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  1. Jerry's jokes are all pretty much all the same - BOOOOOOORRRIIINGGG! Plus he's so whiny. Gimme Ricky even though I'm sure we'd be in a fight within 30 minutes or so.
  2. Glenlivet in Laundry Detergent pods would be a better use of that swill 🤮🤢
  3. I’d be in prison if this happened to me. There are way too many terrible people out there.
  4. IN - hope there's a hospital nearby "just in case"
  5. All meats for me! BUT, if you gave me only ONE dish / part of each animal here’s the hierarchy: 1. Beef Rib Cap (4-6 Day Dry-Aged Cheat Method then grilled to BARELY rare or as I like to say RAW PLUS) 2. Hong Kong / Chinese / Peking / Beijing Whole Roasted Duck 3a. Rack of Lamb (served RARE: grilled OR smoked then reverse-seared OR stove top seared in cast iron and finish the cast iron in the oven) TIE 3b. Smoked Boneless Leg of Lamb (“cavity” stuffed with stick of butter, EVOO, 3 BULBS of Garlic, Rosemary, S&P) 4. Pork Belly (too many wonderful preparations to list)
  6. Yep there are only 27 handmade marcas and you have VR twice - might just have to give Cohiba a bye in the first round. Cool idea.
  7. Very difficult. Let’s call this a “close but clear” victory for 007.
  8. Box Split? I'd take a fiver of each...wtf...roll the dice.
  9. Take the band off only when I have too
  10. I agree, beautiful but impractical for me. I can throw my cigar caddy down a flight of stairs and the sticks will probably be OK. I have never been cursed with the burden of being cool so the PJ is not for me! 👊
  11. This is true. Although the “nanny state” / high government intervention into citizens’ lives is a main tenet of lefttists / democrats / socialists at least in the US, Tobacco / Cigars is one of the few areas that all politicians like to shit on.
  12. I have several 46 quart airtight tuppies from the Container Store. I have two 360 gram Bovedas in each. I Tetris the hell out of each of them and because I do not open them often the rH keeps fine.

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