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  1. I also heard it was the best of the line. Not sure if that speaks to anejados as a whole or the quality of the cigar itself!
  2. I try to keep in the original box for as long as possible. Moreso out of laziness, really. If I separate them, then I'll need to label each cigar with the box code.
  3. NYMets01

    Cohiba Espléndidos - EOG CCUA

    Not to pile on here but the wrappers also look pretty veiny and rough (despite the age).
  4. NYMets01

    Current Fitness Routines?

    I am not a professional either but I do have the certifications/licenses that would allow me to do so. That said, this is fantastic advice! At the end of the day though, just make sure you're enjoying it (as best you can). The only thing that truly matters is consistency. Hard to have consistency with anything if it always feels like a chore. You're going to have good days/bad days, times when you're killing the weights and not. Just remember...you're always making progress just by showing up and putting effort into it regardless!
  5. This whole thing seems pretty shady... But, why let them go to waste now. Try one. If you like it, great. That's the only thing that matters!
  6. I would throw Tampa into that mix.
  7. NYMets01

    Shaq's House for Sale

    Also check out what looks to be mold or some sort of leakage from the humidifier!
  8. So my experience mirrors that of many of you yet is slightly different. My first watch of BCS was painful to put it mildly. I had a lot of trouble getting into it. I tried again a year or so later and bing watched the first three seasons and throught it was terrific. I agree with the throught that BCS is much better acted, as a whole and was “irreverent and humorous.” BB for me was fun to watch. But that’s it...Fun. I felt like the characters (d)evolved from Point A to Point B (except for Marie who was always just kind of there) and that it got formulaic at times. I thought the male cast (Jesse, Walter and Hank) were infinitely better actors than Marie and Skylar. To give you a sense of where I’m coming from I think that the Sopranos will go down as the best show in TV history, followed closely by The Wire. BCS and BB are definitely Top 5-ish for me but not the best by any stretch. Hopefully my last paragraph didn’t just start up a whole new debate.
  9. NYMets01

    Upmann Magnum 56 Check

    Sounds like this is one of those situations where you just thank him and move on. Hopefully his intentions were good but unfortunately they do look fake similar to what others (and you) seem to know already.
  10. While I don’t have an answer for you, you might have better luck getting an answer posting this to the newbie q and a thread.
  11. NYMets01

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Conspicuously silent in the original post...must be a good story there, I’m sure.
  12. There you go. Davey holds a special place to me as well for nearly all the same reasons. Have you read “The Bad Guys Won?” It’s all about the 86 team and tells some incredible stories about that team on and off the field. To add another one, although I’m not in any way a Cowboys fan, I’m not sure how a top coaches discussion could avoid mention of Tom Landry. The successes he had with the team and impact he had on football as a whole through innventive formations and play calling that has become a mainstay of the game today puts him in a class above. Maybe I’m old school but seeing him on the sidelines in a full suit and fedora is such a contrast from Belichek today in his cut off sweatshirts!
  13. That looks incredible! I’m a data geek and that seems like a great app. It’s too bad Apple has a pretty low tolerance for tobacco (and other “vice”) apps and severely limits availability.
  14. NYMets01

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    He’s adorable...congrats!

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