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  1. Why is this the first time I’m learning you had this cigar? You holding out on me? I think I’m going to have to show up for an inspection. Hopefully I have to confiscate a few cigars. *don’t have too.
  2. Great review. Loved how much info you gave us in the beginning. Really lets you get into the experience.
  3. I live in northern NJ, near @SigmundChurchill and @ElJavi76 and I can say that the news and all the govt. announcements really made it seem like we’re winning and just another week or two and we are in the clear. With the caveat that the next two weeks will be the worse thing most Americans have ever experienced. There were 18 wheelers at most of the larger hospitals in the area. I know someone who works at RWJ in New Brunswick and another friend who works at Mt. Sinai. I know the morgue was overflowing at Mt. Sinai over a week ago. My friend in New Brunswick calls me every day before work because him and his co-workers are starting to lose it a bit. I was trained to deal with death and spent over 3 years fighting a war. I have several medical issues resulting from the wars. Severe mental stuff dealing with what I saw and did. I see my friends who are all Drs behaving like I did when I came home. I think many Drs. will quit after this, they should at least be given screenings for PTSD because they are all going to get it to some degree. I don’t believe NY and NJ are reaching the peak. I think shit is going to hit the preverbal fan, and it’s our own fault. I live on a dead end Street and I haven’t seen as many cars in 2 years as I did today. My wife had to go to the post office and Then pick me up a few things from the pharmacy. She said people were everywhere. No more wearing masks not staying 6’ away from each other. Every supermarket had a line of people waiting for their turn to shop, line wasn’t doing the 6’apart thing. As far as end game I see only one ending working out. Charging on in, but not blindly or without plans. There is only one way to survive an ambush, and that is to run straight at the guys shooting at you. Same principle here, Washington and CA have flattened the curve and hospitals are doing ok so we need to send out waves, open some Starbucks for a week see what happens and move from there. if we can keep the hospitals from being overrun we can drive the virus directly across the country controlling its spread, we will need to go a little China and lock things down. People can’t control themselves, we’re spoiled and entitled and don’t care about other people. So what people will have to speak to their wife, divorce her if she bothers you that much. On the bright side cable is giving us all the channels no charge until the end of April. I can’t think of something I can’t have delivered to my front door, food, Amazon, Hookers and Cocaine, only after my wife has gone to bed for the last two. So we’re going to have to grow up, listen to the experts, and just accept that a bunch of people are going to die. In reality even a million people is nothing compared to our population so let them die. When the icu beds and respirators are gone, which most are used already, give the patient a bunch of morphine and explicitly tell them how much not to take wink wink 😉. I know what I’m saying, but is our economy; our way of life outweighed by 100k-200k deaths most of which are in poor health anyway. I have cancer myself, and if I get sick I’m going to die, that fact scares the shit out of me but it doesn’t scare me enough that I’m just going to stick my head in the ground and hope for the best. Our leaders need to stop blaming people and figure out what to do right now, then they need to do it. 650k Americans die every year due to heart disease, but no one is closing any burger kings. We also can’t afford to have what happened in Italy with the Drs dying happen here. So we should stay in our houses but realize we are going to have to expose ourselves a neighborhood at a time if it has to go that slow. My diagnosis and other brain injuries have seemingly made me mad however I don’t believe this. The Devil always comes for his due, so let’s just pay the guy and get him the hell out of here; he kinda creeps me out. Anyway that’s my 0.14$ and insane rant for the year Ted Reinhardt Fastkiller13
  4. Agreed. I had a 6 pack, then I bought a box. I finished the 6 pack and proceeded to buy another box. I do agree with the EL/RE program having a pretty big flaw - that flaw being I can never seem to have enough of them. I personally like the departure from the Marca flavor profile. I find the el/re to be close but just different enough to make it interesting. Granted I’ve only got 5 years of experience with them and a very limited supply but what I’ve had I’ve liked.
  5. 15 years is a long time. Let’s just hope the forum doesn’t stop speaking to us, inform us 2-3x daily of the ruin we are bringing to its life, and stop doing its chores. I can live with the first 2 but 24:24 must go on; teenage angst be damned. 🤐 😡 🤬 I’ll take out the 24:24 El Presidente but I’m not going to act like I’m happy about it. These millennials are really something else aren’t they. When I was 15 I had to walk uphill both ways to 24:24 and I could never get my email fingers fast enough to get the really good stuff. That’s probably a good thing actually.
  6. I’ve got some el laguito D4 from 16 thanks to El Pres and they are phenomenal right now.
  7. Just tell your wife that your best cigar friend is having his cigars sent to your house so his wife doesn’t know how many cigars he has.
  8. I’ve done it when I was new and buying singles. I think I had a 20 cigar desktop humidor. I thought I couldn’t afford to waste any. What I did that was a bit different is clipping the cigar while it was still burning. Then I’d blow out any smoke left in the cigar. There didn’t seem to be much of a difference to me but I didn’t know much either. I wouldn’t do it today but I think this may be something the FOH team can run an experiment on.
  9. Thanks for reviewing. I love these cigars myself. I think they are the current best smoking 17 EL. Hopefully I save a few to compare in a couple years.
  10. After the books ran out and the writers had to come up with their own material it all went to shit. Although I personally think HBO has a pattern of doing this to shows. Amazing until the end, then things go off the rails. They have a saying where I’m from. “HBO has zero endgame”
  11. Camping gear. I have enough gear to climb Mt. Everest and I’ve barely gotten to a few mountains in NY state. Snow shoes, sleeping pads, caribiners, rope, etc, etc, etc. most of it untouched in the basement. Probably time to sell some stuff and then buy more stuff I don’t need!
  12. I won’t know if I can make it until last minute. It’s my birthday so I’m not sure if the wife has plans for us.

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