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    One-putts, smoked meats, and quality time with those that matter.

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  1. BTWheezy

    The Wheezycab

    Thanks Sil. I’ve had it set at 62% for a while, but I might go lower.
  2. Hey JVD... welcome! I live in Kenmore, near Bothell. Glad to have you onboard!
  3. Nothing says “Welcome to America” quite like 3 acres of Deee-troit sheet metal!
  4. Awesome update @mikeyjb. Is the Israel walk a literal, or metaphorical goal? Either way, tangible goals are key. Good luck and keep the updates coming. Wheezy
  5. My two cents: put the work in to get the result you want. This is a big project, and you’re going to have this for a long time, right? Yes, some of these tasks are a pain in the ass, but I think the journey is part of the fun. Looking good so far! Wheezy
  6. I’ll try to join. Hoping to learn some new curse words from you guys. Wheezy
  7. Dana’s “Louis Vuitton Humidor”. 🤣
  8. A Lockdown-Compliant setup you have there. Thanks for the pics! - Wheezy
  9. Looking forward to the process @retrofail! Lots of pics please. It will be nice to sit back and enjoy. 😎 Really cool idea, and the hardware will be an important head start on a good seal. This will be sweet! - Wheezy
  10. @SenorPerfecto, @rcarlson - technically, tupperdors and ziplocs are functionally just fine. Your points are taken. But there’s an aesthetic element for many as well. A beautiful desktop humidor can offer a lot of enjoyment for the owner, even though a plastic bag would work. Kind of like having a Mercedes or a bus pass. Both will do the same, but one is a lot nicer. No? 🤣
  11. Congratulations John to the newlyweds, and the respective families. I love it when people come together and deal with the situation at hand, making the best out of it. Nothing else you can do except embrace the day, embrace the couple, and have another beverage! A wedding that will *always* be remembered!
  12. Has anyone watched this docuseries? A friend suggested it, and since we’ve watched most everything on streaming media during the covid lockdown, it’s up next. Thoughts? And no spoilers please! Check out “The Cuba Libre Story” on Netflix
  13. Y’all sound like a bunch of RASSists! I quite enjoy a RASS now and again. each their own.
  14. BTWheezy

    The Wheezycab

    Hey @Subcomandante...I might turn the proto into a mini humi for one of the new friends I’ve made here, but still sorting that out. Contents of mini humi would be up to the recipient. 😉
  15. BTWheezy

    The Wheezycab

    The fans just run off the Set and Forget humidity controller. The controller is rated for like a 6 amp draw, so there was massive head room (electrically), and it was a relatively easy wiring process. Never thought about it, but is The Clapper the grandfather of Alexa or Siri? 😜

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