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  1. My splurge psp purchase from our host a couple weeks ago just arrived. Now they'll go to sleep for a bit as I have a few 2017s left to finish before getting into these.
  2. Been out in the field all week. Got into the office this morning and had a nice surprise waiting.
  3. That $120 sure sounds like it would've been worth your time. With all the coupons out for various oil change places, they can have at it. No mess, no cursing, and no disposal on my part. Somethings are worth every penny.
  4. steelcity

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Start it off right today with a fantastic smelling 2016 RASS.
  5. Had this one for awhile now.
  6. steelcity

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Big day today. Getting things going.
  7. But do buy the chocolate covered key lime pie pieces on a stick from Kermits.
  8. Go to the Papas Pilar factory as well.
  9. I stopped at the Rodriguez store in October while down for the week lobstering. It's a pretty small store front. I picked up a 5er of the 84' Maduro torpedoes. They were ok, probably wouldn't purchase again. While walking down Duval you'll see several small vendors and perhaps someone actually rolling. I wouldn't waste your time. I would just bring your own sticks and spend your cash at Sloppy Joe's, Hogs Breath, or Agave 308 tequila bar (killer blood orange margarita on the rocks).
  10. They are good people that I have the pleasure of taking out on a multiple boat corporate fishing charter each year. I always try to support them when I can.
  11. Good for Minot. They deserve it because there ain't $hit else to do there. We have a consulting office is Bismarck for one of the large oil companies. I've spent a bunch of time in Minot because that was they only place around to stay before the oil fields to the west became "developed". I hope it passes for those good people.
  12. steelcity

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Monte PE with my coffee this morning.
  13. I prefer 4 Rose's Small Batch over the Single Barrel. The fact that it's $25-$30 ,doesn't hurt my feelings either. That 130 barrel proof likes interesting. I picked up a bottle of Elijah Craig Barrelproof last week. Very strong caramel notes which were awesome. Small sips were key though.
  14. I think you're asking the wrong people and should talk to someone with the initials Dr.
  15. steelcity

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Had to cut the grass today once it finally dried out from last Thursday and Friday. Crazy amount of rain in a short amount of time.

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