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  1. Never occurred to me to put honey in my coffee. How did that turn out?
  2. It shouldn't be required to fill out each one. I haven't had a Punch 898 or Cazy. So I tried to leave it blank. I was forced to choose something (I don't get it) which messes with the results.
  3. He mentioned in a previous comment that it is pcc aged.
  4. Just had a Yolanda churchill today. Butter cream cigar. It was heavenly. I have one last box of hers. I have since walked the 100 yards over to Alex anyhow Piles of his boxes left.
  5. Cristall is like drinking bud light, with less taste. Shocked how many people like it. Bucanero is a step up, slightly. I just stick with the mojitos and leave the beer drinking for back home. But I' live in one of the microbrew capitals, so I can be a tad picky about my beer. It would be a toss up for me between water out of the tap in Cuba or Cristal.
  6. I get all the ones above and just about all the other ones except 2. Bell pepper. Huh? This is the only place I EVER hear of a bell pepper flavor. I think this flavor note is more of a thing of "power of suggestion" A much more common one, Floral: What even is that? Generic term anyhow.
  7. I want to say, who cares about that cigar. It's that burrito on the bottom right that has my mouth watering. Recently moved from So.Cal and man I miss good Mexican food.
  8. What did you think of what was stocked at LCDH 5ta y 16? I always found that place to have less of the rarer stuff than the other LCDH's on the island.
  9. I believe REG is now SOP. Not from what I've seen. Who knows. Guess it will be a mystery.
  10. Didn't someone figure out that SOU was formally REG? Based on the similarities of my boxes of 2019-2020 codes, it sure seems quite possible.
  11. PUR Nov 16. Guess I have the latest box so far. 3 boxes of ESO 2015's. Going to treasure my last 4 boxes.
  12. So to "save" money, they fly from the UK, rent a car and buy a few boxes of cigars,probably 2 before you have to pay full taxes when they return to the U.K. Must be a real cheap flight for the math to all work out.
  13. I would very much doubt that. But can only guess. It isn't like an internet site we can just click on. This "country" has no airport. Getting to it is a challenge. It doesn't make financial sense for most of us to go because you can only bring back so many before you are taxed in your home country. But you could be right, it has been a very long time since I've been there. The only LCDH's that I'm aware were cleaned out was Cuba's. Us Americans flew down and were able to bring back 10+ boxes basically tax free. We really did a number on their overall supply. But that is over, for no
  14. Did they say if it was production or shipment (or both)?. By that I mean are they making roughly the same amount and eventually we will be hit with the normal level, plus all the stuff that never made if off the island due to shipment delays? I get for awhile things slowed down, but you would think they would be near full production now.

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