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  1. That would be Montecristo for me. Every tasting note and review I read goes "Cocoa, cream, coffee ". I just get old wet ashtray.
  2. Not saying anything about that, it's a pretty meaningless size. I reacted to "Another short fattie" when it's so close in size to a regular robusto that you probably would have a hard time tell them apart by eye sight.
  3. A farm roll on my first day in Sardinia a couple of weeks ago. Close second Saint Louis Rey RE Spain from 2016 last week in Zakynthos.
  4. I got them last december and smoked my first one last week. One of my top 5 cigars of 2019, easily.
  5. Yea, it was a whole bundle. I guess it’s impossible to pin down which farm then. I hoped it was kind of a trademark thing. Thanks for the answer, appreciate it!
  6. I know I read here before about farm rolled cigars wrapped in banana leaf. I got a bundle of these from my boss and trying to figure out their origin. If it helps they’re Petit Corona-ish with a pig tail. Thanks in advance!
  7. Not discontinued, but TOS 16 Partagas D4’s. As far as D4’s go I don’t see how that will ever be topped.
  8. Looks like a Gray Fox to me. The nose is too small to be a husky or wolf.
  9. Always, and I really mean always, would be - Upmann HC, RASCC, PLPC. and I rotate between RASS and D4's. Last summer my go to robusto were the D4, now it seems like I lean more towards the RASS.
  10. Sorry to hijack the thread, but I just checked a couple of the videos. Great stuff, keep them coming! Subscribed!
  11. Great, will check! Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  12. Another vote for Lost here. Usually I give a show two to four episodes and if I’m not seriously 100% hooked I just stop watching. But for some damn reason I gave it three and a half seasons or something like that. No damm idea why. Same with Prison Break but at least I dropped that garbage after the first season.
  13. Being a Swede plus spending the summers up north, it's hard not to. Doesn't care for it but on the other hand I don't find it as bad as the people in the various youtube clips you can check. Can't stand the paper mill and sulfur smell, though.

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