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  1. Been there done that. Freezador google it. If you have the space it's a better lasting solution.
  2. Since I never had written a review before prior to my BRC review, I decided to pull another cigar from my “Cuban experiment”. Please refer to my Bolivar Royal Corona review https://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/topic/139626-bolivar-royal-corona-1998-prrrw/ which explains what my experiment is and why I don't have my box codes. This particular box of cigars was born sometime in the early 90’s prior to the upward swing of cigar popularity but since I started my experiment in 1998, I’ll just use that year as the reference date. Out of all my boxes within the experiment collection this box was the best of them all. Got lucky, blessed, hit the cigar lotto, this cigar has just aged and gotten better. I personally don’t know what a 100-point cigar tastes like, but this cigar is near the top in my mind and I’ll start this review by stating this cigar is a 97. Pre-Light Here is a beautiful milk chocolate brown colored cigar with tight and visible seams with a beautiful sheen to it(apologize for the poor photo my cell phone overexposes too much, doesn’t do the look of this cigar justice). It’s a firm packed cigar with a great Cuban hay/cocoa sweet aroma. The draw has just the slightest amount resistance. First Third An earth, mild chocolate, “Blue bottle” coffee flavor profile, all melded in perfect harmony. A light/medium body with medium finish with a ever so slight hint of spice. The burn line is a little wavy with a light grey ash. Total time is about 14 mins. Halfway The flavors remain consistent from the first third but become more concentrated, delicate and all so complicatedly smooth. It’s a cigar that is delicate in presenting those flavors while dazzling my olfactory nerves. This cigar is a medium body cigar with no strength to speak of. The burn is still wavy, but no touch ups were necessary. Total time is about 29 mins. Final Third This cigar finishes with a smooth earthy/Kahlua creamy profile without the sweetness. A medium body, medium finish and no strength at the end. Total time 49 mins. I unfortunately don’t possess the writing skills to give this cigar it’s proper credit. The robusto vitola is my favorite size and HDM generally isn’t my favorite Cuban, but this cigar is a true treasure. Though I doubt Cubans will ever be to standards of earlier years due to upward pressure of the cigar market, they are slowly returning to decent quality levels. With a little time and rest perhaps another diamond in the rough will be discovered by you. *NOTE- In all the commotion at my local cigar lounge after I mentioned what I was smoking I forgot to take pictures of the cigar. Perhaps I’ll break out another just to take photos. “Resistance is Futile”
  3. A brief explanation on why I don’t have my box codes. Unfortunately for me, my home burned down in a fire and all my boxes burned. Fortunately for me, most of my cigars were stored in another location, especially my “Cuban Experiment.” After reading about how aging benefited cigars, I decided set aside 9 Cuban boxes of various sizes in 1998 to see how they aged. This cigar is from that collection. Pre-Light Here is a medium brown colored cigar with tight and visible seams with a slight sheen to it. It’s a firm packed cigar with a great cedar/cocoa aroma. The pre-light draw has a slight resistance. First Third A smooth earth, cedar/nutty, and ever so light coffee flavor profile. There is also a touch of spice (red pepper) with a long finish. The burn line is a little wavy with a light grey ash. Total time is about 16 mins. Halfway The earthy, woodsy flavors have become more pronounced. A bitter roasted coffee flavor is also present. The spice is virtually nonexistent now. This cigar is basically a medium body cigar with little strength. The burn line got a little wavy and one touch up was necessary. Total time is about 36 mins. Final Third This cigar finishes with a smooth earthy/woodsy/creamy profile. It still carries a long finish, medium body and little strength at the end. Total time 1 hour 7 mins. As all athletes hate to admit, father time is undefeated. When young, this cigar is a full bodied/medium to full strength cigar, but father time has mellowed out this cigar to a medium bodied/low strength cigar. The prominent flavors are more pronounced, the finish is long, but mellow. Even after father time has mellowed out this cigar, I still give this cigar a 92. I look forward to seeing how this cigar will continue to age.
  4. I've been down your road living in So Cal. The solution to your problem is one word, "Freezador", but it really depends on your budget/needs.
  5. Straight Cut Perfect Cutter by Cuban Crafters {Lifetime warranty] pending on model $20 bucks, but they have sales all the time. Yes this is the same cutter that BG uses. V Cut (In reality there are only really 2 choices which are worth your money, and the main difference is the depth of the vcut) Xikar v cutter {Lifetime warranty} = a shallower v cut Colibri V-Cut (2 year warranty} = a deeper v cut (My personal choice, but to each his own)

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