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  1. Be-Grim

    Hello from a Lurker

    Thanks TheMonk!
  2. Be-Grim

    Hello from a Lurker

    Just wanted to say hello and get an introduction in. Long time lurker, first time member, short time purchaser from the host. Been enjoying cigars here and there over the last 10 years. Started expanding to the forbidden fruit since the job, house, and finances have allowed. I don't say much, don't smoke near as much as I'd like, love hockey, and love using the search haha. I've got a NewAir 280 setup with a set of John's drawers and shelf. Working on getting it stocked up for the long haul. I have a feeling stocking now will extend the time until I have to explain to the soon to be wife that I spend that much money on stuff that literally goes up in smoke.

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