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  1. Absolutely. I’ll smoke a pre-dinner cigar, eat my steak, then smoke an after-dinner cigar ... all without leaving the table.
  2. Life-long citizen of Dallas here. There are lots of cigar lounges, lots of bars, and lots of restaurants/steakhouses but there is only one that is all three: Chamberlain’s located at 5334 Belt Line Road, Dallas, TX 75254. In the winter, this is where I go for a steak and cigar. Best part? They have no problem if you bring your own cigars as long as you order food and/or drinks off the menu.
  3. Bolivar Belicoso Finos ... Almost every time I smoke one, I can’t believe they don’t cost more. This may be blasphemy, but y’all can keep your Connies and your Winnies ... I’ll take a Boli any day.
  4. The king of cream is Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona ... I’m pretty sure if you dip them in coffee like a stir stick, the coffee turns white.
  5. Go to a bar, dump a bunch of ashtrays into a bag, take the bag home and empty the contents into a large, airtight container. Fill the container with water. Every time you get the urge to smoke, open that container and take a big whiff. You’ll never touch another cigarette again.
  6. Spring and Summer: Rum (neat) made in the Spanish style (Venezuela, Panama, Cuba) as opposed to the British or French style, and scotch from the Highlands. Fall and Winter: Red wine and Port Always: Black coffee
  7. Last thing I do before bed. After dinner, after the kids are tucked in bed, and always with a drink ... usually neat. This is when I also catch up on the news, read a book, skim FOH Forums, etc. When done, I stumble to bed and pass out until morning. Repeat tomorrow.
  8. Some people make love with their socks on ... but like the bands on my cigars, I prefer to take them off.
  9. This comment is exactly my thoughts as well. I voted Punch. I don’t feel there are enough vitolas to judge the marque appropriately.
  10. @Ken Gargett I’m in D.C. on business all week and I was not thinking about weather when I scheduled this trip. You see, I have a large Cowboys star tattoo on my leg and I have been wearing shorts all week. The amount of jeers from random passerby’s this week has been ridiculous. Counting the days till I’m back home in Dallas!
  11. What a coincidence... I’m smoking one from the same box right now!
  12. I smoked 1-3 cigars every day for the last six years. Before that it was 1-3 cigars every week, and before that it was 1 cigar every week or less. At this rate, I’ll have a box per day habit by the time I’m 60! I need to cut back. I enjoy giving myself break and letting my taste buds and palate “reset.” The first cigar after a break is the best ... and then it starts all over again! My problem isn’t because it’s a habit or addiction. My problem is I reward myself a cigar for doing work, both at work and at home. Now, I have a hard time convincing myself to get anything done if there’s not a cigar waiting for me afterwards. The cycle is vicious: cigar to work, work to buy cigars, repeat.
  13. Battle Hymn of the Republic ”As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free.”
  14. $16 - High Altitude Butane After years of struggling to get my assortment of torches completely filled only to get weak flames out of them, I followed up on a tip to buy butane specially formulated for high altitudes. The reason being, these butane canisters refill with high force so the torch tanks fill up quickly and fully. Not only that, but the formula is so potent that I can set my torches to their lowest setting and they work perfectly. That means I can go much longer between refills. I travelled to the USVI and the BVI the summer and brought just my smallest torch ... it lasted the whole trip (seven cigars) and then some once I was back. A huge amount of stress and frustration gone!

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