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  1. Priorities. Are my cigars safe? Is Di's computer she emails from still there? If not, perhaps she is the mastermind. Looking for a few days of vacation! Seriously, glad you got good video of him.
  2. It's not "Mostly Clearance" It is all clearance. Mostly has to do with the box codes/dates. And there is psp in there. Luck of the draw. Stuff just isn't currently separated into various catagories.
  3. Yeah, this article makes NO sense. I guess the Sarkisian's (Davidoff of London) and others are idiots for storing their cigars in the 50's. You had to pretty much ignore this article once they mentioned 70% storage. They move it to different temps and don't adjust for humidity. Not essential reading. I hope nobody takes this article seriously. Their "conclusion" cubans are best stored at 70% humidity where the temp fluctuate between 66 and 82 degrees. Solid advise. How did this garbage get published?
  4. So, about Cohiba Siglo III vs CCE . . .
  5. Seems only a tad fast. Robustos last me an hour. This is 5.5. So he smoked a slightly longer (1/2 inch) in the same amount of time. Could have been a loose draw which makes the cigar smoke faster. Don't get your issue with his time.
  6. Pretty much everybody. I can't think of anyone who hasn't contributed. We vote in the politicians who do it, but if they cut anything that impacts us, we vote them out. Lovely system.
  7. Incorrect. Assuming -20c, the total freeze time would need to be 1 hour, not 72. Most home fridges can get to 0F. Standard chest freezers can go even further. Rarely would you need to go beyond 2 days. Assuming you don't see bugs already, here are the times needed - -20°C (-4°F) Time to 100% mortality 1 hr -15°C (5°F) Time to 100% mortality 6 hr -10°C (14°F) Time to 100% mortality 24 hr -5°C (23°F) Time to 100% mortality 504 hr 0°C (32°F) Time to 100% mortality 1176 hr 5°C (41°F) Time to
  8. No. It just states that they have successfully kept their cigars in the right temperature range. While chances are low, if the power ever goes out and your temps spike, your luck could run out. Not saying freezing is required, but I'm sure glad my stock was frozen during our last heat wave. Had the power gone out, my room would have been in the 90's for days.
  9. I like how their is a duplicate in the list, yet the results don't match up! To me, the game changer was my drink. Cold brew coffee with just the right amount of milk and sugar. Not to much to be overpowering, but just enough to compliment and enhance the flavor of the cigar. I can't drink anything but that now. Coke, orange juice, water, port, etc . . . all fail.
  10. A fundadores vs cola would have been nice. Tough life for Ken and knowing which bag of free cigars to pick thru!
  11. 4 of them. Geesh, way to share! I got 1, and it was the 2018. Wish I had the 21, I already haven enough of the 2018's.
  12. I've tried this. It is VERY minimally more. Not worth the effort.

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