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  1. Definitely allow them to rest. That box goes through a lot of temperature shifts on its travels.
  2. The box that holds all the other boxes! 😜 ...2008 partagas 898s, but of course.
  3. Agreed. Just realized I'm out... I usually buy them in bulk. Love em.
  4. Proof that everyone should stop buying them. To be safe, send all remaining TOS 16 principes to me immediately.
  5. I'm surprised to hear all the comments about spicy food. I grew up on 'hot hot hot', so I'm quite fond of Lao food. A lot of the folks running 'Thai food' restaurants that serve spicy food are actually Lao. Though very similar, actual Thai food isn't usually very spicy. Lao, however... I find that a nice spicy meal (enough to open my sinuses and nasal passage fully) actually HEIGHTENS my palate sensitivity. I can taste a lot more things, and a lot more intensity and detail. I find the intense spice to make me REALLY taste everything else. A nice bold partagas or RG perla after a very spicy meal - that'll bring tears (of blissful joy) to my eye.
  6. That edmundo dantes is probably the biggest bargain of the pass so far, honestly. 8 points for that is a steal. Helluva stick.
  7. Those are the darkest principes I've seen since the examples you and @hotboxx sent me. I wouldn't've faulted you for taking it! You can never have too many TOS MAY 16 principes
  8. I find that if I eat any hyper-sweet/salty processed foods (junk food, fast food, etc), I'm ruined for a cigar. I brushed my teeth with baking soda one day and had a cigar later. Tasted nothing but air. Completely demolished palate. So what does it for you? Anything you absolutely avoid before a cigar, or will not have a cigar after having done?
  9. I'd been holding onto an intact boxof BLP NOV 08 Partagas 898V for a while. Saving em for... I don't know what. This weekend's camping trip in AK on my buddy's visit seemed like 'what I'd been saving them for'. Definitely a worthy scene.
  10. Though I completely agree about the LGC and HDM bands, I'd happily just settle for a reintroduction of HDM churchills and LGC tainos 😋
  11. I did a little pre-planning, but had to be open to changing my mind once the cigars arein front of me. Sometimes you'll overlook a cigar on paper, then it just looks and smells so good that you change your mind.
  12. Nice work, man! I hope you enjoy the habanero and PLP. The habanero will probably be good to go pretty quick. They seem pretty impervious to shipping shock. Definitely give that PLP some rest though, and maybe even dry box a few days before you smoke it.
  13. Truth be told, I don't follow pro sports at all anymore, aside from world cup. Grew up a Mets fan, though, as it was passed down to me from my dad. Edit: just saw the most recent page. Nice work, @kevpro!

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