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  1. Sunday update...and yes @Rhinoww, made good progress this weekend. Main elements of construction are done, as I completed the top today. 🤟🏼🍻 1. Drawer divider trim pieces installed. 2. Top panels ran through the planer, then sanded and ready for glue-up. 3, 4, 5. Top finished, drawer fronts trimmed to fit, no more blue tape! @NicPac is coming over tomorrow to check progress, and to discuss finish options and hardware choices. Very happy how this is coming together!
  2. Saturday update... 1. Getting the lines of the top figured out...thickness, overhand, etc. Mrs. Wheezy has a great eye for this stuff, so she provided a “consult” this morning. We were on the same page. 😎 2. Prepping drawer front lumber. 3. Trimming to length. Final trim will be tomorrow. 4. Prepping lumber for top. Had to re-saw a bunch of 8/4 lumber (2” thick stuff) down to 3/4”, and trim to width for uniformity. #mathstrikesagain 5. Glue up of panels. Doing 2 separate glue-ups of 12.5” each so I can run them through my planer before final assembly of the 25” wi
  3. Been a minute since the last update. Usual excuses of busy at work, family time, Easter weekend, playing a little golf when I can. Mrs. Wheezy and I did get fully vaccinated in the meantime, which is nice. Also it’s crappy weather this weekend and The Maters is on. Nice! Here’s the latest... 1. Testing door installation with scrap plywood. 2. Upper drawers installed. 3. Fright side lower drawers installed. 4. Close-up of spacer blocks on top drawer to increase airflow. Wish I had done this on my humidor, but c’est la vie... 5. All drawers are systems go! Very
  4.’s 2021. Diversity and inclusion is important. You can be part of the problem, or part of the solution. Order those sticks, and don’t be an Openist!
  5. Good friend of mine was a successful high tech marketing and communications exec. Said (screw) it, quit his job, went to Agronomy School and now is the Head Superintendent at the golf course I belong to. He now grows grass for a living....easy there @Habana course grass! 😉
  6. Sunday update...this is light on pictures, but strong on progress...mostly because it was a day of menial tasks...drawer assembly, and a sh!t-ton of sanding. If you watched the last time lapse video, you might’ve noticed that I bailed on the slats for the upper drawers, mainly because I hadn’t figured out the spacing of the slats. So I unplugged, watched basketball, and came up with the jig for easy, repeatable spacing. 1. Upper drawer slats, and the little jigs for spacing. Glue, then snug up against the jig, some micro-brads, rinse and repeat. 2. Upper drawer done. 3. Al
  7. @Lrabold89 - yes, you nailed it, sort of. The hat is a Seahawks knit cap, and the sunglasses are prescription. Maybe not the height of fashion, but with those clowns, I wasn’t concerned about making a fashion statement! 😂😂😂 There was consensus that Rob’s “homeless flannel, lice included” look was a bigger faux paux!
  8. More progress on the main drawers. 👍🏼 My back is requesting a cigar and a bourbon. Request granted. 🥃
  9. Flight of the Bumblebee is the default, I believe.
  10. Saturday, it’s March Madness, and the weather isn’t tempting me to play golf. A great day for sawdust... Today is Drawer Day, and I feel good about the preparation. As mentioned before, this is a lot of work and it need to be perfect...else it gets the hose. 😬 1. The starting point. 2. Organizing a little bit. 3. Kind of obsessed on measurements before cutting, but ‘‘twas worth it. Organizing the pieces by section. 4. After trimming pieces to length, I cut a rabbet on the sides for stronger assembly. 5. Coffee break, sponsored by Girl Scouts of America 6.
  11. Once again Ken, a nice article. A minor detail though: the artist Meat Loaf famously bristles when his name is misspelled “Meatloaf”. Perhaps along the lines of Bryce Springstein? 😉
  12. Modest, but important, progress today...although I’m not sure that makes sense. Whatever.... You might remember from the last humidor build that I didn’t account for the hinge clearance before I made 6 (!!!) drawers, complete with ventilation slats. In other words, I kinda f-ed up. In turn, I had to completely rethink the hinges, which turned out really cool, but they were expensive as hell. Plus, time. So this time around, I’m doing a hinge mock-up, so I can confirm drawer clearance requirements *before* I spend 2 days making the drawers 1. The Blum hinges, in an onyx finish. Da
  13. @El Presidente - any issues with Jordan’s cigar lighting technique?
  14. In spite of a fantastic Players Championship golf tournament, it was another satisfying day making sawdust. I realized that operating power tools while watching golf on the shop TV was a bad combo, so I took a proper break, then got back at it. Fortunately my boss is understanding, since he was at Bandon Dunes all weekend with his beautiful wife. Doors Day... 1. Ripped more walnut to specific width, so that it’s 4 even, symmetrical pieces across the front. Math was involved. 😡 2. Trimming pieces to consistent length. Yes, that’s a spinning table saw blade...probably should’v
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