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  1. Trinidad- even though it's not on the list. I smoked a Vigia tubo the other day that I would only share with an enemy- cloying and wind-tunnelly. I adore the Reyes, and the Fundadores can be extraordinary-but "can be" is the operative term. I know this is heresy, but I got too much sleep last night and I can't stop myself.
  2. While digging through a humidor last night I found the 2016 R y J Capuleto hiding next to some R J Tacos. A very lucky find! I think it was part of a FOH sampler from a while ago and I forgot I had it...Started out mild with a tinge of caramel, nice firm draw, a little tinge of coffee. Then after the first third, bam, someone unleashed something (your metaphor here), expresso, toasted tobacco, powerhouse of flavors. Wonderful to the end- wish I had more. I have been holding the 2018 R y J Tacos becuase people say they need the proverbial 3-5. I'm hoping that in another two years (or more, if I misplace some) I can expect something close to the Capuleto.
  3. Whew! I was wondering where I left that thing...please save it for me.
  4. I'm not as adept at flavor descriptions as many here, but I really like the Magico flavor profile- I've smoked many boxes of them, and find the flavor complex, they have that dark chocolate maduro thing going for them. They are expensive, and I save them for a treat. What I love about a good Magico is the lack of any unpleasant tobacco flavor- and I know that sounds weird, but it's that flavor that comes when you open a pack of cigarettes. As an ex-cigarette smoker...well enough said. The same can be said of the medio Siglo's I got- but I do find the flavors quite different.
  5. I agree with El Pres when he says the petit robusto is a strange vitola BUT I also agree that the Petit Edmundo is a killer Monte- I haven’t tried the others. I do find that Magicos can be magic. And to the brother who likes 898’s, I say “right on”- if you can handle what I would call an adult dose of St. Nicotine. Maybe I got a great batch of the Medio Siglos, but I now feel one should give em a try, if you like the Cohiba flavor enough to drop the coin.
  6. Thanks ElJavi I've been a large fan of most all the Siglos at one time or another-currently the III's. I agree the Medio's seemed crazy steep- so I waited on a sampler. Also feared the smoke would be over too soon- but this one today smoked longer than some of my Sig IV's. I also enjoyed it more than recent Coros. Thanks for the good wishes.
  7. Just tried my first Medio Siglo from a Jaunuary sampler. I had moderted expectations, but was nicely surprised. Full, tight pack, slightly stiff draw (which I like)- but was as described, coro on steroids-very nutty, more full bodied- though still a bit young- lasted well over an hour- will but some more.
  8. If you like a fedora (I’ve got several), check out the Stetson Stratoliner Premier, with an open crown. It comes unshaped, with a dome crown- you can shape it how you like it. It can be more western or more uptown- or a combination of both- my current favorite. Youtube has videos on how to shape and set the shape.
  9. Sorry you got a bad one! I am smoking mine now from the sampler- my first from this Vitola and my first from the sampler. i am having the opposite experience- a powerhouse of burnt coffee and dark chocolate from the beginning. Great draw, lots of smoke, even burn. I was thinking how I would love to have some more of these. i guess I just got lucky in cigar roulette- I will definitely buy at least a quarter box if they ever come up on 24:24. A powerhouse. Again, I am sorry that you and some of the other brothers didn’t get a good one. ”sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you” or words to that effect, as the cowboy says in that Coen brothers movie...
  10. Congrats to the people who picked up the Partagas Maduro #1's. I smoked one earlier in the week that I've been holding for two years. Cosmic! Deep, dark, complex-very satisfying 90 minute smoke- my humble advice is hold em- they get so much better with a little age. Happy Holidays to evertyone! Man D'olin
  11. Dunked myself in water, Cigar tasted like chlorine. Dunked the match in water- what a mess. Tried to dunk my girlfriend in water... and that's why I have this black eye
  12. Mine arrived today! Picture perfect examples- they smell great- I'm not worthy... Many thanks to the Rob and FOH team- you hit it out of the park.
  13. Nice! I dipped into the sampler last night and pulled out the H. Up Sir Winston. Also a great cigar...snuck up on me though, a bit more subtle than the Coho and Partis that are my staples. 2 hours later I was most sorry that it went out and I knew it was over. Will definately try for some if they resurface. I didn't realize what a rarity the Winstons are until I watched John's video review, which really puts the Upmanns in perspective for someone not that evperienced with them. Great thing about that sampler, getting to try some new things. I repeat the thanks to Rob and JohnS, very well done!
  14. Am just starting in on the Christmas Sampler- wanted to give those cigars a nice nap before trying. Last night I smoked the Lanceros, and just watched your video review. My first Lanceros... found it a nice departure from the Siglo 3 flavor which is my most common Cohiba experience- stonger flavors at the onset, "darker", a bit more bite in a very pleasant way. Although as John says in the review, the Lanceros will become more subtle with age, if I understand him correctly, I Iruly enjoyed the youngish sample from the Sampler, and want to thank John for a comprehensive review and FOH for putting the whole thing together- the cigars and the reviews- a very nice experience, indeed.
  15. Have really enjoyed the MRN Enc. over the years- have lent out my copy several times and am always intersted in the reactions of the smokers who find it either facinating or of ltotally no interest. I think the book is great on many levels- just to see the breath of what Cuba has produced, clearly the work of someone with emmence interest and resources, and talent allowing him to share his passion but the most disturbing/enlightening part of the MRN experience is the attention to the "sick period." I have often wondered why a great smoking box goes bitter. Six months later (in my experience) the same cigars are "cured". Anyway, It's a great book, lots of fun and that's the bottom line for me- the guy is under no obligation to clarify anythng.

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