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  1. Who tells us to remove them for aging. Aging in tubes is a good thing.
  2. No, it is the city of Calabasas, NW of Los Angeles.
  3. You can fly under "support of the cuban people" which hasn't changed. That is how most of us flew down before and how we will continue. Little has changed. Just as "loose" as it was, minus cruise ships.
  4. That only applies to people flying to cuba under people to people group tours. If you made plans, you can still go. All people, regardless of when you booked your trip, going by cruise ship are being rerouted to different locations.
  5. No cruise ships from the US period. No grace period. No grandfathering. Over immediately.
  6. Huh? Little has changed in flying to Cuba
  7. Monterey

    Cuban Cigar Prices?

    Not true. I go once a year, and am no flipper. I asked for a box of La Trova and they got it for me. Just have to ask nicely
  8. Monterey

    Cuban Cigar Prices?

    can I ask what the price is. Yes, I know I can find it at yul, just want to confirm.
  9. agreed. Things are coming out fast and furious. Perhaps there will be no real change for us flying under support of the cuban people. However, even if there isn't, perception of travel could cause a huge drop in people going which would cause airlines to start canceling. Back in 2017, the changes spooked Alaska Air and they ended all service to Cuba.
  10. 1 more day. 6/5/2019 is the official day. So everyone needs to book a flight or cruise today. Wonder how many people are rushing to get in one last trip or two. I have 2
  11. Monterey

    Your Best Cigar of May 2019?

    I did a review here about a month ago for a 2014 version. It was the same bit of heaven you described. I can still taste it! Don't regret my ridiculously high score for it. Haven't had a cigar as good since. Glad I have many cabs of them.
  12. Very nice, if you ever drift over towards Portland. I'll hook you up with some things to try.
  13. Very nice. I'm so OCD when it comes to even burns. Constant light touch ups. Leaving it to correct itself is something this OCD brain can't deal with. I would constantly stare at the burn waiting for it to correct itself before I could relax.
  14. I get the root beer taste off an Illusione cigar. Great flavor. What is this "smashing" technique you speak of?
  15. You will be just fine. It will take months to write the law and implement. Airlines, crusie ships, etc . . . all have to be adjusted. It doesn't happen over night. Last time this happened it was announced in June and took effect in November. The travel changes haven't even been officially announced. I have a trip planned for the first week of November. I'm still planning on going. We shall see.

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