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  1. dragn270

    Weekly poll suggestion

    By the looks of the resounding amount of you who are doing it wrong, we probably don’t need to have this as a poll topic. Thanks to everyone who shared their opinions!!
  2. dragn270

    Weekly poll suggestion

    I’ve had manwich and homemade but not del monte. What do you prefer?
  3. Not sure if this is how to make this suggestion but here goes. As I was taking care of the effects of my recent high protein diet (trying to add about 10lbs of muscle), I realized it bothers the crap out of me (pun intended) when I see the TP coming over the top or over. I’m strictly an under guy and will always change it whenever and wherever I see it over. Then this community popped into my head, not because there are a bunch of shits here but because it’s a very diverse place, both geographically and socially. And we all take shits. So on to the poll suggestion, are you over, under or don’t give a crap?
  4. Should I be requesting those specific box codes/dates? Or any code/date from those lines would be good?
  5. I hope they’re not terrible 😟. Got a box of regatas from 7/2018 I have yet to try.
  6. Definitely hit or miss but for the price who cares. Had one last night I could barely smoke the first third. Wouldn’t stay lit, burned super wonky and just tasted off. Decided to abandon that one and take a chance and grab another. Smoked perfectly!! Great hay, almost graham cracker taste the whole way through.
  7. dragn270

    Support Group Please Help

    I hear you!! With all the great looking boxes coming through it's really been hard not to buy. But, for me, I've made a goal to get a couple stupid bills out of the way first. If I can do this following the schedule I've made then, and only then, will I reward myself with a box. or two...
  8. I think if i was ever to switch careers to tobacco it would be in the agricultural side. I know it's probably really nerve racking to ensure good, consistent crops but being outside and hands on with the plants seems very rewarding. Also, the amount of science and insight Klaas has about everything from the pollination to planting and irrigation to harvesting and fermentation is very interesting to hear. Great video, thanks for sharing!!!
  9. It’s not like I can bone SJ for the entire 24 hrs and I’ve done too many 16 hr flights in economy to realize the benefits of business class. Whats up Bill!!
  10. dragn270

    Box of the Day

    I love these posts but they really make organizing my ‘what to buy next’ list a real pain.
  11. dragn270

    Happy Birthday Di

    Happy birthday!! Here’s to fond memories of the years past and great expectations of the years to come! 🍻
  12. dragn270

    24:24 MONDAY

    Are the JL boxes sold out? It doesn’t say in the listing above but there’s no ‘add to cart’ option in the store...
  13. dragn270

    Various marca stickers

    Yeah, promotional kind of stuff. I always see NC swag floating around but when it comes to Cubans it just seems to be ashtrays people bought on the island.
  14. dragn270

    Various marca stickers

    That’s an idea. But I was looking for something larger than cigar bands. Plus, I’m curious what the various companies’ designs would look like. If it comes down to it I’ll just use the bands though.

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