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  1. steelcity

    What's for dinner?

    Bachelor meals on the Rec Tec this weekend as the wife was away with the girls.
  2. Perfect timing as I just happened to see this review comp while being a few miles off Clearwater Beach with my divers down. This Epi #2 had a decent crack in the wrapper so I deemed it a boat stick awhile ago and just didn't get to it until now. I tend to pick smaller sticks for boat smokes as the wind can lead to uneven burns and I need to tend to clients. The burn started a little off as expected due to the crack but settled in after the first 1/3. Definitely not as creamy as a Hoyo EE but smooth regardless. Faint cocoa and a little cream. 2/3 and final 1/3 the stick has nicely settled in as I finish my morning iced tea. No changes in flavor. Just nice and smooth. Total burn right at an hour as my divers come up from their first dive. Not a bad day at the office with the beach in the background and our local USCG sector keeping a watchful eye over us.
  3. I've been the recipient of generous members here before so I just tried to keep the ball rolling.
  4. Here we go. Takes: Bag 6 Slot 5 Diplo 2 for 2 pts Bag 19 Slot 1 Hoyo Le Hoyo de Prince for 4pts Bag 11 Slot 2 H. Upmann Mag 50 for 4 pts Bag 7 Slot 3 H. Upmann Sir Winston for 6 pts Bag 19 Slot 3 Hoyo Grand Epicure for 12 points Bag 9 Slot 1 Monte Edmundo Dantes Mexico for 8 pts Freebie - Liga L40 TOTAL of 36 pts Puts: Vegas Robaina Don A BMP JUN 2016 for 8 pts Monte 80th BRE ENE 2019 for 8 pts Trinidad La Trova RAG Dec 2017 for 8 pts Cohiba Maduro Genios MOL Sep 2017 for 4 pts H. Upmann Connie A BRE Sep 2018 for 2 pts Hoyo Epicure Especial PUS Sep 2017 for 2 pts Monte Edmundo MUL Dec 2014 for 6 pts Partagas Maduro #1 LMB MAY 2018 for 2 pts Partagas D4 LUM Sep 2012 for 6 pts Cohiba Robusto PUR Aug 2016 for 4 pts Vegas Robaina Famosa SLE 2016 for 4 pts H. Upmann Connie 1 SUM Dec 2016 for 4 pts Juan Lopez #2 OPS Nov 2016 for 4 pts Trinidad Vigia UAO April 2018 for 2 pts Montecristo Petite Edmundo UGE Jan 2017 for 2 pts Montecristo #1 ESL Dec 2017 for 2 pts Partagas Presidente UBM Aug 2018 for 2 pts Freebies: FSG Robusto Cuaba Divinos (2) LGR June 2018 TOTAL of 70 pts
  5. The box arrived this morning at the office. Needless to say not too much was accomplished today. Puts/Takes proposal are under review.
  6. Thanks all. 2006 was way before I started enjoying cigars so I didn't have any idea. No big deal here.
  7. This was gifted to me and it's been sitting for almost 2 years in my humidor. Any idea ?
  8. I met a friend of a friend on the 4th while our boats were drafted up. He was a rep for Rocky Patel and gave me one of those new ALR to try. I out in the humidor to try at a later date. As Monterey said, we have sales constantly. I really enjoy Oliva Melanios and I'm able to source those consistently for $5 per.
  9. Breaking in the new Rec Tec with 3 racks and some Mexican corn later. Passing the time with a Cuaba Distinguidos. First one out of a PSP box that's been sitting for a bit now.
  10. Looking at this thread I think they're good to go

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