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  1. I met a friend of a friend on the 4th while our boats were drafted up. He was a rep for Rocky Patel and gave me one of those new ALR to try. I out in the humidor to try at a later date. As Monterey said, we have sales constantly. I really enjoy Oliva Melanios and I'm able to source those consistently for $5 per.
  2. Breaking in the new Rec Tec with 3 racks and some Mexican corn later. Passing the time with a Cuaba Distinguidos. First one out of a PSP box that's been sitting for a bit now.
  3. Looking at this thread I think they're good to go
  4. Real deal? The verification site has been down so can't go by that.
  5. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode with the rubberband in the soup episode.
  6. To me those blow out the RGs as well as the HUHC. Great little smokes.
  7. I've been on good silver tequila with pineapple-orange-bananna juice.
  8. I really like my Colibri SV cutter. Two options in one. Generally one of my lighters has a punch so all three options are taken care of.
  9. Hopefully that fault line will eventually sever off all of CA, sooner rather than later.

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