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  1. if you are talking about seeing cigars, I saw punch dc with a box date of mid 2019 while in Cuba 2 months ago. Someone there yesterday also saw 2019 stock, but didn't mention the dates. They seem to be making those still. They also had recent qdo coronas.
  2. I would just remove the carbon filter, it will work better without it. the filter will lower the amount of air that can be sucked out of the room.
  3. Why? Want to rid the outside of the cigar smoke? Doesn't do any good for the inside. The only reason for an exhaust fan with a carbon filter is for people growing pot indoors. Reduces the outside smell of your operation for your neighbors.
  4. I have some 2015 boxes still, 4 to be exact. Love everyone. One of my favorites. Sad day when they will be gone.
  5. Uh, no. They are blasted often for being wind tunnels. I still have them, but I don't have many because their loose draw is annoying. I have many boxes from the standard to the 1926 and the 1964. One thing they all share in common. Hello wind tunnels! Though admittedly, they are good tasting cigars.
  6. Padron has the worse quality control. Your misspelling their is actually appropriate. What a joke. Ever not had a wind tunnel pardron anniversario? I've learned to cut the smallest amount of their single cap just to have a somewhat decent draw. Unreal.
  7. Cost? Cuba is the only vacation I go on where I actually "make" money going!
  8. Someone on another forum posted a short video while he was down there of a 4 hour wait to fill up their tank. He shot the whole lineup of cars, it was quite a site. I heard somewhere that this extreme shortage will only be short lived. Things will slightly improve in a few weeks.
  9. I go to Havana for the food (and cigars). I wouldn't go to San Fran for any reason. Especially for the food.
  10. What?! Giving up on Alaska? Getting out before the winter and long nights set in! Couple hundred miles to the west in Portland. Hit me up if you are ever in the area.
  11. So I had no plan to smoke this cigar for a few years. I have yet to smoke any cigar from 2018, especially the 4th quarter of 2018. However, there was quite the debate about fake singles at hotel libre. I have shopped at hotel libre many times. I have twice bought singles. Most recently some monty 80th. I bought some on the first day (well, all they had!). During the rest of my trip they never replenished that cigar. While a good cigar to test, I just got it a month ago and it needs some rest. I did take a picture of the cigar with a UV light. From that, we can only tell the band is real! Notice in the pictures below "MC" appears when hit with a black light. In the trip a year ago, I picked up some single La Trovas. This was more of an odd case. When I bought my allotment of singles (limiting customers to 5 only is a good sign they are not fakes) I would always see them replenished the next day (I stayed right next to Libre and went there every morning while waiting for everyone else to get up in the morning). It was like they had some big box of these somewhere and simply replenished what ever was taken. Given this odd behavior, and that a year has passed, I thought that this wood be a good example to test "fakes at hotel libre". If any cigar was going to be faked, this would be one of the most likely. Yes they had cohiba singles (including talismans) but nothing seemed to move like these la trovas. At 12.50 each, I can see why! FYI, aside from the partagas factory hiding some stash of these, no where else on the island had la trovas. But Libre seemed to have plenty, though no boxes. During transport, I damaged the wrapper of one really bad. So I decided to dissect it. Pictures below. You can see nothing but quality long filler. The smell was amazing. Very sad I damaged this cigar. Though with knowing now that I'm not smoking floor sweepings, I lit up one. Here are my notes: Starts: Cookie dough, straight out of the gate Velvety Cedar Nutty Some coffee No cream As it develops: Cream ramps up with the cedar dropping off. cookie dough, nutty, coffee and cream Velvety smoothness Finishes: Cedar returns as the cookie dough dies off. lots of nuts and cedar Lasted 1:40. It was an amazing cigar. So complex. Wasn't even slightly harsh, surprising given its age. 100% authentic. So can I definitely conclude that libre sells only real singles? No, of course. However, given that they were constantly refilling their one box on a cigar that is one of the top contenders for being fake, I fell pretty secure in buying more singles from them. Now I likely won't as transporting singles can be tricky. But I feel strongly that those that spread rumors about fakes at libre are just perpetuating a lie. I get the concern as they have the best singles on the island, so it is natural to question how this one store has them while the rest don't. I can also say that I have no issues in dealing with them. They seem to work in teams. 2 guys and another team of 2 women. Both teams are friendly and have written fracturas without question. Even for just a single box Now I go there often and I swear they smile as to say "Seriously, you again?!" so perhaps they are just nicer to me. So no, I'm not the definitive answer. I'm just saying that I've seen nothing odd and can say that I have successful bought real high in demand cigars that were 100% authentic.
  12. One of my favorites comes to an end. Should have stocked up on more. I was betting on going out strong. Started out with heavy sweat cedar. Cream built along with dark chocolate. Got some cuban twang which I don't experience much due to aging. Nuts came into play about an inch or so in. As it progressed, it became more creamy and chocolate. Nuttiness also really increased. as the cedar died a tad In all, I got a smoke time of 2:05. I smoked it to the numb, further than usually. Really wanted to enjoy it as long as I could. It was a great example of how great this cigar was. I got what I wanted, it went out strong, but that just made me sad because I will likely never get another swing at this cigar. Why oh why was this discontinued!

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