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  1. Monterey

    100 Euro Note

    Thanks all. I'm asking to just carry less money to the currency exchange. Last time I went my money belt was so fat, it was impossible to hide. Plus I once got hit with the currency game that cuba plays. Harder for them to cheat you when you hand them smaller amount of big bills. This time I plan on counting out the money in front of them.
  2. Monterey

    100 Euro Note

    Does Cuba exchange higher denominations of Euro notes like the 100? Just curious if anyone has any issue with that. Thanks
  3. Disagree. There is no way to know they will be fine. Assuming the boxes were sealed tight, you may be okay. But some oil would have evaporated meaning the cigar will likely never be the same. But only time will tell, would love to hear you report back in time and let us know what happened.
  4. Monterey

    Skynet T5000 Wineador!

    So I did the same lights and even though they produce almost no heat, per the manufacturer, they actually did. The heat pooled to the top and caused the top to get too warm. It looks beautiful, but I had to yank them all out. I got a great pickture of 8 cc-300's all lit up, and then removed them all. I was sad. No bling for the cigars. Long story short, keep an eye out, you may find issues with temps.
  5. 🙄 National saying of whipped men.
  6. sorry dude, the short beard is your best look!
  7. Neither. Montecristo #2's are best at 5 years, generally speaking.
  8. First, I have to admit, it is people like me that this wonderful cigar is discontinued. Been smoking cubans for over 2 decades. In that time, I never had this cigar. It gets canceled, and I must have it! So I order 5 boxes. Some 2015, and some 2016. My apologies to all of you, I'll take the blame for this cigar being discontinued! Smoked this cigar while watching my beloved Dolphins go 3-0. This plus the cigar, life is good! Cigar had 3 years of age, and has perfect construction. The cigar lasted me just over an hour. 1st 1/2 half. Brown sugar, light cream, cedar, 2nd 1/2.Brown sugar fades a bit, cinnamon and fig? (or something similar) enters. Cedar drops a tad which causes the cigar to be slightly sweeter in the 2nd half Cigar is smooth. No excuse for waiting so long to have this cigar. I always want what I can't have. Luckily, I have 4 1/2 boxes of this, and 6 boxes of Bolivar CG in my collection. I will enjoy them all while they last.
  9. I'm going to have to make it up there one day, for a vacation, when it is mostly warm
  10. We never got the conclusion of that story. So you did take them back and they were not the ones you sent him? I'm SOOOOOOOO surprised!
  11. Monterey

    USA usd currency exchange in Cuba

    I exchange to pounds as I get the best rates, plug it is worth the most so I have to carry less of it. 2.5% fee, than 3% for cuc. So 5.5% in all.
  12. Do not store cigars in the fridge. Cigar 101. Google it!
  13. Send us some pics during the winter time, that should be interesting!
  14. Today's Prometheus lighters are garbage that constantly break. They charge high costs to fix their bad manufacturing process and if your lighter breaks after they discontinue the model, they jack the price even more. Don't know why they went from a great product to junk
  15. You should have been up there with a cigar!

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