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  1. I don't smoke at all during the winter, but early spring and late autumn I basically go for the shorter smokes. HUHC, RASCC and the likes. I smoke those duting the warmer seasons too but then I mix it up more.
  2. PSD 4 HUHC RASCC PLPC This have been my staples for ages.
  3. I'm not a jar guy at all, maybe it's a different thing if you own one yourself and could see it in real life. Not really sure what I would do with the jar if I ever got one. But I think the Partagas Sevilla Serie P No.2 looked kind of nice.
  4. Don’t buy that much these days but I needed some new HUHC and Petit Royales. And some Trinidad. Didn’t know the Topes were out, these look and smell great! Plus 3 Vigia tubos.
  5. Haha what a coincidence, just saw Godfather II yesterday.
  6. I get a feeling it will be a short autumn and a long winter. It got cold really fast this year.
  7. Dishes. I for some reason get angry, for real, when folding laundry.
  8. That would be Allsvenkan, the swedish football leauge. It*s the only sporting event i follow. I do watch Champions League, but I don't follow it.
  9. So, it turns out I got sort of a talent when it comes to taking pictures of flowers, so that's what I did this weekend. Not really sure what to do with this "gift", though... Thinking of starting an Instagram account just with macro shots.

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