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  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger is part owner of one of the clubs. Pretty sure that the exemptions are safe for the foreseeable future. :)
  2. Pretty much the same here. Went to a DE safety a few years ago and never looked back. Used to get very bad razor burn after every shave, boo matter what. That is a thing if the past. Don't get irritation anymore at all. For my creams I switch between Cremo orange scent and ToOBS sandalwood or coconut. Will probably try a straight razor at some point. Would love to find me an old one, not necessarily antique but one like our grandfather's used to use.
  3. I am a big fan of ER10. Not so much of the Stagg Jr. I do like the higher proofs, but this one does not stand out for me. Any type of Weller is impossible to find around here, so cannot comment much on that as i have only had it at a couple bars before.
  4. Lurked here for a while, first post. I am fairly new to cigars, or at least getting to know more than just your casual smoker. I have had a humidor for a few years, but only really ever had 5-20 sticks in it at a time as i did not smoke all that often. This summer though have started to get into things more, and now have 2 packed humidors, probably ~100 sticks total. Since since this is obviously not sufficient, i read up on here and elsewhere about more storage, so purchased a wine cooler off CR. I am almost done swapping out the metal shelves for Spanish Cedar. Should be done this week, then i can start to fill her up. This forum is such a great resource. I find myself looking something up and next thing i know i am reading about a topic completely unrelated to what i started with, always absorbing as much as possible. Looking forward to starting to stock my wineador and developing my cigar palate.

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