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  1. Feist’s early work is excellent. I read Faerie Tale once a year or so. Magician Apprentice/Master series is great. Too many offshoots/extensions though. Patrick Rothfuss/Kingkiller is amazing. Extremely well written. Book three, Doors of Stone is scheduled for August 2020. If you like good writing, and long books, read Ken Follett’s Pillars of The Earth series. It is not fantasy, it is based upon fictional characters in European history beginning in the 12th century. Melanie Rawn’s Dragon Prince series is very entertaining.
  2. Ryan, I hope you are right. I’ve speculated and planned a bit around this virus, and all I can figure is that the virus itself, and everything about it keeps changing. Now Some medical professionals are saying this virus damages the heart of those that have recovered. It may be that this virus and all of it’s associated aftershocks do the equivalent of “the big one”. Time will tell. May we all have the opportunity to keep our families safe.
  3. If the Bronx Zoo tiger is truly positive from human interaction, then there is no amount of testing to justify an end to a lockdown, nor can we count on a reliable vaccine. Sad and strange times we’re living in.
  4. Gov of Ca has issued “guidance” for all 65 and over to “self-quarantine”, all bars, pubs, and wineries to close, and for restaurants to cut capacity by 50%. he went so far as to say martial law is an option. Oh boy! Oh yeah, Los Angeles Unified School District closed all public schools for at least two weeks starting tomorrow.
  5. Check the external tray under the drain hole. If full, use something to absorb the moisture until all the water drains from inside of your unit. You’ll notice a moisture line from the cooling fan enclosure to the bottom of the NewAir. Depending on where you live, turn off the temperature control. If it is not above 74 in your house, and your unit is not in direct sunlight or close to a heating vent, it will be fine with boveda, after keeping the door closed for a week or so. Two things are causing the condensation, the temp control cycling all the time, and opening the door too often. Now if you need temp control due to region or placement, the most effective way (with a NewAir) is to place cigars and boveda in tupperdors and stack them inside the NewAir. The tupperdors seal the humidity in and the temp swings out, while the NewAir cools.
  6. PSP 24:24 was expecting this from the 24:24 that day
  7. Soundtrack of my teenage years. Thanks for the company. RIP NP! And the meek shall inherit the earth...
  8. Another QT worst to best list.
  9. @MoeFOH The Spahn ranch scene was character development. It also brought the Tex and Cliff interaction to a conclusion. I’d guess there was much more at the ranch, but probably left out as they narrowed down the storyline. I watched at home, and enjoyed it. Part of it was also filmed at the end of my street, so I may be biased. They turned my neighborhood back 40 years, storefronts, neon, etc... They did a lot of night filming in my neighborhood that also didn’t make the cut. Because of the cast, I assume, the filming notifications I received said it was for a commercial.
  10. I agree with this. It has happened to me. Try a Padron .80th Anniversario and a Cohiba Robusto. If they do not have strong distinguishable flavors, it is time to step back for awhile. Quick questions. Do use little/average/large quantities of salt when you cook your own food? Prepared foods don’t count, as they are heavily salted/flavored. What about spicy? Garlic?
  11. If raw product is getting off the island, one would be naive to make the argument that only lower quality product exported.
  12. From an agriculture perspective, selling raw product to your competitors in the marketplace, is a very common practice that is based upon supply. Neither buyer or seller ever advertises it, respectfully. For tobacco, I’d guess it happens in each region between farmers, one is long, one is short on product, or had a poor harvest. Maybe the farmers are cousins or in-laws. Could it happen between regions?

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