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  1. The Boys, Queen's Gambit, and Mindhunter were all great. (in that order)
  2. PSP box of Bolivar PC from 24:24 and a lovely sampler from the Claro Wrapper competition.
  3. So sorry for your loss. May he Rest In Peace.
  4. This is my 5th cigar from the Christmas sampler. This specific cigar was from our sampler and has been stored in my humidor for a little over 2 months now. Paired this with a port wine (pictured below) and a seltzer water. Weather is 30F with 66RH. Prelight brings hay with light spice. Draw is perfect and that surprised me because this cigar has almost no give it's so packed! 1/3: Leather and sour earth start things off. Leather continues along until a light sweetness comes in after the first inch or so. Coffee comes in as well towards the middle of the 1/3. The sweetness in this ci
  5. This is my 4th cigar from the Christmas sampler and second of today! Weather wise we're down to 48F and 64RH. Pairing it with Town House Bourbon. Straight cut and draw is perfect. Prelight flavors are a buttery barnyard. 1/3: Cedar, honey and spice to start things off. Picking up a strong Cointreau liquor vibe on this cigar. Towards the end of the first third getting lots of that Cohiba honey and lemongrass. 2/3: More of the Cointreau liquor flavor. A sweet cedar as well to finish off the 2/3rd. 3/3: Sweet citrus is the major flavor on this final third and I'll be damned
  6. This is my third cigar from the Christmas Sampler. Straight cut yields a perfect draw. Weather to accompany us is 61F 61RH, which is incredible for a mid December New England day. Paired with Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey. Prelight is a spicy bitter chocolate. 1/3: Strong spice thought the nose., Creamy smoke brings a lot of bakers chocolate. Medium body. As we get into the first third I'm getting fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Good amount of spice through the nose as well. End of the 1/3rd there's a light earth/ forest floor kind of vibe. 2/3: Chocolate and baking s
  7. I actually just picked up some fingerless gloves today because of last night. Very much needed going forward this winter

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