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  1. Thank you! I couldn't be happier with this unit.
  2. I love how they are doing nice presentation boxes with the LCDH, and Limitida lines. Its good to see that at least with some more money they are investing it to the boxes
  3. loving it so far, hooking up the humidification unit from Bob(aristocrat) has been spot on and perfect. It maintains a perfect humidity 64 top and 66 bottom. I couldn't be happier with the unit. The LED lights are nice, but then it gets to warm in there. So can't leave them on for awhile. I am a little skeptical in regards to the remingtons, I've heard they don't hold humidity well. It's not as natural as wood. I also see humidors like Vigilant, And I just don't understand why someone would spend that much on that unit, crazy.
  4. Man! To spend $6900 is tough, there product is so expensive. I think that is more then double then bob's unit. I tell you Bob could be making so many more. Its a shame someone couldn't replace him. I am very happy with the unit I just purchased tho. Humidity is holding very well(running bob's unit) 66 bottom to 64 top. Steady and all day long also the other thing I don't like with their humidors, solid wood shelves. No air flow in between.
  5. Top lid is just for storage. Lighters, cutters, stuff my son can’t reach if he decided to get into it. Right now i been running the unit for humidity only. Bottom is about 66. Top is 64. Perfect for me. Smooth and quiet. It stays in my basement. My basement varies between 67-68 all year. I’ve never needed temp controlled.
  6. this would be smaller then my avallo. Bigger then the Aristocrat. I have about 50 boxes in now. Probably could fit 100-125 in there.
  7. Depends on the boxes. At one point i think i had 140 in there with plenty room to go
  8. Take a look at the post i just made recently with my new humidor. Having had a Avallo. Vs the one i just purchased. Hands down Avallo is made like shit compared. It’s not sturdy. The fit and finish is no where close to being on the same playing field. And waiting over a year is just crazy.
  9. I think everyone has experienced that. I think he is too over whelmed with orders. If you see my other post I ordered another unit, which I believe is much nicer and done in a quarter of the time. Also shipped from UK to USA
  10. Good evening all. The time has come my new humidor has been built and will be arriving shortly. I intend to update this as i receive and well of course set it up. Background. I had an aristocrat by Bob outgrew it. Decided to upgrade to an Avallo by Matt. And then sold that. I was never a fan of my Avallo. I felt like it was a big downgrade from My Aristocrat. And well just took to long to get. This unit. Took approx 4 months. The builder is located in Europe. I am in United States. Builder is Charles. By thevaultwoodworks that’s his IG. He is very responsive. His work is amazing. I really wanted something custom built. By someone, his pricing is very fair. Also considering it’s being shipped half way around the world. I looked at another unit by someone in Canada. Also on IG and well I couldn’t see past the 10k he was asking for a unit. But anyhow i will post progress photos here and then update once i receive the unit. Please feel free to ask any questions. I always read the forums and look for humidor builders so maybe someone else is doing the same. dimenisons: 54in(H) 30in(w) 30in(d) i will be installing bobs humidification unit inside
  11. I've never had good luck with any of these digital wifi units.
  12. 2nd one is a deal! Hard enough to find one, seem like they are in good condition.
  13. Honestly i wouldn’t do the trade. Better off keeping what he has. Also smoke them. Sure holding onto stuff is great but damn cigars were rolled to smoke.

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