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  1. belmate85

    1 Box from Cuba

    Much thanks for the info!
  2. So I have a friend who will be visiting Cuba in May and has offered to pick up a one box of cigars for each of his friends. Is there anything in particular that I should ask him to pick up? My first thoughts were to ask him to search for a box of H. Upmann Sir Winstons. Would anyone have a ballpark range of what 1 box of Sir Winstons would go for in USD? Much appreciated for any input!
  3. belmate85

    Drew Estate Cigar Safari

    Was this the trip from last week? Had a couple smoking buddies (I think 4) from my local B&M in Philadelphia on that trip! Sounded like a great time.
  4. belmate85

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    HUHC with an Old Fashioned.
  5. Born and raised in Philly! The best part about this season is that it came so unexpectedly. Figured they were be solid and fight for a wild card but definitely not 8-1 at this point.

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