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  1. If only Cuba had a car. Gas lines would get plugged up. Fuel wouldn't burn right. Certain percent of them would cave in. And then other places would make cars and put Cuba car labels on them and sell them for cheap!
  2. When 1 box just isn't enough. Nov/2020 was a popular month for making these. Probably won't be until Nov/2021 until they make them again.
  3. No. For most of us who suffered thru that time, it is a time best forgotten. Hating cigars from the worse period is not band wagonning. -Someone who smoked thru that period.
  4. If you read the notes on scoring, it is actually not bad. I hate cigar ratings where 99% is between 85 and 100 (sorry guys). Seems like cigars can easily fall between 1 and 10 where an average cigar elsewhere is an 85.
  5. No. They clearly have a disclaimer about this situation. In case of a cuban, the winner gets the 2nd (or highest rated non-cuban)
  6. The 2017 box I was talking about was November, just an FYI.
  7. The last box I saw was Dec/2018, I also know they had 2017 boxes.
  8. No way would I break into them. I was also in Cuba around that time and grabbed a cab of them, despite the cab being cut at the start of 2018. They are vacuum sealed away where they belong. Everyone is in a rush these days. Patience pays off.
  9. Here is what I was referring to. One of the great humidors of the world, ageing away at 54 degrees (12.5C)
  10. As for your original question, temp at 60 is just fine for ageing. Even temps in the mid 50's is fine for ageing. That is the desired temp for ageing for some in the know.

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