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  1. Used a Dos Chabetas for almost everything until I was gifted a Colibri V-Cut for Xmas one year. I've used nothing else since. Use it for everything, including pyramids, as I never go above a 54 ring gauge.
  2. Cigars: Sancho Panza’s - I’ve tried em’ repeatedly and just can’t do it Other: People who can’t remember what needs to be remembered, forget what needs to be forgotten, and lack the wisdom to be able to tell the difference between the two.
  3. Sub 44 1. Parti 898 - if I can include discontinued stock stashed away then Upmann PC 2. PLPC 45-50 1. Parti D4 2. Parti Lusi  52+ 1. Siglo VI 2. HdM Le Hoyo Rio Seco
  4. @MoeFOH - Is a bit of thieving from the bad guys wanton gain, let's say your cartel of choice, still considered to be breaking the law?
  5. Karma is a b@^$h! So I read this thread and thought how great it was I've never had this happen to me. Well I didn't then knock on wood and obviously forgot to pay homage to the Cigar Gods or spit three times and turn around to erase the curse. Today, thought I would have a pre-birthday smoke of a well aged Lusi and the picture tells the story. After nursing a plug, using a PerfecDraw, and generally fighting through the first half, I got the exploding cigar gift. Don't tempt the Cigar Gods!!!
  6. Since we’re in hypothetical land. What happens to the songs co-written by Paul and John? Do we get half a song, lyrics only, a tune only or nothing?
  7. Ammonia and Mason Jars, sounds like a Howard Hughes hygiene topic. 🙊
  8. Partagas Lusitania BUP JUN 17 - almost unbelievable - I can still taste it when I think about the experience. Current front runner for my Best Cigar 2019.
  9. No agenda with specific desired outcomes, time boxed topics and associated reading materials well in advance (minimum of 48 hours), I decline the invitation as it would be a rarity if that meeting was not a waste of time. Time is a limited and precious commodity, not to wasted in a pointless discussion in disguise of a meeting. I'm flexible about a lot in business as S#$% Happens, but not about meetings. And yes, I've been called an ass because of the above.
  10. Vinyl all the way....been moving 1500 vinyl albums around with me for 40+ years. Why the heck would I change now?
  11. Nope. By the time we're technologically able to pull off colonization vs. habitation, we'll have discovered a more earth-like planetary body which commands attention and the Mars colonization will be deprecated.
  12. Riding a bike all out, is the closet thing to a Skydive free fall I've found....
  13. OBM May 2017 RyJ Churchill was shockingly astounding
  14. Pretty simple process. At the time my love and I got married near 35 years ago, we couldn't afford a 'pot to piss in'. We bought what was cheap and the correct size, picking was pretty easy at that point.
  15. New study for all those trying to convince the significant other a bike is a good idea..... I especially like the line, "In short, it seems that riding a scoot gives you some of the same benefits as a workout and decreases cortisol, the nasty hormone that signals stress".
  16. I'm in that group of 'love mine', 'wish I had bought bigger' -- I was going to get a larger model this summer, sadly no such luck.😪 Bob has or did have a great bunch of guys working for him. I guess there was no one who wanted to, or could afford to take on the risk of running with the cabinet side of the business.
  17. why not just dunk em' in water and save a little time and trouble?
  18. Bolivar PC - $6 Fonseca #1 - $7 HU Connie 1 - $8 HUHC - $6 Hoyo Epi 2 - $10 Monte #4 - $7.50 Parti Short - $5.50 =========== Maybe sub a SCDLH El Principe for the HUHC to not have two Upmann in the batch.
  19. Bottle rocket wars, actual fights without weapons between rival schools, fishing with M-80s, smoke bombs at school, frog control with firecrackers, BB gun fights, water balloon launchers accurate to about 100 yrds., buying beer underage, streaking at parties, camping out for 2 days as a 15 yr old to buy concert tickets, sneaking out at night to wreck havoc on neighborhoods, rival school practical jokes that would land you court today, raiding the watermelon patch and avoiding getting shot with rock salt, tapping the watermelons you got away with, jumping off the train trestle into the lake without getting run over, random misdemeanor crimes committed on dares, and a considerable amount of other misc. actions I dare not put into print....
  20. I've had my MXT19.5 about a month and have started a conversation with Bob about options for bigger as I've almost filled it. Bob assures me I'll have no issue selling mine and I feel he's correct there. If I had a mulligan and could makes changes they would be as follows: Buy bigger - I'm not sure twice as big is big enough and it's a long-term investment Would go with wooden doors - love the look of the glass, but now feel wood would be better in anything larger than an MXT19.5 for temp and humidity control Go with greater depth than a 19.5 - 25" would have been better Go with some exotic wood for door panels and side panels If I go larger will have 2 pull out drawers over 1 - mine is full already What I did right: Ordered the Aristocrat Had extra cooling unit added - standard was 2 and added 1 more. If I go larger will have 4 Went with flat top and not crown molding - just like the clean straight lines better Found the manual for the controller online - it has more depth of what each setting really is and what can be done with it Spent a great amount of time adjusting the hinges and closure magnets to get a very tight and secure fit all around - it's pretty tight now and my humidification units have not come on for over a week. (Dewpoint and humidity has been high here of late) Bought SensorPush gateway & sensors for Top and Bottom shelves - a bit anal I know, but I can watch temp and humidity at any time from anywhere - with solid doors would also be an advantage to never have to open it to check temp and humidity If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

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