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  1. cfc1016

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Story of my week thusfar. Hibernating with my best friend. Finally motivating now and going back to work
  2. Good idea. Even better excuse to buy twice as many principes!
  3. Agreed - oh how i dearly long for a lonsdale principe. Good lord that would be sweet ambrosia.
  4. Someone just posted one of these on reddit. Tinfoil hats? White whale?
  5. It’s natural. Try a guillotine. It’s just bottlenecking because of the punch cut. Purge from time to time too.
  6. cfc1016

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    PMS DIC 13 partagas habaneros in the trailer with some lowbrow entertainment. Life is good.
  7. @awkwardPause and @Wertman turned me onto the lebkuken flavor in the principe, which has made it a favorite for me.
  8. cfc1016

    H Upmann Monarchs

    I’m certain of even less now, than I was before 😂 Speaking of long-lost vitolas, btw, I desperately miss bolivar demi tasse 😥
  9. cfc1016

    H Upmann Monarchs

    Just found where i read it. It was for the *monarcas* - not the *monarchs* - both julieta no. 2 vitolas, no less 🙄Thanks for manufacturing the need for disambiguation, HSA 😂 From a prominent review site: “H. Upmann Monarcas Review: Same taste as H. Upmann Sir Winston. This is a cigar of exceptional quality. As it is from H. Upmann, the tobacco taste is strong and the materials used are first class. That strong tobacco taste is greatly balanced with herbal flavours. As time passes by, this cigar gets better and better.”
  10. cfc1016

    H Upmann Monarchs

    😂 Clearly my narrow scope of experience with HU makes me the wrong guy to ask, lol. I’m better off sticking to my partagas 😜
  11. cfc1016

    H Upmann Monarchs

    AFAIK the sir Winston is the same blend. It would seem, effectively, the monarcas were simply rebranded. I think @JohnS was the one who told me this. Whaddoiknow, though? HUs have never been my cuppa tea 🤷‍♂️
  12. Will your wife allow you to keep the two hotties who come with it, though???

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