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  1. Guantanamera

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I've had the same experience with the E2. Fire proof wrapper, tunnels, uneven burn.....generally poor construction! Too bad.
  2. I went to LeLotus in late April and they had stacks of Capitolios and i asked for QDO Coronas which they had in the back room.
  3. Guantanamera

    Your Best Cigar of May 2019?

    Best for me in May was an ERDM Gran Corona from 2000. Don’t know the box code as it was purchased as a single. The myriad of subtle flavors gave a true peacocks tail effect. It’s the one on the top of the photo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I was just in Europe for two weeks. I took the following mostly small cigars as it was still cold. El Principe RASCC Siglo 1 HUPC Coloniales Then I proceeded to buy cigars in every city I visited.......
  5. Quite a response to the topic. I was trying to do a review for the petite corona weekend review and had selected a Monte 3 as my choice. This cigar as well as a few more from the same box were gifted to me by a friend. The box was from 2017, don't remember the code, and purchased in Cuba. Recently we have had some epic rainfall so, I think the humidity was part of the issue as I was smoking outside. Anyway, the thing had a super tight draw made worse by the humidity in combination with a tunnel made it virtually unsmokeable. I gave up and pitched it!
  6. Guantanamera


    The band on the Piramides looks legit but, it’s the construction that looks suspect.
  7. WooHoo!!! Best news of the Month!!
  8. Yes, agreed very humbling but very entertaining! Can't wait.
  9. Root beer, licorice , malty stout are all similar flavors to me.
  10. Nice review! I agree that the sweetness is coming from the rum. SDC 12 seems very sweet to me.
  11. Man, I hope the cigar is as good as the review. Nice work!
  12. Never done it with a cigar. But, when I used to smoke cigarettes it was fairly common to run out and have to smoke a few of the choice butts from the ashtray to get a nicotine fix!!

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