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  1. All, Trying to figure out if it’s worth throwing my 50 ct tupperdor in the checked luggage for a week’s trip to Disneyworld? Can not find any information on smoking on the DW Property except vague references to “DESIGNATED SMOKING AREAS”. I’m really not interested cramming into a 10x10 platform next to the dumpsters with 100 cigarette smokers trying to get their fix. Anyone have any experience firing up a Cubano at Disneyworld?
  2. Buck14

    high roller bourbons

    It’s really good.
  3. Thanks to @shaffer22 for this wonderful MAY 2005 Ramon Allones Eminencia Regional Edition 🇫🇷. One of the very best cigars I have ever smoked! Thanks
  4. I’ve always had a secret unhealthy / passion / obssession / addiction / attraction to Mary Poppins! 🤫
  5. I love the RASCC they are a mini RASS to me...same flavor profile.
  6. Applied the OP dry cheating method several times this year. I do pat dry, in fridge for 24 hours, flip then another 24, season and another 24. So 72 hours total, that’s my minimum I don’t notice a material difference if you go longer as long as you hit at least 72 hours. *Results... Phenomenal - Rib Cap (outer portion of ribeye] Outstanding - Rib Eye; Filet Mignon, NY Strip Very Good - Hanger Steak Not Worth It - Hamburgers I cook all my steaks to rare and I think you really begin to lose the optimal dry ageing effect very quickly as you cook the steak longer than that. This dry ageing cheat is the best cooking prep advice I’ve gotten in 20 years! *NOTE: In the USA, we have three grades of beef for human consumption: Prime, Choice and Select. All other terms are marketing bullshit. Everything I cooked above was CHOICE except Rib Cap which was PRIME. All purchased from Costco except burgers.
  7. Buck14

    high roller bourbons

    Sitting here sipping CEHT SINGLE BARREL thinkng hard about walking a block to my local store and dropping another $80 for the straight rye. I caved....
  8. Buck14

    Reasonable Built-In Wine Refrigerator

    I have a stand alone wine fridge single zone maybe 6 feet high and two feet wide holds 90 bottles. I keep it at the white wine temp level which for me is 53F and this does not hurt the reds at all. One thing to note, it worked fine for 2 years then wouldn't hold temp. turned out issue was we didnt have a dedicated fuse / outlet / socket for it so it was overloading. We put a dedciated fuse in and has been godd for another 3 years. Looks built in, i will add pic later. Think its an AVANTI...will confirm
  9. @mikeyjayjay Keep it going brother! I started a weight loss / life style change of my own in March. I’m down about 34 lbs. / 15.5 kilos from my alltime high. I set a long term goal of 84 lbs / 38 kilos by Christmas 2019 (including what I’ve already lost). So about 50 lbs. / 23 kilos more to go. That’s a little over 3 lbs. / 1.4 kilos a month from here on out. Almost everything I have read about losing weight naturally (not surgery) suggests that the slower you lose the weight the better chance to keep it off in the long term. It appears better to change your lifestyle than go on a diet. I’m taking that approach we’ll see what happens. I’ve had a few setbacks but no more than say 4-5 pounds the wrong way. I think that’s a good thing so I get used to not letting a setback derail me. Anyway, on the journey with you!
  10. I hear that, long time suffering Cubs fan here, enjoying the rebirth. TV shot was Cubs at Royals last week. You guys got a championship a few seasons ago though, don’t feel too badly for you yet! 😁
  11. Nothing comes close to duplicating the unique aroma and palate of Cubanos. However, if you made me put forth the closest, I would say Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro and Maduro Family Reserve gets you about 65-70% there as the closest to resembling a Cubano puro.
  12. It seems the 📦 was delivered in MA today. Stunning efficiency by my inept Post Office!
  13. Shit my Post Office is known as “The Bermuda Triangle”, they'll probably lose it and find it a few times, ship it around the world and deliver it back to my doorstep around November 1st. At least I’ll get another Trade in then!

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