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  1. alfred99


    I couldn't be happier to have found this thread!!!! What was I doing roaming around the sports desk.... 🤔
  2. we would just spend the summer/winter holidays perfecting the art of being bored... all day every day! Good times... (seriously)
  3. Yup, I'm pretty envious of what you get to experience with views like that!
  4. alfred99

    Home brewing

    I've been home brewing for a while just the ready made kits for larger. I.e malt, yeast, sugar and water. Had a great experience. Sadly I'm in a one bedroom apartment in the centre of London so struggle to make the room for more experimenting. Hopefully going to get a bigger place soon so will start to experiment more. My friends have a place in the country and grow their own grapes (in a green house) and apples and make have made some incredible wine and cider..... wish I could give it a go.....
  5. #5 for me.... perfect for the day time.
  6. alfred99

    What's in your glass today?

    Ballenvine Caribbean cask.... 🤤
  7. SO glad winter is around the corner and I can start to enjoy some nice smoky evenings!
  8. alfred99

    Hit the 1 year mark

    wow that is one nice haul for a year....... congrats
  9. alfred99

    BBQ, cigar, wine - Life is good

    I need to get a garden so I can share this feeling..... damn!
  10. alfred99

    COHIBA Lanceros special box 50 cigars

    Can't wait to try a Lancero, on my wish list
  11. alfred99

    My very first box!

    Can share this feeling, my first arrived a couple of weeks ago and over the moon
  12. Thanks for sharing, beautiful!

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