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  1. Vertigo Glock. It has been very reliable and fairly inexpensive.
  2. HdM Epicure 2 RASS H Upmann Mag 50 H Upmann Half Corona Monte 1 Party Shorts HdM Epicure Especial
  3. I think the significance of Atabay is to have a New World cigar at a price point comparable to Behike. I've never smoked one but have heard good things. It's just marketing that brought us here, not cost, I'm sure. I don't imagine a Behike costs much more to make than a regular Cohiba in Cuba just like I don't think an Atabay costs significantly more than other NCs. Sure they are made in a different country than most (Costa Rica but they aren't rolled on the thighs of young virgins. The lack of disclosure of binder/filler/wrapper on Atabay is probably more due to the fact it's nothing special than it is something special. I might have said something like this about OpusX in the 90s but OpusX was really the first Dominican puro, and it turned out it was something special.
  4. So hard to name just one. Underrated has to go to Alex Lifeson of Rush Most influential has to go to Clapton, Hendrix, Van Halen Guitarist/Craftsman sort of place has to go to Eric Johnson, Mark Knopfler, Best rhythm guitarist - James Hetfield, Malcolm Young so many titles you can make up, so many great guitarists
  5. It's not as difficult as it looks if you buy the prefabricated neck. The neck/bridge/tailpiece are all on the same chunk of wood. It's not too hard to make one of these and tons of fun.
  6. I think wrapper plays more of a significance in New World cigars, where there is a blend of different nations than in CC. It's what touches your lips and if it is significantly different from the rest of the cigar, then certainly it will have an effect.
  7. I would have left my car where it was blocking the space and walked away. A couple of minutes and they would have left and then I would have pulled in the space.
  8. joeman

    Price sensitivity

    Price paid and how much I will enjoy the cigar are unrelated. I've paid a huge premium for cigars that are just meh and I've gotten some amazing ones dirt cheap. I tend to organize my cigars and smoke based on the flavor profile I want at the time, I don't really consider price and the special ones are special for the way they taste and perform, not what they cost.
  9. I find myself doing this often, because it seems to be the time where I enjoy the cigar the most. There are ones I pitch pre-band or as it hits the band, but those aren't very good. Most time I'm smoking a CC or a NC with a broadleaf wrapper. Both types are nubbable for different reasons.
  10. I've found AJ Fernandez Enclave and Last Call to be very close. Most NC these days are very strong and often one-dimensional. Those two come in a little more med-full and open up the tastebuds a bit. They have that sourdough taste that one often associates with Partagas.
  11. We have them but only membership ones in my town. I can drive 30 minutes to one that I can come and go as I please. It's open 9am-midnight most nights. It has several TVs that have sports on them. Leather chairs, ashtrays and the whole store is a humidor. Good times. Spend $10 and you can smoke there. They have coffee but alcohol is bring your own bottle.
  12. joeman

    Real? Fake? Can't be sure?

    Faking these is like counterfeiting 5 dollar bills. I think you're pretty safe in assuming they are real. Sure the missing seal is a red flag, but if figurados are inside and not robusto parejos, I think you're good to go.
  13. joeman

    Añejados program

    I think the expectation was they were going to take a Fuente Opus X or Drew Estates Liga Privada route, by instituting aging and quality steps. A special project of sorts. I think the perception is that this is what they should be doing for every cigar that leaves the factory and it shouldn't come with an extra price tag and second band. NCs have a much higher build and sort quality these days. That wasn't always the case.
  14. Tide ad for the win! David Harbor was great in those.
  15. Through his longevity in the sport, that is playing at such a high of a level for so long, he is to be celebrated. Many of the quarterbacks we say are the greatest truly only have 2-4 great seasons and a lot of mediocre seasons besides that. Comparable, yes Michael Jordan is a good one. Derek Jeter and Mariano Riviera as well, though the Boston-area people might not like those comparisons! I can't think of a football star with more gravitas. This really has to go to another sport. BTW I'm not a Patriots fan.

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