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  1. If it's on the internet it MUST be true! Very wrong my friend.
  2. Out of curiosity, I put 6 sticks in the freezer (-14f) in March. So 5 months ago. Going to leave them in for another 2 years or so. They are vacuum sealed. Couldn't find an answer on long term freezing, so I decided to just do it myself. I have 6 identical sticks vacuum sealed in the humidor. Assuming the freezer ones don't crack like yours, I'm going to see how they compare.
  3. Same as mine. 18 years old. Hope you get more time than you think.
  4. The closest LCDH to parque central is the partagas factory
  5. 2 of the largest groups where flippers thrive were shut down today. Victory for that. But failure for freedom of speech. Wonder what other groups facebook will shut down for "the good of the people"
  6. Interesting. I was there in January and was able to get in almost every day I was there. 5 straight days. They had the last 2 boxes of Sir Winston in Havana in that humidor. Grabbed one. would have been out of luck if I wasn't allowed in. Now the partagas factory is the one humidor I've never been able to get in. Will keep trying! Were trinidads available at other stores? Hoping the shortage you mention was only at 5y16. Plan on picking some up while I'm in Havana in a few weeks.
  7. I have given up 5y16. They have the worst selection of all the lcdh's on the island. Not sure why, I thought it was supposed to be the flag ship store. How was it stocked when you were there? Hotel Nacional can be a tough one. I also end up getting inside, but I've been told many times we couldn't enter. One of the ladies who works there just refuses to allow anyone. Other people there seem to let you in. Very annoying.
  8. Cigar sales are moving to Cigar groups are popping up daily on that site.
  9. 2018 under 2016 and 17?? Not been my experience. Way to early to know about 2019.
  10. I was in Havana in January and they had a huge pile of them. Had to be 60 boxes. All for cheap. Grabbed 3 boxes. Will be there in a few weeks. Lets see how lucky I am.
  11. I think it is spider eggs. But I could be wrong.

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