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  1. Karma is a b@^$h! So I read this thread and thought how great it was I've never had this happen to me. Well I didn't then knock on wood and obviously forgot to pay homage to the Cigar Gods or spit three times and turn around to erase the curse. Today, thought I would have a pre-birthday smoke of a well aged Lusi and the picture tells the story. After nursing a plug, using a PerfecDraw, and generally fighting through the first half, I got the exploding cigar gift. Don't tempt the Cigar Gods!!!
  2. Since we’re in hypothetical land. What happens to the songs co-written by Paul and John? Do we get half a song, lyrics only, a tune only or nothing?
  3. grizzlee

    Mason Jars

    Ammonia and Mason Jars, sounds like a Howard Hughes hygiene topic. 🙊
  4. grizzlee

    Your Best Cigar of May 2019?

    Partagas Lusitania BUP JUN 17 - almost unbelievable - I can still taste it when I think about the experience. Current front runner for my Best Cigar 2019.
  5. Lusi BBF 8-9-8 Connie 1 PLPC or Monte #3
  6. Revelry Vintners 'Reveler' Limited Addition Red $30
  7. grizzlee

    Tactics for meetings

    No agenda with specific desired outcomes, time boxed topics and associated reading materials well in advance (minimum of 48 hours), I decline the invitation as it would be a rarity if that meeting was not a waste of time. Time is a limited and precious commodity, not to wasted in a pointless discussion in disguise of a meeting. I'm flexible about a lot in business as S#$% Happens, but not about meetings. And yes, I've been called an ass because of the above.
  8. Vinyl all the way....been moving 1500 vinyl albums around with me for 40+ years. Why the heck would I change now?
  9. Nope. By the time we're technologically able to pull off colonization vs. habitation, we'll have discovered a more earth-like planetary body which commands attention and the Mars colonization will be deprecated.
  10. Riding a bike all out, is the closet thing to a Skydive free fall I've found....
  11. OBM May 2017 RyJ Churchill was shockingly astounding
  12. 1. Upmann 2. Bolivar 3. Partagas 4. Cohiba 5. Por Larranaga
  13. Pretty simple process. At the time my love and I got married near 35 years ago, we couldn't afford a 'pot to piss in'. We bought what was cheap and the correct size, picking was pretty easy at that point.
  14. New study for all those trying to convince the significant other a bike is a good idea..... I especially like the line, "In short, it seems that riding a scoot gives you some of the same benefits as a workout and decreases cortisol, the nasty hormone that signals stress".
  15. My departed love.....really need to find another one...

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