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  1. Monterey

    Share your Cuban haul

    I'm no flipper. I will smoke every single one of those cigars, minus sharing a few with friends.
  2. Monterey

    Share your Cuban haul

    They were all dated Nov/2018.
  3. Monterey

    Share your Cuban haul

    136, a very nice price.
  4. Monterey

    Share your Cuban haul

    I brought an entire large suitcase of donations for the cuban people. Big case. We handed them out to the locals. The plus to this plan was that I had an entire empty large suitcase left to bring things back
  5. Monterey

    Share your Cuban haul

    The customs are Juanita Hotel Melina Habana. I walked over to Commodore to find Alex, but never found him. So I just took two Churchill sized bunches from Juanita. I’m new to customs. The rest I bought were intentional based on cigars that Cuba marks up much higher off the island. Hence there is a lot of duplication's in my haul. A box worth of Cohiba Talisman/Lancero/Siglo VI 3 boxes worth of Trinidad La Trova 5 boxes of Trinidad Fundadores 4 boxes of Trinidad Colonials H.Upmann Conny A H. Upmann Sir Winston Churchill 9 10 count boxes of H.Upmann Royal Robusto 6 10 count boxes of Ramon Allones Superiores 6 10 count boxes of Punch 48 3 boxes of Quai D’orsay Coronas 2 boxes of VR Unicos 1 Cab of Punch Double Coronas I went with a group of 7 people, all non cigar smokers. I was able to split up my boxes between us. I still took the bulk, and was taken to a side room as they went thru all my luggage. Counting each non-boxed cigar. I had pre-split the singles/customs to others, so it was no big deal. Good thing I had all my fracturas.
  6. Monterey

    Share your Cuban haul

    I may have overbought! Gotta love that Punch DC 2018 cab.
  7. 2018 box codes were available at almost all LCDH's on the island. The picture I have with 3 cabs is a picture I took at hotel libre. They had at least 9 boxes available. 545 each.
  8. Some Quai Coronas a and Punch DC 50 cab. Almost every LCDH in Havana had them in stock. Beautiful cigars, and such a crazy price. I got lucky!
  9. Monterey

    USA / customs limits

    When I went thru cuban customs, they opened all of my bags and were counting how many non-boxed cigars I had. As long as I had a fractura, they were happy. Luckily I had split my customs among other people in my party. They were really cracking down on customs. This was on 1/11/2019
  10. I walked all around. Around the pool areas, bar areas, the little strip mall just outside of it. Nadda. I asked people, nobody heard of him. Perhaps I should of asked the people in the hotel.
  11. Where is he located? I was at the hotel and walked all over the place. Couldn't find him anywhere.
  12. Monterey

    Share your Cuban haul

    I just got back and aside from Club Havana, I was at every LCDH. Only Hotel Naccional had any boxes left and it was just 2. I bought one. So as of this moment, there is either 1 or zero boxes left of Sir Winston. Likely won't be available again for awhile.
  13. So not true. I live in Oregon where Marijuana is legal. It is taxed at a MUCH higher rate than cigars. It is about supply and demand. Despite being HEAVILY taxed, there are just more pot smokers than their are cigar smokers. If there were zero taxes on cigars, there would still be more marijuana smokers than cigar smokers. Same goes for cigarettes.
  14. Jan 5th thru the 11th. We are all just days apart!

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