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  1. Wrapper looks pushed down rather than eaten. I would say no.
  2. 50 now. I grew up active at a high level. Life got busy in my early 40’s, by late 40’s, if I hit the golf ball wrong, I’d feel it for weeks or months. I dedicated myself to daily exercise and strength training, and I feel younger. When I do stop for a week, vacations and such, the old pains come back. I need to stay active to not be in pain. My life is better with daily exercise, it also helps me focus on the positives mentally. I hope you find something that works for you.
  3. What you’re asking is all subjective - value, “dipping into”, mood, taste. Heck, even aging offers no defined, measurable, repeatable standards. Most importantly, you enjoyed a great cigar experience. After having a great cigar it is tempting to figure out what made it special. You made it special by smoking it. May tomorrow’s cigar be as pleasantly surprising.
  4. Yes. I stopped, and got back into it. The differences I still contemplate. NC got more expensive, but also better. CC are the same price, but got milder. In both cases I’ve read about seed changes having some responsibility. Your talking months, where I just sorta stopped, for years. One good cigar brought me back.😃
  5. Definitely another very compelling reason to make the trip, but now for even longer and go off the beaten path, Cuban Secret Spots! And, bring a couple of boards to leave behind with the locals.
  6. Amazing! I had a good friend stationed at Gitmo. He wrote a couple of times about the empty line-ups of perfect lefts. Only 100 or so surfers on the whole island? Wow. I have a new mission...
  7. I have yet to watch the video linked below, it is about surfing in Cuba, and about how it was illegal until recently.
  8. I take what I like/regular rotation, and bring 3 or 4 extra. No takers? More for me.😃
  9. It makes perfect sense if everything I’ve read about Bitcoin, and Cuba are accurate. Bitcoin can only be accessed and used electronically, through a password. Cuba’s internet access is questionable at best. If you lose your Bitcoin password there is no way to recover, or access the Bitcoin you have. Therefor if the internet fails, you can not use your virtual currency.
  10. Fantasy Island - “I am Mr. Roarke, your host!” The Unit - Snake Doc, Dirt Diver, Cool Breeze, Betty Blue, Hammerhead. Three’s Company - Jack Tripper and Mr. Roper

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