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  1. Looks like our friends at Alphabet (aka Google) are doing some interesting things in the Brisbane area. Anyone seen this service in the wild?
  2. Dude…were you in the NE when you owned this?? How’d it handle in the snow? 😂
  3. I bought a pair of jeans without trying them on. Love the brand, they were my size, all good…until I tried them on at home. Turns out they were an extremely “trim fit”. They were basically denim yoga pants. I mean, maybe @ElJavi76 could’ve rocked them, but it wasn’t a good look on this pudgy, middle-aged white guy. 😔 Mrs. Wheezy is still laughing…
  4. Hi friends - I need to get a gift for a friend who is a long-time cigar enthusiast, and I’m seeking creative ideas. Hopefully something interesting or unique. Budget is probably $100 or less. Thoughts? Thanks Wheezy
  5. Holy sweet Jeezus @NicPac, you weren’t joking when you said it was going straight into production once it got to your place! I know we’ve talked about swapping the humidification system to an Aristocrat, but I’ll def want to watch you play Tetris to accommodate that! Maybe you can live stream the event? Really happy that the NicPac Cab is home, and that both of you like it. This was a longer-than-anticipated build, and your patience was admirable. Now it is on to those final 15-20 boxes that allegedly will fit! Congrats my friend! Wheezy
  6. I hear poppies can be both innocuous and rewarding. Something to think about.
  7. Although a bit macabre, that’s a great O/U. Whenever a line is set, and makes you think…that’s a good number. I’d reluctantly take the Under, and I’d go easy on the wager.
  8. Today is the day…it’s been a long ride, but NicPac Cab is off! Soon to be filled to the gills, I’m sure! Next pics will come from @NicPac, showing off the new home! Thanks for following! Wheezy
  9. That would certainly give a spin on certain events…110M high hurdles, the long jump…😳
  10. As a guy who has worked with a lot of wood over the years, I find this really hard to believe. Adding an oil-based substance to wood is usually a one-way street. And rubbing in ashes on top of that?? Might have to try this in a controlled setting in the wood shop, but definitely not on the furniture for the first time. Any other woodworkers have an opinion?
  11. You are not alone, Rob. Not sure what Australian (or other countries) coverage is like, but I find the American coverage of the Games to be tedious at best. The “human interest” stories, all the bull$h*t filler commentary — and let’s not forget the commercials! —is just too much for my taste. While not perfect, I find Canadian coverage of the Games to be far more entertaining. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 - Wheezy
  12. Amazon order placed for: 1. PTFE dry lube 2. Japanese knife oil 3. AstroGlide 4. Lemon drops Doing some internet-based research on a “Peter North” to determine applicability. Will advise.
  13. Just got this Xikar v-cutter. Love the cutter, but I’m finding the mechanism is a little sticky, specifically on the down-stroke, which is causing some uneven cuts. Anyone have any ideas for a lube that wouldn’t be messy, nor impart flavors on the cigar? Graphite? Tiny drop of lightweight oil? Any ideas? Thanks, Wheezy
  14. Oh, hi guys! 👋🏼 Been quite a while since the last update. Work and family have been the culprits, but also just haven’t updated the smaller bits of progress, mostly because I’ve been lazy. The good news is that I’m on the home stretch now. Today I got the weatherstripping applied, and I’m really happy with the seal. 🦭 1. Hardware received. @NicPac got it from some artisan dude on Etsy, I think? Really cool work, IMHO! 2. Centering guide for hardware. 3. Holes drilled. 4. Top securely attached. Like Cat 5 hurricane securely attached. 5. Weatherstrippi

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