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  1. Wushy

    Unethical Pricing

    Do your homework and if they willing to listen, inform them of better alternatives. Other than that, let capitalism do its thing.
  2. Crowned Heads La Imperiosa My Father Flor de Las Antillas My Father Eminentes Padron 64 Fuente Anejo 888 (or any of them)
  3. Hilarious how all 3 hate they had to be honest about which they liked best. Everyone gonna start dunking now. Water? Scotch? Milk?
  4. I'd rather have no band than have that crap excuse for bands on my cigars
  5. I find them on on the stronger side compared to the cubans I've smoked. They feel funny in the hand and underfilled, but I have yet to have bad draw issues.
  6. Wushy

    Pop up sale tomorrow

    Great price for Monte 2's for those who are needing to restock on them.
  7. Enclosed space made of metal so it can't "breathe" like wooden dress boxes can. Also much less airflow going into the tube.
  8. Wushy

    Large ring gauge

    Personally, if something is larger than 50 gauge, I'd prefer a tapered cap. Of course, if the cigar is 60 gauge, but the flavors are exceptional, I wouldn't hate on it. Just would prefer a size skinnier and longer.
  9. They're stored in a tupperdore. I was on some antibiotics about 2 months ago. During that time I was on a trip and had a cigar and it was fine. I'm pretty confused as to what's going on.
  10. Pretty much what the title says. Took about a 1-2 month break from cigars due to misc. reasons. Decided to light up a Connie A last week and as soon as I puffed on it, tasted like burnt rubber and I had to chuck it due to how bad it tasted. Thinking it might have been a dud, I tried a Monte 5 the following weekend and the same burnt taste. From my own experiences, the Connie A and Monte 5 have been pretty consistent, and that I got the same problem from both tells me it's either storage or it's me. As for storage, they're kept at 62-65% RH, so I'm more inclined to think it's just me. Anyone else experience this before? And if so, any advice? Note: As an experiment, I guess I'll try a NC like a Liga T52 or something that I know is extremely consistent. If it tastes like heinous rubber instead of cocoa and dirt, it's probably me.
  11. SLBs, cabs, and dressboxes for sure because you can make a table out of them eventually.
  12. Wushy

    My First Order

    Buy with confidence from here. I'd buy any cigar blind from Rob and know it'll be good.
  13. I agree. Quad-bands seems much better.
  14. Ordered a 10 box of Party Lusi from NOV 17 from a 24:24 a few weeks back. Got the package this past weekend and found it to be a box from JUN 15. Not the box code I bought from 24:24, but definitely not complaining hehe. Cigars looks great and saves me time from aging. Did I win a lottery?
  15. I can't help it. I was born with my thumb looking this way. Personally, I think it looks great though.

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