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  1. I actually preferred the tape that bob had on his cabinets, I contacted him and asked if he had anymore and sent it out to me
  2. 10 damn months is just nuts. I think he builds 1 a month at that rate.
  3. If you want you can always change the tape used for the seal. He uses this cheap foam stuff. It's ok. Right now my humidor has been pretty steady at 66-67 mainly because its in the basement.
  4. I don't know off the top of my head the dimensions. But I mean they are very similar. Could of been way I had my aristocrat. I like the unit. But it takes way too long. If I had to do it over. I would get one of those Chinese Humidor Racing something along those lines. You can get two for the same price which are temp controlled and humidity controlled
  5. Not sure if anyone caught the episode but coach on the chargers was caught smoking a la Trova
  6. Double bag, 24 fridge, 48 into freezer, 24 fridge, take bags off, wrap in a towel until room temp. Everyone is going to have their own method. Just pick one that's in the middle
  7. beautiful box! I just found my box only have 7 left.
  8. I think I may have about 5 boxes of the Esmeralda. And 2 of the Topes. I feel the Topes are out there right now. Pres has been running them mostly every Thursday.
  9. This is funny but so true. A friend of mine told me about them. So i have a bunch of people who sometimes go through my snacks on my desk. Needless to say. I had about 3 of them all on the shitter in pain
  10. Was on 24:24 last night. Just have to be patient. Buying cigars is not a race its a marathon

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