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  1. Tried a 1999 Familiares a few years ago at JJ fox. Peppery AF. Also tried a 2012 much less pepper. Good old consistency.
  2. Introduced my BIL to the joys of slenderellas with a 2010 mdo no.4. He was suitably surprised by the flavour. Had a couple of fatties lined up for after but they'll have to wait for another day! Hope they live up to the Gloria!
  3. Described as complex. But very bland, dry earthy tasting. Bought a fiver In a split. I don't try NC often. I'm more shy of them now!
  4. I've got some packs in cardboard. Have been umming and arring about demanding them into boxes. This thread might just push me to do it... 👽 Watching with interest.
  5. Mebe it thinks well aged cigar and is turning the film yellow 😁 Samsung have a mind of their own. That's why I went stock Pixel.
  6. Got what I think is an 1980s Davidoff no.2. Partagas 898 1980. And a box of 9 Los Statos Selectos from the 70s. Smoked one which had that nice mellow sweetness, but was quite mild. Smoked a 1971 RyJ Coronas last month. Also was pleasant, mellow, sweet.
  7. I know a fellow who used an air freshener - without the scent obvs. Those ones that blow out periodically. Basically a battery powered fan on a timer. Was small enough to have a couple in a cabinet. Not been able to find any just looking though as they are all mains powered nowadays?
  8. I've got a bluemaestro and a generic cheapo. Battery life is annoying. After a couple of years the BM is cheering up batteries in no time. The generic one was from the start. There might be settings but not found it yet. In the end I built one out of a raspberry pi zero w. But that needs an usb cable to power it. Thanks for the reminder to revisit this project though.
  9. Got bought a replica one of these for me birthday. Not sure I like it 🤔
  10. He's Greek so likely from Greece 😊 I can't read the sticker on the box either though.
  11. First ever gold for Philippines ☺️ well done https://www.instagram.com/p/CRzLvtwnIc9/?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. Our coverage is BBC so no adverts. But that means more inane drivel. I'll watch select sports. Mostly highlights. Those pesky Ruskies are still there although they are hidden rather badly under the banner of ROC. Looking forward to the controversy in the heavyweight women's weightlifting.

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