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  1. Also, do the Samplers, and take notes. Great way to efficiently, and economically, see what you like (and what you don’t). Nothing worse than spending two, three, four hundred a box, only to find out you don’t lie that cigar. Welcome abroad, and don’t fret too much about 24:24. It’s addicting at the start, then you realize that there’s more for sale everyday. As @Elpresidente says...“they’re just cigars people.”
  2. +1 please. As a very happy owner of 3 PerfecDraws, can’t wait to see the next products!
  3. Only one I’ve had said “enviar desnudos” but my Spanish isn’t all that great.
  4. @crking3 Just shoot The Donald a quick email, tell him you’re making a customs run, back in 5-7 days, and Bob’s yer uncle! Had a former co-worker whose spouse worked for X (or similar). Spouse’s ground rules for marriage was literally zero discussion (or even knowledge) of work, and that from time to time, spouse would be gone with zero information. Spouse would return when spouse returned. And that’s all that was said! 😂
  5. Boveda, Boveda, Boveda. I buy them by the 320g dozen. Steady as a rock, and I don’t stress at all. My preference...but to each their own. Good luck.
  6. Odd for sure, but he thought of you. Agree with Ken...prolly doesn’t know any better and to passively aggressively point it out would just make him feel bad. Err on the side that he tried, maybe nurture him along in a cc journey, saying hey, just received these...want to smoke em together and compare notes? My two cents worth, Wheezy
  7. Storage and rest have been covered. Focus on @MD Puffer and his advice! 😜. All of a sudden, you’re looking at your Visa bill thinking “WTF just happened!?” Welcome @cbenham73 to this community! It’s a great place to be. - Wheezy
  8. They turned out really well, thanks. They’re of course Tetris-full, so I built another 2 desktop humidors. I’ve been noodling on a big ass cabinet humidor once this remodel wraps up. I’ll post progress pics if you’re interested. The Wheeze
  9. “Plume” is mold...the debate has been scientifically settled...😊 If you’re excited about mold, then more power to you. Either way, enjoy your sticks!
  10. @Fuzz OK...NOW I’m feeling better! Quick math suggests about a 10:1 budget explosion from the original carpet project. We are more like 7:1, but with a lower baseline. Originally, the door was budgeted around $5K, and now we are looking at $30-35K all in. On the upside, I’ve done a lot of the prep/demo work myself (tile removal is a particularly crappy job), and my sister works in this industry so we are getting new tile and carpet materials at a significant discount.
  11. I’ve swung plenty of hammers in my time, but I’m seriously trying to figure out how you’d even do this. I can only imaging your reaction doing the demo and you came across *that*! 😂
  12. Mrs. Wheezy and I live in a great house, but the front door has been an eyesore for us since we moved in 15 years ago. A month ago, we mentally committed to replacing the door with something architecturally appropriate and pleasing to us both. And now (as many of you could see coming), we are in the midst of choosing new carpet, tile, hardwood floors, and interior paint. Mrs. Wheezy has stated more than once, “This started out just replacing the door!” Any similar examples to share that might make us feel better? - Wheezy

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