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  1. Going to be a PC day watching football . RJ is from 2013, fresh sig II and Monte .
  2. Ive always enjoyed his cigars. I used to keep some lanceros around but Im pretty much out of everything. This still had some real kick to it.
  3. 2 hour ride this AM for a couple of meetings. 2019 sig II
  4. Unexpectedly lost a friend and good guy today. Leaves behind an amazing legacy and a great family. Smoking one of my last 2 davidoff 80th
  5. This cigar tonight could be an all time disappointment. Last one from the box. All have tasted uselessly strong.
  6. To be clear… I wasn’t referring to the cigars as my boys, I meant my actual children😎
  7. Heading out to the course with both my boys for the afternoon
  8. I saw Rob mention rum earlier and got me thinking… time for a tasting. Belicoso is a MSA DIC 17
  9. It’s the toro. Never worth the price. I got a box a few years ago when they ran a promotion w a free DuPont pen that I gifted to a client. I smoke one every few months
  10. Quick 2017 PC getting excited for the Ryder Cup . Best value I’ve found
  11. I got my tail kicked on the course and at the casino for 3 straight nights. Nursing my wounds…
  12. It’s an old Nat Sherman Italian leather case that came from my grandfather. The pockets are a little odd sized but it’s a great case.
  13. First of 3 nights away. Starting out with a padron/ardbeg and hoping to celebrate a big casino night with a sig 2.
  14. I don’t often smoke cigars that big but I think they’re perfect. It allows a cigar as strong as the opus to really develop.
  15. Monte 5, opus double corona, party short, rg pc, sig 2
  16. Skirt steak just hit the sous vide. I’ve got 45 before prep begins . 2018 no 5

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