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  1. Cubadust

    Cohiba siglo VI gift pack

    It could be too much cedar for just three cigars though, no? Isn't that the case with H.Upmann Rubosto Travel Humidor? From what I've heard people tend remove the cigars from the cedar block because it can be over powering.
  2. In no particular order Partagas Serie D4 Partagas Serie D5 El Principe RASCC RASS JL2 PLPC HUHC HdM Epi.2 HdM Petit Robustos So everything would pretty much stay exactly the same.
  3. Cubadust

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Three really really good cigars.
  4. One per day, when the family is asleep. So 30ish a month.
  5. Cubadust

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Saturday was gameday. ”We” (AIK) took our 7th victory in a row and are still undefeated for the first 20 games. 10 more to go. Sunday was family day. Nice late summer / early autumn weather today. We spent the day in Hagaparken, a big park built by the swedish king Gustav III in the late 1700s. It’s an ”English park” that looks french but is inspired by Campagna Romana in Rome. It never got totally finalised since he was assassinated in 1792. Sad for him but I had a great weekend that I’m finishing off with a RASS.
  6. Cubadust

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Not far away now with this 14 PLPC, I’m guessing two months or so.
  7. Cubadust

    2014 PLPC

    I have an EML May 14, guess I'll have to try one tonight.
  8. Cubadust

    2014 PLPC

    It's also funny that they tend to turn just over a night.
  9. I had / have a fifthteen pack of HdM Petit Robustos from 2012 that I used to give away at the time to non-smoking friends because it was the smallest cigar I had. Put the last couple of sticks in my singles box and pretty much forgott about them. Had one earier this summer and it was the best cigar I've had this year. And probably one of the best I've had in the last three.
  10. Yeah, well turns out I don't even like the cigar so I would much rather have put my coin elsewhere
  11. Yes, by name anyway. But it’s a 52 rg cigar so not really ”petit” petit. I don’t think I paid more than $85 usd per box and that’s reasonable for a cigar I’d say, double banded or not.
  12. Really? I remember them as fairly reasonably priced cigars, like in the regular robusto range.
  13. I will only buy these: Partagas Serie D.5 HdM Petit Robustos RASCC And maybe if there should be any PSP Partagas D4s on 24:24 when I wake up. Besides those my credit card is on probation.
  14. I have 2 boxes, both TOS SEP 16, it's the dark with thick wrapper ones. I've tried 2 this far and they've been pretty much tasteless with hints of driftwood in the first half and 12 hour old coffe thats been standing in the pot on high heat for the second part. Though, since I've adjusted my humidity everything have started to taste better so I have a third one waiting to be smoked next week,

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