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  1. Don't get me wrong. My primary storage device is a 72qt airtight plastic bin, lol. I used to have a ~32 bottle wine cooler, and I just stacked my boxes in there with adequate space for unobstructed airflow. I gave that unit to a family member when I moved ~5,000 miles 😋 I did recently come back upon my old, wee 6 bottle cooler. I might reenlist that as a 'desktop' unit for current smoking stock. Keep the "don't touch for now" backlog right where it already is. I have no allusions of carrying the torch, myself. Was more curious to hear if anyone else was. If *I* build a cabinet or two, it'd definitely be for fun, personal use, or as a gift. I get the most 'building pleasure' from things that are conceived from the get-go as a gift. Bummer! I appreciate the effort! Maybe Moe will help unravel the mystery! Or maybe the current owner of the unit could post the pics. I don't remember Trevor's username, or I'd '@ mention' him
  2. Thanks for posting that! I wonder if by some off chance this is the same Alain who used to post as "cubanismo" on the old (dating myself, here) CA Forums? He and I got together once many years ago, and I'd be delighted to catch up with him. John, this question is for you. My browser won't let me type anything else after an '@ mention'. Is there any chance the original photos from the linked thread still exist somewhere in the abyss? I tried google cache and the wayback machine, but to no avail. Cached version is beyond my googe-fu, it would appear. @JohnS
  3. Would love to see the [since removed from this page, and even google cache and the wayback machine] the pictures of this build, if you still have them. Also - is this the very same Alain who used to post under the moniker "Cubanismo" on CA Forums? If so, shoot me a pm. We met each other in dc for a smoke ~15 years ago, and I'd love to reconnect.
  4. Fantastic. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, Rob. I'll just leave this here... I'm building a fairly intensive shop at my new place. Will be doing my own milling and drying on site. My primary focus is to study Tage Frid and George Nakashhima's practices, and eventually build Nakashima-inspired furniture. It'll be some time before I've honed my skills to the point where I'm happy with my finished works, but only disasters happen fast. Inspired by btwheezy's build to work toward a cabinet. Perhaps by this time next year, I may be able to start building a second one. First completed cabinet build will be a gift for a special someone. I've made a photo album for my shop-build-process, to be continually updated as progress is made. Feel free to peruse if you're keen.
  5. cfc1016

    The Wheezycab

    Spectacular. This thread is exactly what I was looking for when I made my recent post. Beautiful work, B. Kudos.
  6. Well, yeah. I'm not going to bother trying to build something that I wouldn't be proud to use. Spanish cedar's fairly pricey, too. High $/bf to be dropping on a simple box 😜
  7. I'm considering snagging some cedar and taking a crack at a few desktop units, maybe cabinets after I've cut my teeth with the sealing joinery. Interested to hear others' experience
  8. I know. I've had it. I just don't like refined sugar. Too many cavities as a kid. Total aversion to sweet stuff now.
  9. Well it hasn't yet. I'll quote you again when i post em 😋
  10. Sorry I forgot to quote you in my last message - it was a direct response to yours. On mobile, i have a hard time getting my message edits to go through, and i can never successfully "@ mention" someone on mobile, either. JohnS - i know that duplicate responses are the bain of your [site mod] existence, so i apologise for this one.
  11. Wunderbars! My google fu is pretty strong,too, so i was disappointed in myself for not overcoming this algorithm-confusion dilemma. I'm usually quite adept at sussing the most productive query for my search. This one vexed me. Kudos to you for finding what i could not. I must admit, though, that i am not even remotely impressed with the craftsmanship or aesthetic of that piece. It is clearly produced by someone with a well developed woodworking skillset, but i daresay little, if ANY experiential knowledge of what makes a GOOD cigar ash tray. I might be jynxing myself here, but I'm willing to boast that my finished product will be something that any exlerienced cigar smoker would choose, without hesitation, over that one, were they presented with the choice. Stay tuned. I will post pics in this thread, of the finished product, after it is completed, and delivered to its intended recipient (i have a feeling he's reading this, and he knows I'm talking about him). To said FOHer: Stop "shaking the presents". This is only your First Night Chanukah gift, ya lunk. Don't start planning a retaliation. There's more in the works. I'm not even going to hint at what your Eighth Night gift is going to be...
  12. My inner 'dad joker' is having a field day with this... I've been delving back into woodwork during quarantine. Felling, milling, slabbing, making charcuterie boards, carving wizard's sceptres, designing furniture, etc, etc. A buddy of mine works for a tree removal company, and hooked me up with a nice big trunk slice of White Ash (Fraxinus americana, to be precise). I've been toying around with what I'm going to do with it. There's a big chunk that is damaged by borer insect larvae (not 100% sure if they're the invasive emerald ash borer, or one of the native species), and I've been trying to figure out how I might be able to work around it. Well, today, after chiseling out about a gallon of dust and bug frass and spongy wood, I was left with the conclusion I was hoping not to come to. A large chunk is just going to have to come off of this piece, completely derailing my original project design for the piece. Bright side - I'm going to have some usable chunks leftover to do something else with (it's still really gorgeous wood). It dawned on me. I'll make an ash tray. I'll make an ASH tray. I'll make a WHITE ASH tray. It's too perfect. I've been googling to see if anyone else has made an ash tray from ASH wood, but I think it's just confusing the search algorithms. I haven't found anything. So I ask again... do any of you have an ASH tray? 🤪
  13. I've had the cane-sugar-equivalent versions of a bunch of sodas. I just don't like sugary drinks - whether it's HFCS or cane sugar is of no consequence. Refined sugar is refined sugar is refined sugar, as far as my palate is concerned. I can (and do) do diet coke. Cleanses the palate ok (not as well as cran ginger) but doesn't leave the "my mouth is coated in sugar" feeling. It's ironic. The flavor spectrum I'm LEAST sensitive to in my cigars (sweetness) is the one that can most easily overwhelm/desensitize my palate to other flavors, in a beverage. Go figure.
  14. So many people say this, but i just can't get over the "my mouth is coated in high fructose corn syrup" feeling that comes along with it. Gross. Absolutely and utterly FOUL. Orange juice and/or Canada dry diet cranberry ginger ale. That and brushing your teeth with only water (no toothpaste - including residual on the brush. Clean your toothbrush). Fun fact: the reason oj tastes like murder after brushing your teeth - sodium laureth sulfate. It's an ingredient in toothpaste which blocks the sweet receptors in your tastebuds, so all you can taste is the unadulterated citric acid. Blech.
  15. The weathering effect will definitely make you LOOK more curmudgeonly 😋

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