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  1. Uh, no. We get to worry that our government will just confiscate our boxes.
  2. I have some M80's,and I will try them and report back. I'm still in the camp that they don't sell fakes. I've been there many times and only ONCE, back in 2017 did they have behike. If they were going to push fakes, why wouldn't they have fakes there to push? Behikes would be in high demand as singles. A long time ago, people used to say they sold fakes because they wouldn't let you take the box. Say there is 10 and you buy the last 10. They would NEVER give you the box. That gave people the impression they were selling fakes. In actually, it was the opposite. They were doing it to prevent fakes. Jokers coming in buying the last 3 cigars and wanting the box. Small investment for a "real box". To each their own. If people want to believe they sell fakes, then so be it. Unlike the majority of people saying that, I can say that I've actually bought, tested and confirmed my answer.
  3. Interesting read, thanks. Has there been any mention on this years crop in general? I know they got a late start and levels were anticipated to be lower. The weather seemed quite good though.
  4. Buying euros used to be a thing. Dollars are king now. 1:1 ratio or better
  5. Underfilled means wind tunnel. Any time that I believe that the cigar is missing tobacco. Anytime I would have to slow down how often I puff or fear overheating. I have maybe seen a handful of cigars over the years where it was SLIGHTLY underfilled. But never an obvious underfilled cigar. Having said that, my plugged rate seems to be higher than others experience. So in the end, I probably have the same amount of issue cigars, just all of issue cigars are of the plugged type. I have had many underfilled non-cuban cigars though. But almost never a plugged one. For example, all padron anniverario are wind tunnels. Hate that. I now use a paperclip to make my cigar cut. Tiny hole. Seems to work great. So I don't know what to tell you, it is just what I have experienced. I have no reason to make things up. Especially given my record of bashing cubans for plugged cigars. Does seem odd given that I smoke 30-35 boxes of cuban cigars a year.
  6. oh how many cigars the perfect tool has fixed. Maybe 1 out of 25 plugged cigars aren't fixable with the tool. Though annoying, most plugged cigars can be fixed.
  7. In fairness, you also gave it nearly the same score
  8. I smoke a lot. Like 2-3 cigars a day. In the many years of cuban cigars, I have never ONCE had an under filled Cuban. Plugged, yeah, that is another story.
  9. Funny, I never get peanuts from a punch dc, but get a lot with the 48. Both are amazing cigars though.
  10. 2 is the minimum. You always have to have a backup when one is in use. The machines themselves are not that expensive, at least in comparison to other equipment. Roughly 130k per machine. The cost is the nurse. 2:1 nurse to patient ratio is a high cost. We bill on average just over 1 million per case. Pricey stuff. We have 5 machines, though in normal times we will go all summer without seeing a patient.

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