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  1. It didn't even take a week, now the snow is all gone.
  2. I don't get Zacapa 23, it taste kind of like a cheap cognac to me and not really rum-like at all. My favorite right now is the Dos Maderas PX 5x5 from Spain.
  3. Not really what I normally shot and not really my kind of "style" but why not try something new in 2021. And I really have to put my new lenses to use.
  4. Haha. But yes, seriously. Why wouldn't one want to listen to someone talk about booze and cigars
  5. Happy new year! Yeah, we had some friends over and we.. we drank. Lucky me I don’t get hungover.
  6. Happy birthday! How did you like the Partagas? The one I had this summer is my top smoke of the year
  7. So, some more photo stuff. I entered a photo competition called Neutral Density Awards with a series called Stockholm Rush Hour. The series is a documentation of different subway stations in Stockholm during the first couple of months of covid. I didn't get any of the top spots but at least a Honorable Mention in the category ”Architecture - Other”. Not sure if I'll make prints out of any of these.
  8. So, after I've spent the last couple of months looking for the right print shop that had the right kind of paper, I finally printed and sold my first photos. They do a lot of work for galleries and museums here in Stockholm and I'm more than happy with how they turned out and its a great feeling knowing that I've been involved in the whole process, from taking the picture, editing it, finding a print shop, choosing paper, doing test prints and having them framed, signed and delivered to the buyer. Its been a shit year for me and my family, so it feels good that I finally got it done and ending
  9. Had my first Partagas Habaneros two months ago, been laying in one of my singles boxes for I don’t know how long. Pale, wrinkled wrapper. I honestly thought that I would pinch it half way through before I smoked it. I ended up nubbing it and it’s one of my top 5 cigars this year and I bought a box the next day.
  10. This will be the first time in ten years that I won't go to Barcelona. Miss the hell out of that place.
  11. If we're 2, then it's probably someone I used to work really close with. Ideal is 30 minutes but usually we talk for an hour or so. We work while talking, sharing our screens for instant feedback (I work as an art director/designer/animator) With 4 or more everyone just stops to listen after 45 minutes. Every single time.

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