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  1. Ordered ages ago! Hopefully got in there early enough. And am only just reading my first cigar book. So looking forward to this one soon!
  2. Don't know Newcastle. But you can ask h&f! https://cigars.co.uk/where-to-buy-smoke/
  3. 19.47 Ajay is trying it for the first time. Half or quarter ligero? Does he say?
  4. Punto55 tonight. Much larger cigar than I usually go for. Smoked really slowly was very nice!
  5. Lowest I've seen is 735£ and already sold out. Like the earlier comments said. Was very glad the box smelled as it did! Intoxicating is a good description. Not had the gall to break a box yet though to try one! Might have to grab a single too [emoji16]
  6. Went for my only one of these this evening. Nice! Making me hungry!
  7. I guess we pay extra to have those big unsightly stickers removed and replaced with these smaller less effective ones!
  8. UK cigars. Are they allowed on this forum? [emoji16]
  9. Love the carb debate in the fitness industry. Project Puck Faleo is the latest. It's all about the calories. Be happy.
  10. Ha! Just don't try this with the current fashion of large ring gauge cigars...

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