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  1. Hi @moneyneversleeps - in terms of humidity, it really comes down to what you like. There is no right/wrong....just your personal preference. That said, a range of 62-65% is right in the wheelhouse for a lot of FOHer’s. Good luck! Wheezy
  2. Did you intend to post the same video twice? Or was that your heart skipping a beat?
  3. “If still no spark, clean vibrator points.” Context is key, people. 😳
  4. @Hollywood Ninja - thanks for the compliments. Yeah, it’s a long ass thread isn’t it? I think one of the saving graces on the length was I started it just when Covid was hitting Kirkland and we were all freaked out ...not that one shouldn’t be...but yeah... 😊 Nobody in the family smokes cigars. That thing is going to be like a piano when it comes to “heirloom time”...everyone agrees there is value, but nobody will want it. Plus it weighs a metric f*ck ton. There’s a few of us on the forum in this area...let’s connect in person and fire one up. -Wheezy/Brian
  5. Something like this @El Presidente... I’m afraid the carving would look more like an emoji. 💩 A beautiful piece of work...I only wish!
  6. I didn’t realize our transgressions were being graded! AWESOME!! What's the high score?
  7. I didn’t realize our transgressions were being graded!! AWESOME!!
  8. Was witness to @Bijan soldiering on with that MF...twas a sight to behold. My last nubber was the Mag 46 I’d posted about after a rough day. Last pitcher was an H. Uppman didn’t inspire me at all.
  9. That guy has a LOT of suspect friends, too. Birds of a feather, I suppose...
  10. I’m done smoking for the night. And halfway in the bag. 🥴
  11. The day you had?? Today has been insanely busy and stressful for me. After (literally) 11 hours of Zoom, I fired up a Mag 46 from a box that has been really good, but not what I’d call *excellent*. But this particular stick was excellent! One could chalk it up to intra-box variations, but I also think it might be my mental state right now. Have you ever experienced this? A good cigar that was became as a great cigar, simply because of a long, rough day? The bourbon might be a factor too. Hard to say... Hope you are all well and healthy! - Wheezy
  12. I just called the store, asking if they had a GoFundMe page available. The guy I spoke with said they did, but one of the owners felt it wasn’t in line with the image they wanted to project in light of current events, so they took it down. I understand their situation, and let him know that there are a lot of cigar enthusiasts that support small business owners like him, and wished him the best going forward. He seemed very appreciative. Sending him good vibes from the back deck in Seattle... - Wheezy

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