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  1. Agreed. That was the first thing that stood at to me as well. Still a nice gesture though albeit counterfeit.
  2. Those Lusi's look unreal. Now the hard part is showing enough self-restraint on 24:24 until these start showing up!
  3. The LCDH will certainly be missed. I visited there a number of times when I traveled there for work. I also found Thomas Hinds to be a nice spot with a great selection. Regardless, this whole situation is pretty sad.
  4. Doubtful you're going to find any bourbon priced below secondary on (or near) the strip. I would stick to Caesar's generally. Casa Fuente is great from a selection standpoint but not the best place to sit and have a smoke. The Montecristo Bar in Caesar's has a reasonable selection, comfortable chairs, big TV's and is a great lounge for drinks.
  5. Welcome! Which part of CT? Fairfield county here.
  6. Where in the city are you located? DM me. Let’s meet up for a smoke sometime!
  7. Speaking from a point of inexperience never having seen a copy, but....can someone explain why these books command such prices?
  8. Opus X Angel Share on the NC side (but good luck finding them...only place I found with regular stock is the Fuente store in Vegas) HDM DC's on the CC side for the most creamy profile I've ever tasted.

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