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  1. I was perusing the thread thinking I never stumble across anything interesting, then https://www.pentestpartners.com/security-blog/smart-male-chastity-lock-cock-up/ Note this is from a security website... The lock is subject to vulnerabilities. This means the lock can be enabled by an unscrupulous attacker. And there's a hardened steel ring with no manual override...
  2. Was at a party couple of years back. Cracked open a Culebras. Not a cigar smokers gig. Couldn't get a taker for the third stick! YOLO people! Was a good cigar. Fresh. Imagine they are great nicely matured. Also noticed this fetish on the gram. Nonsense as usual. Surprised haven't seen them shoved into a birthday cake yet. Or accompanying a steak Diane...
  3. Chickpea in coffee. Well I never....Sounds horrible. I feel like coffee should be pure. I can't imagine the flavour mix. Will try out of curiosity if I'm ever there! Anyone else on chickpea pasta? Wife has me on chickpea pasta. Needs lots of sauce. Lots.
  4. I'm lazy and can't workout a program for myself. So I CrossFit a few times a week. Its varied and social (read competitive.) But I'm one of the oldies do just try to keep up with anyone who's lagging! Also tonight, coach got me this little gift 😁
  5. Aaaaaand go.... Always happens when asking for opinions! Different smokes for different folks 🙂
  6. I hate winter. I don't do cold. And I don't do windy. Especially in the winter! If it's around 8-10°C and no wind can be nice. Got me an electric patio heater, might invest in a second. Ive a box n half of SP NP 2007/8, Party shorts, hdm PR, petite no.2, petite jlp cazadores, short Churchill all with a few years on them. Been collecting these just for winter time. Should last a while! As I don't enjoy a cigar in the cold. Kudos to those who can. I need to take a winter vaca.... Oh wait... 😭 I know I'll go visit a lounge! I'll get the tube... No. I'll ride! In the winter rains!? 😭
  7. Nope. Enjoy! But curiously looking forward to the photos and write up. Hope the cigars are good. Expect the packs will start appearing on the auctions immediately after!
  8. ha_banos

    My Greek Odyssey

    Some Greek Aussie construction millionaire televises trips around many of the Greek islands on his yacht. Funny. He's for sure not a TV personality. It works well. And showcases a lot of Islands. We've started visiting Greek islands over the last 4 years and really enjoy the holidays. Couple of weeks on quieter Islands. Love the underdeveloped feel. Food, drink, exploring, history, scenery, people, weather. Can't fault it to be honest. So thanks for bringing to the masses. Anyone seen it? Not spotted any cigar smokers. Even on yacht heavy locations! Some local shop toscanos spotted in the wild, bit no premium cigars. Except me! Anyone know Peter Maneas? I don't think he's a cigar smoker. Otherwise we'd have seen some in the show!
  9. I'm smoking a post 2000 punch DC. It's flipping gorgeous. Smooth, mild yet rich. Can't fault it.
  10. Both Mercaderes and Oficios are great now. Only had a handful of each from another forum split. Both fivers smooth, mild tasty cigars for me. Just lovely. Finished both this year. Actually terrible. Nasty acrid. Please forward to me for registered humane disposal....
  11. But I was sure I could tell from the remaining wrapper after I realised what was going on! But from what you say we may be unable to determine this phenomenon in advance and are occasionally doomed to fighting it. Dang. Another thing to add to the Selection Ceremony 😁 Now there must be a topic for that....

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