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  1. Merry Christmas folks. Eat, drink, smoke, be merry or whatever you do!
  2. I wonder how long it takes for moisture content of a cigar to change as a result of varying temp and rh especially when they are in a closed box or tubes...
  3. Wow. Arrogance and insults don't sit well with me. Mind pm me the seller? Just so I can make sure he's struck off my list. Nice that you have a microscope. Show the vendor the 'crystals' of plume and let's see where he goes. I presume you've sent him this thread.
  4. Really enjoyed the Torreon this year. Only had a couple. And the jar is very cool and comes with the built in ash tray for your convenience and delectation sir.
  5. I'm confused. It's only the wrapper. You don't know what the filler and binder is saying. They are both PSP same crop. I know the wrapper affects taste somewhat. So surely it's all placebo beyond that! I prefer the look of the lighter wrapper. Caveat. I don't have much experience with RASS. But generally, how a cigar looks doesn't always translate to how good it is.
  6. Reminds me of a story from elsewhere of a box that had a coffee cup stain on the top! Apparently it got sent back to the distributor. Too right too! Could have been sold as singles, but it's a good example. Lord knows what examples come through we don't hear about 😁
  7. It's about the stories isn't it. Don't follow these very much. But every time I see LD chomping on a cigar (posted this on the UK forum, not sure if anyone will know the TV series here)
  8. Ha. I've learned to ignore them for now. I've got a new Upmann tin where they are irritating me greatly. When I can be arsed I'll get a hair dryer out, empty the tin and have a go. They certainly don't peel off cold! Someone also suggested something called sticky stuff remover. No idea what it would do to a varnished SLB though.....
  9. I'm trying to get some googoo clusters in the UK. But none around 😒 Can anyone help out? Is shipping silly money? Thanks! B.
  10. Well we're all aware of it now! Great marketing. Rob Report....? 🤔💭 Clever sideline!? 😜
  11. Did this yesterday. Lockdown no.2 here and sitting working all week and nice weather yesterday culminated in a walk for a couple hours. Grabbed a Cuaba Exclusivos 2015. I kept the walk slow enough to the annoyance of SWMBO but there were some up slopes which increased the breathing rate. Cigar was a bit spicy so smoked slowly anyway. Plenty of people on the paths and park, not one complaint. Definitely passed the time quicker with the cigar. Enjoyed it, but much prefer to be relaxed, perhaps walk somewhere break with a cigar, coffee, sandwich, walk back. Enjoyed the cigar but of course lots of
  12. I'm surprised such boxes aren't returned back to habanos. Quite a few nets they have slipped through. #hoomans
  13. Don't apologize as no offence taken! There might be some interesting change if you lot got some say! Nick Whitcomb is the Scouse gym owner who fought the powers that be to keep gyms open even in tier 3 lockdown. News went international too. Brian rose is a ... Well probably dangerous but I couldn't predict the outcome there. Not sure if he would be able to shake anything up or just talk everyone to death. I'm also very concerned how this country is going. It makes sense to annexe off inner London. It does seem to have been becoming for the super rich for a while now. I bought a
  14. @99call for prime minister! And Brian Rose for Mayor of London! And Nick Whitcomb for health secretary! #alondoner
  15. I was perusing the thread thinking I never stumble across anything interesting, then https://www.pentestpartners.com/security-blog/smart-male-chastity-lock-cock-up/ Note this is from a security website... The lock is subject to vulnerabilities. This means the lock can be enabled by an unscrupulous attacker. And there's a hardened steel ring with no manual override...
  16. Was at a party couple of years back. Cracked open a Culebras. Not a cigar smokers gig. Couldn't get a taker for the third stick! YOLO people! Was a good cigar. Fresh. Imagine they are great nicely matured. Also noticed this fetish on the gram. Nonsense as usual. Surprised haven't seen them shoved into a birthday cake yet. Or accompanying a steak Diane...

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