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  1. Monte Tubos 2001 Ramon RE and Heaven Hill BIB 6-year Bourbon
  2. Man I was a hard core India Pale Ale guy some years ago and got burnt out on them. Your posts might be pulling me back in!
  3. I always root for Mr. Potter - great businessman! George Bailey is such a whiny bitch!
  4. APRIL 2018 on the 50s box. The 54s have been gifts / one-offs but probably 2018 too
  5. I've had a few of the 54s and nearing 10 or so of the 50s - all ranging from "str8 into the trash" to "pretty damned bad" at their best. Yuck. Maybe they need more age or I just don't like them. I've given away / traded most of my 50s box and saving the last couple for a possible miracle in 5 years.
  6. Empire Strikes Back can sanely be argued as the best movie in history. It is the single best "bad guys win / have the upper hand" movie ever - although I wouldn't kick any French Connection arguments out of bed. PS - I love Harry Potter, it was an ingenious character invention by Rowling, but come on, very unfair to go up against Star Wars.
  7. Chicago Habanos Society (CHS) HERF #2 has been set. CHS welcomes all FoH members to attend our next HERF if you happen to be in Chicago the evening of August 23rd! When: Friday, August 23rd, 2019 Time: 6pm - Midnight Where: Up Down Cigar 1550 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60610 http://www.updowncigar.com/ https://goo.gl/maps/BEEyCBRN1RAqaCVb9 Details: We will start at 6pm and go until Midnight to accommodate all participants. Minimum Purchase: Two Options - Option A: $29 for 2 cigars, our exclusive Hamlet 25th corona and the store's #1 new cigar of 2018, the La Aurora Hors d'Age. They're both fantastic NC cigars for CC smokers and that pricing works out to about 20% off full retail. Option B: $20 worth of cigars. Drinks: Bring your own Drinks! Cigars: Bring your own Cubans! Buck
  8. Most great Notre Dame fans didn’t go to the school! Go ☘️
  9. Sounds like a good selection process for population control to me.
  10. Just tried the Peaky Blinders show because of your post now I’m addicted you ass! 😈😭😆 Like Irish Whiskey just fine but need a little more burn so going Kentucky tonight with my solo viewing party. Cheers! I’m at the bar showdown scene between the Peakys Matriach and the Treacherous Barmaid. Can’t we just settle this with a three-way? I’m a peaceable man! Needless to say I’ve been stuck on this scene for a few pours. 😳😈🍆
  11. I wanted to go to Notre Dame for College (University for our international friends) since I was 4 years old so I can strongly relate to this Rudy scene and remember the day I was admitted and got that admittance letter pretty much verbatim. One of my best friend’s little brother did that same route as Rudy. No chance getting into Notre Dame directly out of high school, so went to Holy Cross Junior College for a year or two worked his ass off and eventually got into ND. In fact two of my best friends from ND were waitlisted and didn’t get admitted until a few days before school began freshman year, so they had Rudy-type stories too. Hollywood took some creative license with the football parts in Rudy, but the story of the main character is told pretty close to the real life happenings. Interesting note, they filmed the “game” against Georgia Tech that is the climax of the movie during halftime of a real Notre Dame football game that I was at. Kinda fun. Outstanding scene. Never give up. While it’s nice to have people pulling for you, nothing is as motivating as when people doubt you as they do Rudy throughout the movie.
  12. Any update on this @MoeFOH? Thanks!
  13. I DO BROTHER! If it were a Monte I woulda tossed it out there...

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