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  1. IMHO JLP have as a brand a perfect balance berween price and value of the goods so according to universal premium brand definition they fit perfectly. I'm not trying to discuss premium brand in term of quality alone. I'm just want to compare price/value/quality of different brands and to see FOH members opinion on this subject.
  2. Dear FOHers I am curious on what CC brands are you consider as premium brand in the terms of universal premium brand definition? "Premium brand is the ones that give you the best features at the best value. They operate with a close to one ratio of functionality and price. So since they are providing the best features and quality, consumers pay them high price for that. They feel it’s worth it." IMHO this is Partagas with close second JLP.
  3. I wish a Merry Christmas prosperous and very happy new year 2021 to all FOH members, their families and friends.
  4. I can not understand the fact that they vaccinated UK old people just to find the fact that people with allergies should not take it ?!?!?!?!? What they test during so called third phase if they do not tested allergies reactions? First thing that a medical stuff ask you before applying yours medicament is: Do you have some allergies? How they approved a new vaccine without testing it on allergies?
  5. Cohiba for me. I never smoked any good. In the same time I'm really enjoy Shorts and Clubs. On second thought I'm not sure that I ever smoked a genuine one .....
  6. For all FOH members celebrating Christmas Day by Julian calendar I wish a peaceful and happy Christmas.
  7. I wish a Merry Christmas prosperous and very happy new year 2020 to all FOH team, FOH members, their families and friends. Regards from Belgrade
  8. Black Sabbath Metallica is not in the same league. To give them justice you have to compare them with Led Zeppelin.
  9. Not for long #$!!^%$ EU integration........ Regards from Belgrade

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