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  1. Thank you, gentlemen! I was speculating about how long to let them sleep before smoking them…this will inform my decision.
  2. Been enjoying the Punch 898 APR 2018- scored another box today. I’m sure many of you know, and maybe someone can enlighten me…What does the 2018 mean? The box code is for July 2021-so I’m assuming that’s when they were rolled- but is it the tobacco that was harvested in 2018? or was the blend developed and assembled in 2018, or if you add the numerals in 2018 together and get the number 11, is that significant is some arcane way, indicating some deep and hidden truth?
  3. There is a VERY strange documentary about the weird arc of his life called “Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee”. Anyone interested in a good true-life crime puzzle should check it out- I think it’s streamable on Amazon. I watched it more than once when it came out about 4 years ago.
  4. Thanks for the portrait of a great day and thanks for the tip aboout the espionage novelist- Kanon. Ordered the book. Been lamenting the demise of the late John LeCarre, so I am rereading a Jack Vance novel from the 70's.( A great sci-fi writer, who is not so widely known). Last weekend I got a peak Southern California, cigar/ocean experience- a short hike to the bluffs on the coast above Santa Barbara, and thoughly enjoyed a Monte Petit Edmundo, while my gal savored a Trini Reyes- the libations came later...some Cental Coast Pinot, if I remember rightly. A good Cuban in the face of the offshore breeze-nothing like it.
  5. Volume 2 of the same compilation (also by David Byrne) is also GREAT called “O Samba”- one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy these. If you get a chance to hear them.
  6. Today we had a warm sunny afternoon is SoCal, so some Brazilian music hit the spot...the David Byrne compilation “Brazil Classics 1. Beleza Tropical” is a monster CD of some pivotal stuff. Tip of the hat to everyone’s musical suggestions- soothes the mind in these savage times.
  7. Ralph Stanley at Pound, VA 1972. See a teenage Ricky Scaggs, Keith Whitley and the rest of the Clinch Mt. Boys at their peak. Parts 1 - 3 on youtube.
  8. Nice article on Beaujolais! Had a glass or two in a Paris cafe as a youth...refreshing, kind of zesty, but also transformative, as I remember back... certainly my favorite glass of wine of the trip. Have been looking to recapture that sensation and have never succeeded with that wine. Now I kinda have a handle on what to hunt down. thanks
  9. “Shall we go, You and I while we can Through the transitive Nightfall of diamonds...” thanks Robert your words struck deep and deeply
  10. Trinidad- even though it's not on the list. I smoked a Vigia tubo the other day that I would only share with an enemy- cloying and wind-tunnelly. I adore the Reyes, and the Fundadores can be extraordinary-but "can be" is the operative term. I know this is heresy, but I got too much sleep last night and I can't stop myself.
  11. While digging through a humidor last night I found the 2016 R y J Capuleto hiding next to some R J Tacos. A very lucky find! I think it was part of a FOH sampler from a while ago and I forgot I had it...Started out mild with a tinge of caramel, nice firm draw, a little tinge of coffee. Then after the first third, bam, someone unleashed something (your metaphor here), expresso, toasted tobacco, powerhouse of flavors. Wonderful to the end- wish I had more. I have been holding the 2018 R y J Tacos becuase people say they need the proverbial 3-5. I'm hoping that in another two years (or more, if I misplace some) I can expect something close to the Capuleto.
  12. Whew! I was wondering where I left that thing...please save it for me.
  13. I'm not as adept at flavor descriptions as many here, but I really like the Magico flavor profile- I've smoked many boxes of them, and find the flavor complex, they have that dark chocolate maduro thing going for them. They are expensive, and I save them for a treat. What I love about a good Magico is the lack of any unpleasant tobacco flavor- and I know that sounds weird, but it's that flavor that comes when you open a pack of cigarettes. As an ex-cigarette smoker...well enough said. The same can be said of the medio Siglo's I got- but I do find the flavors quite different.

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