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  1. Nice view yesterday, sweepin a woodstove in Palmer.
  2. cfc1016

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Finally have some time in the car to myself today. Headed to Wasilla to pick up my new toy, that I’ve been pining over for over a year. Special smoke for a special occasion. 07 Royal Seleccion 12 from the boxpass. Whoever put it... kudos. This is great. And yet another tasty morsel from @rd151 via the PIF. What a great day today had been.
  3. Something I can actually find time to smoke 😂
  4. cfc1016

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Haven’t had much time for a cigar lately 😕
  5. Does a glacier during summer count? 😜
  6. Today wasn’t too shabby either. South end of the inlet
  7. cfc1016

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Another tasty morsel from @rd151 via the PIF. First totalmente a mano I’ve gotten to enjoy ina few days. Been livin on chicos 😜
  8. They’re everyday smokes for me
  9. cfc1016

    Johnny O's

    I’ve never been disappointed with the vigias
  10. Please do. I just saw that he has not posted anything since july 28. Not a good sign.
  11. Are you a pro fishing guide?? That looks like a serious bass boat!
  12. As he mentioned, @Wertman has repeatedly reached out to @CrankYanker and has been given the runaround. Foul play or not, it is seriously bad form. You don’t just camp on ~100 cigars that don’t belong to you... for months. There’s no excuse. That is unacceptable behavior. I just ran a boxpass, and nearly all of the 30 participants, with their crazy work/personal life schedules, STILL managed to turn that box around in ~48 hours. If you take MONTHS to get *someone else’s* cigars back to them, and repeatedly blow them off, I don’t care if you’re mother theresa - that’s just plain disrespectful. That’s antithetical to the type of behavior that this community embodies. I don’t like to call someone out publicly, but @Wertman is my homeboy, and he’s been stressing hard about this. It’s seriously uncool. I feel obligated, as wertman’s friend, to say something. This is a conversation that has been escalating, in private, for MONTHS. @CrankYanker needs to ship those cigars back to wertman asap. No excuses. No sob stories. Just man up and do what he said he would do months ago.

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