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  1. I’m big fan of boozy and fruity Tiki drinks and this was my first attempt at a Zombie! Pairs great with a Bolivar Corona Extra (POS ABR 07) courtesy of @inter4alia too!
  2. 1996 RyJ “Prince of Wales” courtesy of @La_Tigre … Happy Cinco de Mayo!
  3. I really enjoyed it ... 11 years age doesn’t hurt! I heard the des Dieux was discontinued years ago, so my hopes for another one in the future are not high!
  4. HdM “Le Hoyo des Dieux,” LAG MAY 10, courtesy of @inter4alia. My first “des Dieux” and probably my last!
  5. Our Boston Terrier, Stella. She’s so smart, she knows when I grab a cigar from the humidor, my next stop is to grab a bone for her. I mean, she’ll hear my Aristocrat door open from across the house and will come running full-speed, jumping ottomans and sliding under chairs. She a really special dog. I can’t even imagine life without her.
  6. Trinidad Esmeralda courtesy of @jsummers157!
  7. I assumed for years they were gimmicks and therefore not any good; this post verified my assumption! Now if Habanos ever makes a line of NFL themed cigars, I’ll be the first sucker to bite ...
  8. My first Punch 48. I usually park my coin with high quality regular production rather than special releases like Regional, Limited Edition, and even LCDH exclusives. But! I sometimes make exceptions (HURRs) and Punch 48 might be another one. This one, courtesy of @jsummers157, is delightful.
  9. A few years ago I bought a box of LFdC from 2002. They are still the only LFdC I have ever smoked, so that might tell you what I thought of them. About 1/3 were so plugged I had to throw them away. The rest were okay ... an interesting fruitcake flavor profile with an emphasis on the candied fruit. I gifted half the box and never looked back.
  10. The “blue screen of death” takes on a whole new meaning!
  11. Tesla’s are very popular in my area. A stroll through the neighborhood is like the world’s largest Tesla showroom. Lately, however, a swarm of Tesla service vehicles have started to appear with more frequency. Now I know why!
  12. Love to see the spirit of entrepreneurism alive and well!
  13. Wow! This is exactly what I was looking for ... I hadn’t considered places like Colombia, Morocco, Vietnam, Laos. Lots of new destinations to research!
  14. I probably did leave it a little too open-ended! I wanted to emphasize how open we are to traveling anywhere! But, to your point, we do have interests however my wife and I couldn’t be more different. She’s in her happy place wherever there’s a warm, tropical climate with a beach. She loves a quiet spot on the beach where she can read her customary three books over the course of a week. As for me, I like an active vacation in or near a city. I like hiking, exploring, visiting museums and art exhibits. The one thing we we have in common is we like to dine out wherever the locals eat and t

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