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  1. KW is a good spot as in you can smoke outside at a ton of places. Not so sure on lounges though.
  2. Tampa any time between late October and early April. The temps during that time arrange allow for comfortable outdoor smoking. Also several indoor lounges as well to seek A/C if need be.
  3. steelcity

    "high roller bourbons"

    Some of those are definitely inflated. Blantons and Colonel Taylor are $50 around here. I just paid $70 for the Elijah Craig barrel proof. High octane stuff there but a good sipper. I'd like to try Stagg and Stagg Jr. I've been on Bibb and Tucker lately.
  4. steelcity

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Mag 54 overseeing the garage sale today.
  5. steelcity

    Cigar-themed boat names

    Long Ash, Perfecto, Big Draw, Stack'em Deep (fishing or cigars), Blowin Smoke, Stix n Stones (whiskey stones)
  6. That mako was dead on a longline and several other sharks ate it.
  7. @FatherOfPugs I would like to be involved. Probably still considered a newbie at under 2 years involved now. If that's enough for vet status then that's fine as well. Appreciate the chance. Thank you for taking this on.
  8. When a Monte PE is not enough you go to the Edmundo. When the Edmundo won't quite feel the time gap then you step up to the Double Edmundo. That's why I did this past Friday evening. Montecristo Double Edmundo ROM 2016 psp quality from a past 24:24. 6" x 50 gauge I had a Friday afternoon charter scheduled so I went into the office for the real job for a few hours in the morning and then made my way over to the docks by noon. We had a good half day fishing trip with some beautiful weather and were back in by 5pm. Cleaned up the boat some and had the wife and a few out of town friends meet me at 530. We loaded up for a sunset cruise followed by dinner out at a favorite restaurant out on Clearwater Beach that have some dock slips. Going there by boat sure beats the damn care traffic during Spring Break. I really do enjoy these cigars. The aroma on this stick before lighting was just awesome. They might not pack as big of a punch as the Monte PE but you do get a great creamy smoke that lasts for a good bit. This stick did have some light chocolate notes but the cream man. Just pure smooth Monte cream. The cigar burned perfectly while we just cruised up and down the beach waiting for the sun to do it's thing. It was a perfect fit. My score for this Monte Double Edmundo is 4.5 fish tales out of 5.🐟 The only thing you could ask for was just a little bit more chocolate.
  9. steelcity

    NFL - Free Agency

    Steelers front office look like bigger idiots after the Beckham deal came through. Good job guys on getting nothing for AB. Leveon Bell get's less money than the Steelers offered him plus the 14 million he missed out on last year. Oh, and now your a Jet. Great decision making process there pal. Break a leg, literally.
  10. These guys just walked in the door. I did have a morning chuckle over them as I thought they were supposed to be a little bit bigger but turns out they are about Monte Media Corona size. They do look divine though. I'll let them rest some before trying one. Next time I'll have to hold out for the Distinguidos.
  11. steelcity

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Guessing this is the last cool night in FL probably for a long time. Really enjoy these Mag 54s. Wasn't a big fan of the 46s.
  12. steelcity

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Anniversary weekend selection. Hopefully get to the Genios in there for the weekend competition.
  13. steelcity


    b.dinning for myself.
  14. My splurge psp purchase from our host a couple weeks ago just arrived. Now they'll go to sleep for a bit as I have a few 2017s left to finish before getting into these.

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