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  1. Well, this is 3 years old now and the first time I've seen it, but how's that Chessie doing, Rob!?? Josh
  2. Look forward to seeing your cab Well Armed. Mine could have been better in some ways, but that's part of the fun I guess - knowing what to do better next time. Anyone could make one of these if they had the time. You can get a real decent biscuit joiner from O'malley tools for about $65 and if you don't cut any miters and were careful you could probably build the rest with a drill and hand saw. Of course a compound miter saw is a big help, and a table saw is useful as well. Oh, and of course a router is nice too. It did take a lot of time, however, but most of that was in the finishing.
  3. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. It was fun to build, and I hope to build another one soon to see if it was luck or what. I made lots of mistakes on this one but they are mostly hidden he he he. I do have it about half full, I was yet to transfer cigars to it when I took those pictures. Perhaps I'll post one because everyone likes to see a Humi with cigars in it, right?
  4. » that is amazing, » » may I ask where you got the instructions for that ? » » now all you need is a large humidification device and some way to control » temp and you're set! Thank you! I admit that I had no instructions, just built it from my head. It's constructed with all biscuits for joinery. I do need a good humidification device. I've got silica cat litter in it now that's doing well holding it at 64%, but I hope to buy the Avallo looks awesome!
  5. » Nice job! I wish I had a garage so I could build stuff too; first thing » I'd build would be a humi cabinet too, so I applaud your choice! » » Just out of curiosity, how much did you spend on the wood? I hear you there, we don't have a garage at all, but luckily my work has a very large shop that goes unused at times so I built it there. It seems that my cost for wood was about $100 for the cabinet, door and top, plus I had to buy some edge banding for the exposed MDF. The Spanish Cedar was hard to come by and I bought some on Ebay. I don't know how much I'm into that, but I estimate it at $75.
  6. Hey everyone, I never really did any woodworking - hell, my parent's wouldn't let me take shop in school. Nonetheless, I've always wanted to try to build something. So I bought a few tools, did some reading, and started to build a modest cabinet humidor. I think it turned out good for my first project. Drawer and shelves are Spanish Cedar, rest is Red Oak MDF except door and top, which are solid. The center of the top is poured epoxy with some cigar stuff in there. I look forward to starting another.
  7. Son of a *****... My thoughts are prayers are with all of those men. Josh
  8. » Buy some unscented kitty litter and put some in an empty cigar box. Put » this in the humidor for a few days and the humidity will drop. » » I do this every spring and remove in the fall and it works like a champ. I » also take out my canisters and have nothing to add humdity during this » time. » » Rob I'd like to add to this - buy unscented SILICA kitty litter, such as litter pearls. They are very similar to commerical humidity beads. I suppose regular kitty litter would absorb it as well, but the silica stuff seems the way to go in my opinion. Josh
  9. I love all kinds of scotch, but for my money I think Highland Park 12 is the best all-arounder there is. Aberlour 10 is my follow up.
  10. FWIW I have a box of RASCC that contains the most inconsistent cigars I've seen in one box. Obvious variation in length and ring gauge. However, the two I've smoked have been right on and I don't yet question authenticity. I can snap some photos if anyone is keen. Josh
  11. Nice review, thank you. I intend to post one up on the Diplo 5 soon as I've enjoyed but have had a crazy high "dowel" factor, if you know what I mean. Josh
  12. Very sorry to hear about the tornados. We've had a few in Il this year as well. Turkey comes in here today - time to go kill a fat gobbler. Well, not me, I stick with ducks. Good luck. Josh
  13. Wow, that's almost worth the flight across the pond.

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