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  1. Too many cigars this month 🙃 2008 Mercaderes. Tapacrap says! How dare you!
  2. You lucky mofo to have survived that. During Ramadan too. Blessings be upon you. Now your Al Pacinos height .. well just watch Scarface [emoji38] Man I hope you don't have any problems later on. For now smoke on! What a tale...
  3. ha_banos

    The Wheezycab

    Looks amazing. Thanks for the journal journey. Really fun to follow. Turned out really well functionally. Really eclectic looking piece. Might have to ask you about how your driving the fans. Did you post the technical details? Will have to check! You could control the lights by voice from Google/Alexa or your phone 😁 Absolutely love how it looks. Glad you enjoyed the journey!
  4. 500GB SSD m.2 because 128 just isn't enough in these times... 2 usb SATA adaptors for powering drives off the TV. Had to buy a temporary fridge as we have no kitchen at the moment. And just signed up for 10 Mantua's because one must! A conference mic - because more WFH... Upgrading some wall sockets to ones with usb ports because... well .. something to do. When will it end!? B.
  5. ha_banos

    The Wheezycab

    That looks very smart. Great going. Certainly was a good day. And it was Cube, not T.
  6. ha_banos

    The Wheezycab

    Let's get a pic with you standing next to it for scale! [emoji16]
  7. ha_banos

    The Wheezycab

    Thanks for the ongoing updates! Most interesting watching the development ☺️ Question - why did you drill the vent holes after assembly and not before?
  8. https://www.plenglish.com/index.php?o=rn&id=52743&SEO=cuba-reveals-mystery-about-partagas-cigars-quality Ah the mystery of quality ... Revealed. Not sure but I expect this article is a few years old now. Another one of those: love the English Cuban articles? Not seen much moaning recently? B.
  9. Bought a jar recently from Poland. Paid a hefty price though. But still much better than UK prices! One of my favourite cigars. Bought a handful from a local forum coupled of years ago. So when I found one, nabbed it. Few years of age on it too when I bought it. Oh for a trip to Cuba...
  10. And Dunhill 1a and the Stafford also on or just of st James st. Sautters of Mayfair also not far away. There's Harrods, the Wellsley. No 10 Manchester is nicely covered and you have the option to smoke your own for a min spend. I could barely get downstairs at Turmeaus [emoji16] but yes very quaint. And you never know Mitch might be there.
  11. No worse than JJFox etc. In fact some options are reasonable compared to the other stores. And very plush inside. Certainly worth a visit. Crazy is Ritz cigar shop and some others don't bare thinking about. Sampling rooms, shops, terraces etc. Here https://cigars.co.uk/where-to-buy-smoke/

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