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  1. The first one from this box was good (2018) the second nothing special (2019). This one will probably be my cigar of the year and one of the most memorable smokes I’ve had in a very very long time.
  2. Love that! If you rub the surface with potato flour the puck will be fast as hell.
  3. The first "grown up" TV shows that I remember got me real hooked would be Hill Street Blues, Moonlighting and Miami Vice.
  4. Since I'm goin through The Wire now, for maybe the fifth or sixth time I'm checking out the "Way Down in the Hole" podcast where they analyze each episode. And The Collective Podcast, which is a "graphic/motion design all creative" show.
  5. But letting the cigars rest after a purchase doesn't have anything to do with aging them. It's to let them rest after the travel and acclimatise to you humidor.
  6. Netflix in Europe, ESPN(only?) in the US. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  7. My guess is the top two with least % "pass" will end up being Corona as number one and D4 as number 2 and the same for "Love them". And the least liked will be RASS.
  8. I know that when you read about the way Sweden is handeling this it sounds like we all go about our daily lifes like nothing has happend but it's not like that. Myself and most of my friends have been isolated in our homes for about a month now, And I'd say that at this point looking at the number of deaths and number of infected is pretty pointless. Sweden, up until a week or so ago, just tested people in the healthcare system. That would be patients and people working there. I would guess that's one reason we got such a high death ratio. Also, in Sweden if a person dies and have corona it goes in to the statistics while in other countries covid have to be the cause of death to be counted. And there are lots of countries that doesn't count people that die at home or in nursing homes while we do. I don't say that the Sweden way is the right way, but as long as we don't have the same ability to do broad testing and countries don't count deceased the same way the numbers and statistics doesn't say that much.
  9. But we've known from the beginning that it's a fairly low mortality rate. There's no conspiracy here.
  10. Just watch the news once a day, most people can’t handle it. Stop eating crazy shit. Take good care of your hygiene. Yeah, and nurses should be paid more and we should have more of them.
  11. Social distancing is the only thing that works right now. Take in to account that the people that died today could have cought this up to two weeks ago. So the measures we take today will be to slow things down for the weeks to come. But yeah, what’s happening in Italy and now Spain is brutal. It’s hard to grasp.

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