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  1. Eric Cartman. Then probably Omar from the wire
  2. mpq

    Blind Tasting Cigar Number 2 Reveal

    The hardest part is the huge variation in wrapper shade. Mine was so much lighter than any RASS I have ever seen I just couldn’t believe it was one.
  3. Mine should get here next week, so I will have about 30 days to rest them before smoking the first one. Should I put #1 at 68% or 62% for the short rest period?
  4. Agree on Atabey, but the beehive line from warped definitely reminds me of H. Upmann Cubans. If only atabey didn’t want $30 a stick...
  5. Atabey and warped make the closest to Cuban taste IMO. I love tatuaje, fuente, padron, Ashton, and don pepin cigars but their best cigars are all significantly stronger than the Cubans I have had.
  6. I really like the Lost City, but it seems like most people don't at least when compared to the Opus6 or 22. The Lost City definitely has a different flavor to it. Hard to describe, but you will know it when you burn one. For me, I won't be smoking anything at midnight b/c if I was the misses wouldn't kiss me! But New Years Day I am going to spark an old Cohiba Lancero to help celebrate another year.
  7. I am going to have to try the Picadores, but for me the PSD4 is really tough to beat. They seem to be good young, and great with a few years on them. Not sure how anything could beat them. To me they are better young than even the CoRo, and for the price the PSD4 has to be my favorite.
  8. I went with a davidoff art edition 2016 (not a good choice) and then a Siglo ii in the evening (great choice).
  9. Odd that this popped up. Saw one of these for sale with a few other unicorns the other day. Never heard of these before, but would love to try one.

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