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  1. I’d go with: Tatuaje Miami + SCdLH Principe Drew Estates Liga Privada + Upmann HC Fuente Don Carlos + JLS #2
  2. Decided to put to flame a D4 acquired from El Pres almost one year ago as part of a 5 Aged / 5 Current sampler. Perhaps I should have gone with the aged for the review but can't unring that bell. 1st Third - Colibri v-cut, great Parti spiced earthy sweetness at cold although feels a little firm to the hand in the last third of the stick. At light the glorious spiced Parti sweetness is at the front. Almost beyond a sweet pepper, paprika spiced cream, trending toward a bell pepper cream sauce...truly wonderful start if it wasn't for what to me is an overly firm draw we'd be starting at exceptional even at this fairly young age. 2nd Third - Starts off with the peppered sweetness tailing away and rapidly turns into toasted tobacco which starts a free fall descent at terminal velocity through burnt toast, on to a combination of charred oak and bitter burnt mongrel. I spent the 2nd third teetering back and forth between "this is unpleasant" and "this is such a shocking transition, I don't know what to think". No pic on the second third - too lazy to get out of the pool. Last Third - Just as quickly as the 2nd fell into god only knows what place, the last third comes roaring back with a honey spiced paprika and bell pepper cream, with just the faintest hint of the slightly charred edge of a grilled portobello mushroom and continues there until the finish. The last third turns into such a fine finish it makes me wish I had a bit of Red Mountain Cabernet to finish with as I take the last third until it gets too hot to hold. Last third finish smooth and without bite although the wrapper barely makes it to the end. There is little doubt more time will improve this soldier. Taking the 2nd third into account I'd rate a 84, if the 2nd had been a little more subtle perhaps an 87 with room to improve with age.
  3. The olfactory experience is the big one for me. I might be able to get away without taking a peek at the new box. There’s less than zero chance I can pass on taking that first or second sniff of a new box ROTT. I’ve also no issue with acclimation before smoking, just as long as I’ve had my sniff test to hold me over.
  4. Well, in sticking to our FOH Cuban Spanish language roots, there is no title option other than "¿Que Quieres?" - (What do you want? in English)
  5. +1 on @canadianbeaver advice above. Also invest in a PerfecDraw, mentioned often, it will pay for itself in one or two saves of a plug.
  6. Mary Poppins - 1964 — yes, I’m older than most here. Can still remember my mom and grandma taking me to the new Winchester theater with large screen format and enhanced stereo sound.
  7. Have to stick with the red pill to stay in Wonderland and see how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
  8. Used a Dos Chabetas for almost everything until I was gifted a Colibri V-Cut for Xmas one year. I've used nothing else since. Use it for everything, including pyramids, as I never go above a 54 ring gauge.
  9. Cigars: Sancho Panza’s - I’ve tried em’ repeatedly and just can’t do it Other: People who can’t remember what needs to be remembered, forget what needs to be forgotten, and lack the wisdom to be able to tell the difference between the two.
  10. Sub 44 1. Parti 898 - if I can include discontinued stock stashed away then Upmann PC 2. PLPC 45-50 1. Parti D4 2. Parti Lusi  52+ 1. Siglo VI 2. HdM Le Hoyo Rio Seco
  11. @MoeFOH - Is a bit of thieving from the bad guys wanton gain, let's say your cartel of choice, still considered to be breaking the law?
  12. Karma is a b@^$h! So I read this thread and thought how great it was I've never had this happen to me. Well I didn't then knock on wood and obviously forgot to pay homage to the Cigar Gods or spit three times and turn around to erase the curse. Today, thought I would have a pre-birthday smoke of a well aged Lusi and the picture tells the story. After nursing a plug, using a PerfecDraw, and generally fighting through the first half, I got the exploding cigar gift. Don't tempt the Cigar Gods!!!
  13. Since we’re in hypothetical land. What happens to the songs co-written by Paul and John? Do we get half a song, lyrics only, a tune only or nothing?

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