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  1. Always like to try something new. Looking forward to them.
  2. George Carlin Richard Pryor Martin Short
  3. BJRPorter

    2019 PGA Championship Predictions

    Phil says he’s ready. I’ll go with him.
  4. From our host. Thank you!
  5. BJRPorter

    Toy of the Week: Speakers

    My ears are not good enough to distinguish between $850,000.00 and $10-15k.
  6. BJRPorter


    One thing I would like to see when/if possible, is multiple boxes of the same cigar up at the same time. It would mellow out the FOMO at present. I have placed a couple of bids at reasonable prices, especially when you factor in the the buyers fee, and I get outbid within minutes.
  7. Great thread for a newbie like me. I’m still crawling, but it is great to eavesdrop on you guys, being that we enjoy our beans with cigars.
  8. I guess my behavior leans towards hoarding. I do enjoy age on my CC. So I buy the box, and forget about them. Cuba production, or lack of, also stimulates buying habits.
  9. Smoke slower. Retrohale. If you don’t already do both of these it will take concentration and focus to change your habits. Slowly you’ll sense differences in the flavor profiles.
  10. What about Tubos? I’ve read mold concerns in relation to Tubos, but if we’re just talking flavor, where do Tubos come in? The answer to that should lead to some theories about aging with or without contact to other cigars.
  11. I have poker buddies that claim to be cigar smokers, and they do smoke regularly, socially, but if you ask them what they’re smoking they have to look at the band, and sound it out. It’s like they get the cigars out of a grab bag. Your friend probably thought he was really hooking you up, he just doesn’t know any better yet. Now you know what to buy him for his birthday!
  12. BJRPorter

    In the future ....

    It is very disappointing that we live in a time that we can see this as a possibility.
  13. Sometimes I get bored, and without even realizing it, I’ve stopped. or, Cigars are usually linked to activities. When I stopped the other activities, cigars stopped with them.
  14. I was afraid to open the thread!
  15. BJRPorter

    Heartfelt Beads in Aristocrat

    Same here. SoCal. I believe Piggy is too. He has more experience finding the sweet spot than anybody body else I’ve read. All I can say is, living in the same region, that our weather changes make us excellent lab rats, and seem to push almost all set-ups to their limits. Here, and on other forums, I have read about similar experiences in each type of cigar storage. The only thing that I have learned is that there is no magic bullet, that will work everywhere, all the time. Patience is the key. I thought 2019 would be cooler than 2018. We’ll see.

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