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  1. Good question, @cbenham73. When I started smoking as a kid, I collected bands and boxes. Thought of them like mementos. Now, I find myself tossing them into a tupperware container when I'm done with them. No good reason why, really. I'm not liable to go sifting through there, find one in particular, and think 'ah yes... february 23rd, 2019. That was a delightful cigar'. Conversely, I have a few labels in the door handle of my car. These are from cigars I smoked on my move from DC to alaska. I pretty much splurged the whole way - only smoked my 'special occasion' cigars, as that drive was quite a special occasion. Each of those labels will take me back to strong memories.
  2. cfc1016

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Story of my cigar smoking life. I just can't smoke ncs anymore for the same reasons you listed.
  3. My first habanos. 1991 HDM DC in 1996. Never turned back to NCs after that.
  4. One other note from the previous pass: Occasionally vets generously undervalue some of their 'dollar gobblers' to make them more accessible. OVERvaluing is against the rules - UNDERvaluing is just generous/community minded behavior. Trying to stack your takes with 2-3 of these undervalued sticks (a 4 point sir winston being a good example from the previous pass...) is not in keeping with the spirit of the pass. If you are fortunate enough to take one of those generously undervalued sticks... don't be greedy. Rule 3 above (I went in and edited the quoted text with numerical annotation) applies, here. With the combined generosity of all the vets, there should be plenty of opportunity for each newbie to take something really awesome. Try to remember that if you try to go overboard on your takes, what you're saying is that you think your opportunity should supersede that of the next guy. That's the antithesis of the community mindset that a boxpass is intended to foster. Edit: all of that being said, experience would indicate that atleast 75% of participants are NOT going to read the instructions. Sorry, PugFather. 🤣
  5. EDIT: Another note to anyone who 'wants to help' by suggesting things they could do - DON'T. If you REALLY want to be helpful, there's only ONE thing you should do - exactly what pugdaddy asks of you. Any suggestions , however well-intended, ultimately only serve as a distraction from the already insane amount of work he has to do. I'm speaking from personal experience. The format for this pass is based on the template I developed last year. I logged over 160 hours of development, labor, and correspondence on the inaugural run of this format. I just sent pugdaddy the transcripts of all of the 'puts/takes proposal' emails from last year's run, to give him a background of what to expect from his run. Care to wager a guess as to how many pages of emails 30 participants produced? ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY TWO PAGES OF EMAILS. An insane amount of planning and development went into developing this handicapped format so that boxpasses could be less intimidating/more accessible to newbies. If you have an idea, please trust that it's already been considered. The single most helpful thing you can do is to read every single word of the instructional emails that are sent to you, and follow them to the letter. Pugdaddy is a really nice guy - MUCH nicer than me. He's going to make a lot of holly jolly posts, coalescing mountains of his own personal labor into nice, tidy, easy to digest messages that perk everyone up. Please trust that behind the scenes, the man is dealing with a MOUNTAIN of work. AGAIN - the ONLY thing any of us can really do to help... is exactly (no more, no less) what is asked of us.
  6. Looks like it is indeed a roller of pesos. I'd never heard about it before I saw that post. This thread appears to be all my research yielded.
  7. cfc1016

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    So yesterday was supposed to be the beginning of a 3 day camping trip to my favorite spot down on the Kenai Peninsula. I brought a fiver of great cigars gifted by great friends. Unfortunately, things didn't go quite as planned. I got about 2 miles up the trail and hit an impenetrable wall of the most terrible kind of snow. You're standing on 2 feet and everything's fine - you're on top of the seemingly hard-packed snow. You take a step... or try. ONE leg sinks. You're now waist deep in the stuff, and your other leg is pretzeled around your head. You can't do the splits - why is the snow trying to FORCE you to?!?! To make matters worse, sometimes the snow at the bottom of this leg-hole collapses around your boot, locking you in. My little soldiers were a wee frozen. My knees got wrenched more than a few times from the sudden split drops into the snow. I turned around. Lesson learned. Always bring the snowshoes til atleast May. Not all was lost, however. The drive down there is one of the best in the world. I picked a day with clear weather and was rewarded for the choice. Got to enjoy a 2018 @awkwardPause SCDLH La Fuerza with a view of La Glacier (Portage Glacier), and was delighted by the evolution of that cigar while taking in some of the best scenery Earth has to offer - Turnagain Arm. Great day.
  8. cfc1016

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Memories. That song was on the soundtrack of my youth - back when the hot topic in school would be the latest music video that premiered the night before. THAT brings back another memory... the day after Hanson's 'mmbop' music video premiered, one of my classmates Dan stormed into class like Kramer and exclaimed "DUDE! Those Hanson chicks are HOT!!" I miss the 90s, sometimes...
  9. cfc1016

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    What a classic. I wish i had a lifetime supply. Hell I wish I had ANY
  10. cfc1016

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2013 perlas. Sure to be excellent. They always are.
  11. cfc1016

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Celebrated my 35th birthday yesterday with a hare hunt in one of my favorite spots in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. Not the most bountiful hunt, but I reconnected with a pair of Canda Jays who befriended me (and helped me find my quarry) on my last trip to that spot. This time they invited me to, and showed off, their nest. I paid tribute, of course. Enjoyed a delightful 2013 Libertadore on the way there, courtesy of @awkwardPause . All in all, a wonderful day.
  12. Add it tothe ever-growing list of stuff that is worth ignoring
  13. cfc1016

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    ARS JUN 17 Trinidad Coloniales, courtesy of @awkwardPause What a finish. All cloves. Lots of meaty/savory stuff early on. Very pleasant.
  14. LOL you know the futility of that statement.
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