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  1. This would be my guess as to the culprit. others noted this above - it can affect taste to a surprising degree. I’ve heard people complain that all their cigars have developed a soapy taste, all their cigars taste bitter, their whole humidor went sick at the same time, etc etc Generally, slowing down to at least a minute or so between puffs helped fix the problem. Also, sometimes people’s taste buds change as they age (or from sickness/stress, as mentioned above).
  2. I’ve been smoking some DIC 18s lately that have a great pretzel note at first, and then start to get into that fruity territory you mention. It’s delicious; wish I had a cab of these.
  3. Maybe the Bolivar Jr Corona? But I agree for the most part. It’s relatively rich and strong for a Cuban, IMO.
  4. It’s not my favorite minuto but it’s definitely up there. I usually get between 40 - 55 minutes out of one. I seem to like it with some age but not a lot - 3-5 years is nice for me. But maybe it’s just these particular boxes.
  5. I would think there might be a chance it actually is close to 95%. Just thinking of all the people I've known who have come back from a cruise or vacation to Mexico with a box of "Cubans", I'm sure the number is pretty damn high.
  6. I find them to be pretty decent for what they are, which to me is a relatively inexpensive but tasty cigar without too much complexity. I prefer the Tapados and Mananitas, but enjoy the entretiempos too. From what I remember, the flavors are wood/cedar, earth, and a creaminess that can sometimes be sweet. Its not something I buy that often, but when I do I tend to enjoy them. They're good for the morning or afternoon. Don't think I've ever had a plugged one - construction has been surprisingly good in my experience. I've never tried ERDM yet, so I can't compare those, but I will say that I think I see some similarities to certain Hoyos - Palmas or maybe Depute.
  7. Likes: I love the vitola, love the sweet/fruity/cedary flavors (especially the caramel after a couple years), and I actually don't mind a touch of bitterness when young - I get something similar from NC Connecticut sometimes, and i dont mind it there either. Dislikes: They can be tight, but I have an AGO RAT 21 box that seems very well rolled. No other negatives for me. Wrapper: As @Juliano88 said, dark vs light wrappers maybe have different characteristics, but I like em all! Storage: I feel like they respond better to a little higher humidity, actually, which is maybe a little odd (though I keep my cigars higher than a lot of folks on here seem to anyways). I have mine at 67-68rh, and very few draw issues. Overall: They are definitely one of my favorites - between the price, the caramel, the vitola, its a classic in my eyes (same goes for the PLPC but I prefer the PLMC a bit).
  8. No, they make a limited selection of the most popular sizes, and ignore the ones that don’t fit the image they are trying to create. A LOT of people buy Monte 4s. By your argument, HSA should be making tons and tons of PCs. Where are they? This is about trend chasing, IMO. Big ring gauge is “cool” right now, so that’s what HSA is making.
  9. Your comment about the LGCs breaks my heart, because that’s what I see happening too. Only difference is, I sadly don’t have a box of them. Besides on 2424, I see PLMC singles occasionally here and there, and I saw a few boxes on a couple different sites in Jan and Feb. Those at least are still getting made!
  10. Like I said above, my argument had less to do with the non plus - which I’ve admittedly only tried once - and more to do with the HSA decision to trim the lines to the ridiculous point they have. I don’t see this as “business 101”. They are losing business because they are oversimplifying their offerings to the point of blandness. There are 500 choices between 50 and 54 rg, and only like 12 under 40 Rg, there’s only a handful of PCs and lonsdales (as discussed above), and even Churchills have been trimmed down to what - 3 options? It’s ridiculous. I’m sorry, I do not see HSA as doing it right.
  11. I’m like you - I want as many options as possible. But I disagree that it’s a poor business case to keep rolling skinnies to provide more options. I think Habanos looks at it like everyone today - it’s gotta sell fast, or it’s crap. I think its The same thinking that leads all these kids to go a million dollars in debt to become entrepreneurs with no equity. they think if you own a restaurant while someone else owns Facebook, you’re a failure. Similarly, if the LGC MdO line only sells 5% of what the Partagas serie d no 4 sells, then it’s a failure. But, the thing is, not everyone likes robustos, petit robustos, or montescos. Even of those who do, most of them want other options too. By saying “we are only going to sell the highest performers”, they are limiting their customer base to those who smoke the highest performers. And honestly, a fair percentage of your daily smokers either prefer skinnies or want them regularly. Somebody who wants a variety of lanceros or - God forbid - long panetelas has to buy NC because Habanos no longer sells enough to cover anywhere near what the demand is. Personally, I know I spend a lot more money on NCs than I would if there were more skinnies available. I guess it’s an argument in favor of capitalism, because I’m pretty sure some enterprising Businessman would happily fill this mismatch between supply and demand if they were allowed to do so.

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