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  1. ha_banos

    24:24 TUESDAY

    Ou est le Mercredi?
  2. I checked the maps. It seems no longer there. This was not far from the police station in Larnaca back in 2004/5. It was a small but cigar shop/tobacconist. I know the airport and stores now seem to get good feedback.
  3. I bought some Cubans form a cigar shop in Cyprus back around 2005. It was a legit store. Only bought a couple of handfuls while on holiday to bring back. The few Cohiba I bought were fake. I only suspected after I brought them home and was drooling over them. Finally took them into Mitch who confirmed they were fake. The others were kosher.
  4. Nice. I do like a fish wrap! Last year I managed to lose 10kg. The main thing... No alcohol. That yields more good habits too. I've not put any weight back on since last year. A bit of up and down. But I'd like to do it again. Good job.
  5. Wow. Great work. And it is work. Hard work. Care to share your secrets!?
  6. So here we are. My final submission be it a few days early 88kg! So what's that 2kg? So ummmm what's that ... 50lbs!! Best I could manage this year has been a bit meh so far. Must try harder. 😊
  7. Will pencil it in! JJ on a Saturday should be nice and busy!
  8. I bought one recently €300! And I know that was a great price. Was a grey import though... But looks good, was sealed, looks good compared to few singles I have. I guess that's why price wasn't sky high?
  9. Hmm. M down about 1kg. Don't think I'll be winning this competition....
  10. ha_banos

    Left or Right?

    Just on wrapper colour, nice. I'm leaning to left.
  11. Ok going to weigh in tomorrow morning. Not been doing very well with this. No willpower at all here. Not surprised if I'm on a surplus instead of deficit... Stay tuned!
  12. I'm in London most days. So an evening herf should be possible! Weather should be nice and cold for your visit! Jjfox have some events, not sure how the dates coincide. Boisdales in Canary wharf have a nice indoor sampling room where you can get drink as well as an outdoor terrace. The Stafford had heated terrace very near jjfox et al Certainly you can peruse locations here depending where you're going to be https://cigars.co.uk/where-to-buy-smoke/ There are some private clubs that I'm not a member of [emoji16] that some here may be able to accommodate visitors! Harrods also has the posh jjfox lounge. Loads of places! Enjoy! Maybe keep us posted or we organise something here? B.
  13. Ummmm ..... In think we already there ... So to speak..
  14. France is indeed 22. Under the UK. http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/population-by-country/ But we're tight obvs
  15. I can't even lay off the night time snacks. This is not going to go well...
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