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  1. If that isn't a capsule of America, then I don't know what is
  2. Could be worse. I'm a life-long Mets fan! 🤕
  3. mozart23

    Espresso maker

    I have a Nespresso machine at home and it makes a pretty decent shot of espresso. Of course, it's not the same as an actual machine but for the wife and I, the convenience outweighs that.
  4. The box was dropped off at the post office on Friday and is on it's way to @Rhino, due to arrive on Monday! Sorry for the delay in posting this message; the last few days have been pretty busy, but I finally have some time while watching my sad Mets losing to the (ugh) Yanks. My newbie puts and takes listed below. Please excuse my non-imaginative collection of stuff I threw in a couple of freebies too, a selection of La Palina NCs (Red label, Black label, Mr. Sam) Puts: Cohiba Robusto SOM DIC 16 4 POINTS Cohiba Siglo II ORG NOV 16 2 POINTS H. Upmann Connoisseur A MEG SEP 16 2 POINTS H. Upmann Petite Corona PET DIC 16 2 POINTS H. Upmann Magnum 46 ABO JUL 17 2 POINTS Montecristo No 2 LUB JUL 15 4 POINTS Montecristo No 3 ASU SEP 17 2 POINTS Montecristo No 4 AEM MAY 14 4 POINTS Punch 48 LCDH LGR OCT 17 8 POINTS Total: 30 Points Takes: Cohiba Behike 52 UAO OCT 2017 12 POINTS Fonseca no. 1 MOE OCT 14 4 POINTS Juan Lopez Seleccion no. 2 MEL DIC 16 2 POINTS Partagas Coronas Gordas Añejado TMO MAY 07 4 POINTS Partagas Lusitania OBM ABR 16 6 POINTS Por Larranaga Petit Coronas UEB AGO 17 2 POINTS Ramon Allones Club Allones EL SOM DIC 15 6 POINTS Trinidad Reyes RMU FEB 17 2 POINTS Total: 38 Points Some photos: PUTS TAKES A big shoutout to @cfc1016 for working on this while he's moving and for allowing me to participate in the pass! I can't wait to try out some of the sticks that I've been really curious about but not willing to commit to a box without sampling.
  5. I'm impressed with not only all the work involved in this but managing the box pass as well! Where do you find time to sleep???
  6. The box showed up a day early yesterday and boy did it smell good upon opening! The wife and I were out last evening so I didn't get a chance to send Colin my proposed puts and takes until today! I wanted to take everything 🤣 but alas, the collection is small (in my mind, at least, but certainly not the wife's)!
  7. Umm, woah! What a perfect post-40th birthday arrival...can't wait!
  8. I'd definitely be interested as the newbie that I am!
  9. If you want expensive, go to Bali. Down where we were staying, a bottle of Tanqueray ran something like almost $100 USD. Other parts of the island were cheaper, but definitely not down in the Southern part!
  10. mozart23

    My First Cuban — HdM Epi 2

    Awesome review dude!
  11. mozart23

    U S Federal Gubmint Closed

    Heh, even when the government is open, it's not working quite right these days
  12. Most likely, if the perpetrator refuses to extinguish the item, the FA would take the offending item, put it out and depending on the situation would either force the aircraft to divert to a nearby airport or finish the flight with a nice police escort off the plane
  13. mozart23


    Happy Happy Happy Happppppy Birthday, Lisa!
  14. This reminds me of a very old joke: An old man goes to see his doctor and the doctor asks, "What brings you in?" The man replied, "My wife sent me in. I've been having some gas problems lately but they all silent and they don't smell. In fact, I've farted 10 times since I've been here and you didn't even notice!" The doctor gets a bottle of pills out and hands it to the man with instructions to take one every twelve hours and to come see him two days later. Two days pass and the old man comes back into the doctor's office. "Doctor", he says, "I don't know what was in those pills but man, my farts stink like crazy now." The doctor replied, "Now that we've cleared up your sinuses, let's work on your hearing."
  15. mozart23

    Your first ever box buy?

    For me, it was a box of Monte 2s when I was vacationing in Switzerland this past April. I hadn't smoked in years, so I figured it was a good foray back into the hobby

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