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  1. I am in the steel business here in the states. I prefer the metal one to hold my “babies.”
  2. Thank you! Enjoyed the article, and hopeful of returning to the island in Fall 2018.
  3. Thanks for sharing. Made first visit to Cuba 2 weeks ago. No doubt about the need for foreign capital investment and infrastructure repair. Hope tensions ease with Washington, hoping to go back.
  4. Am I seein double @Fatshotbud? very nice. What humidor is that? I don't recognize it,
  5. My two cigar related gifts were: 2 corkcicle cigar glasses, and I am curious about these. Xikar 10 count travel humidor for my business and golf trips.
  6. Picked up my Heat Dish Saturday. Good suggestion for this winter "garage smoker." Thanks!
  7. Thanks @mcicvara ! You were right, the Hotel Melissa had an amazing shoo and parlor to rest, smoke and drink rum.
  8. Just got back from Cuba myself, and we toured the Havana club Museum. They do seem to be pushing these extra additives, putting a few drops in to spice up the rum. Different essences were: honey, coffee, aromatic leaf, and island prefer. i preferred it straight, with a cigar. My wife prefers coffee flavor.
  9. Welcome! did the Cuban cigar store, LCDH, ever reopen after the fire?
  10. Thanks @mcicvara for the suggestion, I will look for it.
  11. Ashland - that's a great cigar reference. Westlake here, living and dying with the Cavs, Indians, and Browns!
  12. Thanks for the greeting @TheMonk Nothing i'd rather we alone with than a CC. Where in Ohio @JBFurdog ? Thanks for your greeting as well!

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