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  1. I know we do a daily smoke and also a Recently purchased thread. But figured it would be pretty cool to see everyone's collection. We all talk about having so many boxes/sticks. Lets see them.
  2. got lots of fake cohibas from the miami beach!
  3. I am apart of some groups on Facebook. I just know of one group. Which i was not apart of that closed down. Have i sold some on there. Yes. Never to make an extreme profit like some. Some groups there are so many people in which are oblivious to what certain cigars sell for. That they get taken of advantage of because they are “Cuban” cigars. But whatever someone is willing to spend is their own business. Reality is eventually it’s going to end it’s just a matter of time. They have closed down liquor groups as well. Im not a seller by any means. I do use these groups as a source for certain things i can’t find tho
  4. isn't it mostly the boxes which causes delays? I mean I know they are coming out with these beautiful boxes for the new 2019 but why go through the extra work if its going to be a problem
  5. yes, they make beautiful cases. There is no denying that. But the case is very expensive and also is very flimsy. Meaning if you drop the case and it does not have the "guardian" there is a good chance your sticks would be damaged. Or lets say you don't drop it and someone places something on top of your case. Same effect. Take a look at project carbon cases. Cheaper, more durable. And also provide a bit more protection
  6. I think seeing the actual humidor would be cool, giving us a tour. How the process works when you select the cigars for the customer to shipping, kinda a behind the scenes
  7. I got 6 boxes when they came out, believing they would be like the LGC Spain I haven't tried one yet but I will let them sit for a bit. Great price for a Regional Cigar. The Dutch regional always fly under the radar I feel.
  8. love the video, I think what we would love more is a humidor tour! And also great video clarity!
  9. Why are these so hard to come by? can not come across any
  10. This is like women playing ghostbusters, actually nevermind its not. James Bond is 007, you are taking away the history from a long time serious. And I know some will say things have to change its a different world. Well make some movie called something else. Which will not even be close to the same
  11. as others have said, i would freeze all your cigars. There is nothing from stopping them to go into another box, rather be safe then sorry. Also look at your temp in your humidor. They can hatch at any time but if there are times were your humidity or temp is high, well thats the perfect storm

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