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  1. Really a shame for Alex. I feel Red Bull had a great strategy with changing the tires. If he was a bit more patient. He could of over taken Hamilton easily. But he put himself in that position. He could of challenged for first. But who is to say if the car would of been able to handle that since it failed with 2 laps to go
  2. I say this now and have said this before. Stock up on these. These rival the siglo 6 and now are a fraction of the cost. Any box I can find I scoop up
  3. I think Trinidad, with this lineup have changed my outlook on them. Yes the La trova is a great stick. But the esmeralda and topes are perfect ring gauge and size cigars.
  4. Hey maybe everyone can stop selling high end cigars to China now. Since all they do is drive up the cost on certain things 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. The cough I had was for 2 weeks, by far the worst cough I have ever had. I couldn't tell you how miserable I felt. I been married to my wife and her mother lol for the past 9 years. Both have never seen me sick and said that's the worst I've ever seen you
  6. My thinking is the same as the Prez, the thought of stopping this by social distancing is not going to stop the initial wave. Sure what we are doing now is helping the hospitals. But the moment they lift the ban, if its spreading like it has already one person gets it and then boom its the affect all over. I do believe with some that it has been here already. In December, I got so sick, I was like shit for days. They tested me for the flu and I was negative. I am not one whom gets sick. I would believe I have a great immune system, "knocks on wood". But I can tell you it was the worst I have ever felt in my life. I am 34. I think Trump kinda said it the best, the cure might be worse then the actual disease itself. All the people out of work, jobs gone, the economy in the shitter basically. It's going to effect more then the actual virus. It seems like China is back to work, people gathering and going out. It United States, we are going to be approaching our warmer months which will be a good thing. I think the media's coverage of this has been blown out of portion, scaring people with a death counter each day. Is it called for? When in the world have we said x amount of people died today from the flu, the coverage is just awful.
  7. I am getting told to stop smoking cigars, because the virus will kill me. And then she says what do you want to smoke next? But kidding aside, I got some cooked meals. And that's about it. Has given me time to do yard work
  8. I am not one to play politics at all. And not stating this for an argument with anyone here. I just truly believe. There is going to be no way in stopping this, even if you stay home. At a certain point the cases will slow down yes. But people are still going to be getting Covid until there is a cure. Did countries do the right thing by staying in, yes. But the suffering is going to be what comes next. People not going out, people not spending, losing jobs, its a double edge sword. The numbers they estimate I believe are the worst worst scenario. Is this bad, yes. But also believe the effects the media has played in this are going to be the greater of the effects to everyone else. I am at the point where I don't want to listen to the news anyone. I don't want to hear the president speak. I am just tired of it. And I believe many people are going to get to that point. People just want to earn for there families. And I go back to the swine flu, which yes was not as deadly. But we also didn't have a case counter for each case or a death count each day. People continued their normal lives everyday.
  9. It is obviously effecting everyone a great deal. I will keep my opinion to myself in what I think. Politics are a tough discussion with anyone, even my wife. I like to live my life in the moment. and enjoy whats in front of me. Not be controlled by what you read or see. Yesterday I enjoyed a 60 degree day outside with my son, just playing. If your going to take one thing away from this, if you have children and your off from work, enjoy the time you can spend with them
  10. Actually just started watching the series on Netflix. It's very interesting and a totally different outtake on what the sport is about. I do believe Clair has to go, I know her ties to the company are strong, but if she wants what's best. She needs to take the hands off the wheel on this one. Mercedes are just too tough to beat at this point, I think the main fight will be for 2-3 place. Renault might be a dark house, really depending on what Riccardo can do this year. Last year he collected his massive paycheck. Its going to be different the following year with different regulations and him getting even older.
  11. Well I guess we will hear more when they are released in 2 years lol
  12. lets go out with a bang like putting up for Cohiba Gran Reserva

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