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  1. Patek 5522 https://www.watchadvisor.com/reports/patek-philippe-mens-calatrava-pilot-wristwatch-ref-5522-new-york-2017-special-edition Usually sent from sunny South Florida using Tapatalk.
  2. Had my 50th birthday party at this one in Miami. http://miami.primecigar.com Place is great. Because of local laws, they do not cook food, only cigars and alcohol, but we catered - and had a great time with about 100 friends. Usually sent from sunny South Florida using Tapatalk.
  3. Also, I just invested in a fisher scientific certified hydrometer - lab tested and certified to with +/- .5% RH. I am expecting it next week and am very curious to see if our Boveda packs are really that accurate in regulating humidity. My concern is actually not pegging humidity perfectly, but making sure my range in my Winaador is where I want it. I have temp swings of about 4F once per day when the cooling cycle runs, and during that period, my humidity crashes a bit, and i use an Aristocrat Humidity device to bring it back up. I just don't want it to ever go over 69, and keep an average of about 65. If I'm off by 3% in RH because of the sensor push issue, I would like to know. I may not be sending enough humidity because I'm reading 70, but it's probably closer to 67. And my average may be closer to 62 instead of my desired 65. My feeling is that the Sensorpush product has a tight tolerance close to its calibrated point - and the. Starts slipping the farther away you get. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Usually sideways with the hole facing up. I'm trying the Boveda product because it has a dual calibration feature - which allows one to calibrate the same sensor at 75 and at 32 during the calibration process. Maybe by taking an average high and low zero point we might get more accurate results as we get further away from our calibration point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. That what I’m doing. Usually sent from sunny South Florida using Tapatalk.
  6. This coming sunday the 7th? Usually sent from sunny South Florida using Tapatalk.
  7. Just bought a box of Cohiba Coronas Especiales. Usually sent from sunny South Florida using Tapatalk.
  8. What humid do you run? Crank. Usually sent from sunny South Florida using Tapatalk.
  9. Strange thing is - when calibrated to 75 using the Boveda Kit, they are good reading humidly to about 69. Lower than that, they start slipping, and the gap starts growing. I own over 10 sensors, and they all behave the same. Has anyone tried to calibrate the at 65RH, which to me would make sense, since that’s where I want to store my cigars. Maybe then, whatever slippage in reading I get would be at or below 60, which wouldn’t matter. Case in point. When calibrated at 75, they ready about 70 with a 69 pack, but then read 68, with a 65 pack. Seems like, they are good only close to the actual calibrated RH, or zeroed starting point, and as we get further away, they become much less accurate. Either way, I’m going to try the new Boveda wireless units with app and see if they are any better. Anyone had any experience with these? Usually sent from sunny South Florida using Tapatalk.
  10. Thanks. I just emailed them, and yes, I agree that the orientation does seem to influence them initially, buy after a while in a sealed space they seem level out is the hole in not blocked. For the test that I ran, I used the small Boveda acrylic box, with the false vented acrylic floor - with the sensors standing up over the humidity packs under the vented floor - on the vented acrylic floor. Hole on top - not blocked - and waited 72 hours. Also taped the edges of the top to avoid any leakage. Usually sent from Sunny South Florida using tapatalk.
  11. Hi everyone. Happy Holidays. I’ve got a calibration question for you folks that use SensorPush Hydrometers and Boveda packs. All of my sensors were carefully calibrated using Boveda calibration kits at 75%RH, and seemed to be working perfectly when I was keeping my cigars at 69%RH. Recently, I switched to 65%RH, and it seems that my sensors are all reading high. I tried to test them by running 2 sets of calibrations. First, I zeroed them using a sealed bag, and a Boveda 75 pack, and them re-ran the test using a fresh Boveda 65 pack. Again, all of the sensors read over 3% high in a stable dark environment - after being zeroed at 75% RH. During the test, I dropped in 2 small digital Zykar units, which within 72 hours read 75 with the Boveda 75 packs, and 65 with the Boveda 65 packs (+/- 1%). My original thought was maybe to calibrate (zero) my SensorPush hydrometers to the humidity level that I am expecting to achieve - in this case 65, even though they recommend 75. Anyone else ha e this issue, or ideas on what may be happening. Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. If you could set a temp anywhere from 62-68 within 3 degrees and RH at 66. What temp would you use?
  13. Your telling me. check out tropical cyclone #18: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_at3+shtml/114533.shtml?tswind120#contents header my way, again this year (that's the 3rd one). Interesting - they really shouldn't move NE when they are in the Gulf - but NOW they do.
  14. I have a science question, which may have been covered before. I have been storing my Cuban Cigars at 65RH / 21C, and my Dominican Cigars at 69RH / 21C. I recently bought a cigar cooler / humidor which maintains a temperature around 18C. Since RH is relative to temperature, I think that i should pay attention to Absolute Humidity, which would then require me to raise the humidity somewhat on both type of cigars in order to keep the moisture content consistent at the lower temperature. My though is to keep the Cuban Cigars at 69RH / 18C, and the Dominican Cigars at 72RH / 18C. That would keep the Absolute Humidity for both cigars about the same as if I were still keeping them at 21C. Any thoughts... But i would think if we are concerned about water content in the actual cigar, and cold air holds less water, we thereby need to raise the RH as the air gets colder to keep the cigar's actual humidity consistent. Thanks in advance for your help.

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