction years ago. With 2 boys, ive got 3 or 4 28s now we rotate around.
  6. I smoked a Davi Dom Perignon with a glass of Dom and then a glass of Stitzel Weller pappy 20 (when you could find easily for $100) when my first son was born in 2008. Was easily top 3 day of my life(wedding and 2 kids) and I will never forget it. Honestly, the cigar wasn’t that great, I ended up smoking a monte esp 2 right after. 😀
  7. Ive just recently started smoking again and I'm lucky enough to have several desktops of things with a few years of age. Found the last one of these from a box I bought fresh..... First impression is the cigar is extremely tight. I don't remember that being an issue with previous cigars from this box. A lot of pepper and coffee throughout the first 1/4. The pepper went away and turned to coffee/chocolate for the next 1/2 of the cigar. Really nice flavor but still very tough to draw. Finished up a lot sweeter than I expected, almost pure chocolate and cedar. Overall I enjoyed the flavor but the tightness of the cigar resulted in a solid 90 minutes of smoking. Glad Im able to smoke some again, looking forward to digging through the desktops and finding some more treats.
  8. I read this today as well. Michael Lewis is a great writer, brutally honest. Anyone who enjoys reading business should pick up some of his books; Liar's Poker, the New New Thing, Blindside, Moneyball, and a few others are awesome. » I read this morning a great article on the history of the Wall St collapse. » Here is the link. » » For those who have not sone so and who have an interest in » it. Fantastic stuff. » » » » For Aussies I copy below a small section from the article (referenced » above). » » Note the Australian Median Residential Property Price is $401,000 AUD. » The Median household income is $41300 AUD. Ratio 9.71 » » » » » At the end of 2004, Eisman, Moses, and Daniel shared a sense that » unhealthy things were going on in the U.S. housing market: Lots of firms » were lending money to people who shouldn’t have been borrowing it. They » thought Alan Greenspan’s decision after the internet bust to lower » interest rates to 1 percent was a travesty that would lead to some » terrible day of reckoning. Neither of these insights was entirely » original. Ivy Zelman, at the time the housing-market analyst at Credit » Suisse, had seen the bubble forming very early on. There’s a simple » measure of sanity in housing prices: the ratio of median home price to » income. Historically, it runs around 3 to 1; by late 2004, it had risen » nationally to 4 to 1. “All these people were saying it was nearly as high » in some other countries,” Zelman says. “But the problem wasn’t just that » it was 4 to 1. In Los Angeles, it was 10 to 1, and in Miami, 8.5 to 1. And » then you coupled that with the buyers. They weren’t real buyers. They were » speculators.” Zelman alienated clients with her pessimism, but she » couldn’t pretend everything was good. “It wasn’t that hard in hindsight to » see it,” she says. “It was very hard to know when it would stop.” Zelman » spoke occasionally with Eisman and always left these conversations feeling » better about her views and worse about the world. “You needed the » occasional assurance that you weren’t nuts,” she says. She wasn’t nuts. » The world was.
  9. Thanks guys, I dont know why, but I was having a tough time with the CC. » » Anyone know what DGC CCUT means? » » » Have a look at » [link][/link]
  10. Quick code question....... Anyone know what DGC CCUT means? Thanks
  11. » Hi there, Im Cuban, Im in Hamilton, Canada since 1 week ago. I have 3 boxes » of Cuban Habanos Cohiba Esplendidos. Each box has 25 cigars a think. I sell » each in 700 Canadians. If you take all i let them in 600. Write to » rainier1983 to gmail, .com Wow :-)

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