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  1. Oldest’s 13th birthday…PBS2008. Only 6 left.
  2. Not something I’d usually go for but wrapping up a beach trip and have a couple of hours of quiet
  3. Haha. I’ve held it to one taste a day before we go out. My new favorite drink.
  4. Thanks for the responses… going to head up early one morning. Looking forward to it!
  5. I will be about an hour away at the beach for a week. Is there anything worth traveling up to Tampa to see?
  6. Small sip while going through some oldies for upcoming beach trip.
  7. 2014 Punch Punch. Box was used for decoration at one of our offices, I should have written down the code.
  8. Sig II. 3rd one from the box. Hope this one isn’t mostly sour.
  9. I’m guessing 3 mostly because I smoke them regularly.
  10. Celebrating my kids going out of town with their grandparents for a few nights 😎
  11. The regular line and angel's share are enjoyable cigars. I like the larger regular line, they dont seem to be so overwhelmingly strong fresh. Those and natural Padron 26/64 are about the only NC I get excited about at this point. Pretty pricey for all of them though.
  12. Little surprise in the mail, courtesy of our hosts
  13. I really wanted to hold off on these but I’ve got the perfect afternoon to sit on the porch and watch golf.
  14. I felt lucky buying at $100. Whiskeys have just become ridiculous here.
  15. Change of pace tonight with the drink. Quickly running out this 14 cab.
  16. I think they're great. They've mellowed out a bit but still have a lot of flavor. I think they are a lot stronger than other RJ sizes, I have some 08 PC's from my older sons birth that taste totally different.
  17. I drink a lot of peated scotch. My experience is the stronger cigar the better. Boli PC, partagas shorts are two I smoke often. I feel like the flavors of a QDO are lost with scotch that flavorful. ‘I had some Lagavulin last night with an older RJ belicoso and the scotch was too much for the cigar.
  18. Pulling my annual Belicoso from my youngest sons birth month . 5/10.
  19. This was a wonderful delivery day in more ways than one. 898 from our hosts...

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