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  1. 52 minutes ago, Wolvan said:

    Personally opinion: it is FAKE!!

    Why? Because it have a British smoking warning (NHS) but is obviously not sourced from H&F who is the sole Cuban cigars supplier for Britain. If sourced from H&F there would be an EMS sticker and an EMS certificate along with the Habanos certificate. Edit: I am appalled but how so many FOH members who commented above can be tricked so easily, time to start double checking my incoming stocks.

    Oh boy.

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  2. 8 hours ago, smbauerllc said:

    Big fan of the belicosos vitola in general, but the RyJ is in my top few favorites with the BBF.
    How are they with that much age?

    I think they're great. They've mellowed out a bit but still have a lot of flavor. I think they are a lot stronger than other RJ sizes, I have some 08 PC's from my older sons birth that taste totally different.

  3. I drink a lot of peated scotch. My experience is the stronger cigar the better. Boli PC, partagas shorts are two I smoke often. I feel like the flavors of a QDO are lost with scotch that flavorful. 
    ‘I had some Lagavulin last night with an older RJ belicoso  and the scotch was too much for the cigar. 

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