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  1. Some people make love with their socks on ... but like the bands on my cigars, I prefer to take them off.
  2. This comment is exactly my thoughts as well. I voted Punch. I don’t feel there are enough vitolas to judge the marque appropriately.
  3. @Ken Gargett I’m in D.C. on business all week and I was not thinking about weather when I scheduled this trip. You see, I have a large Cowboys star tattoo on my leg and I have been wearing shorts all week. The amount of jeers from random passerby’s this week has been ridiculous. Counting the days till I’m back home in Dallas!
  4. What a coincidence... I’m smoking one from the same box right now!
  5. I smoked 1-3 cigars every day for the last six years. Before that it was 1-3 cigars every week, and before that it was 1 cigar every week or less. At this rate, I’ll have a box per day habit by the time I’m 60! I need to cut back. I enjoy giving myself break and letting my taste buds and palate “reset.” The first cigar after a break is the best ... and then it starts all over again! My problem isn’t because it’s a habit or addiction. My problem is I reward myself a cigar for doing work, both at work and at home. Now, I have a hard time convincing myself to get anything done if there’s not a cigar waiting for me afterwards. The cycle is vicious: cigar to work, work to buy cigars, repeat.
  6. Battle Hymn of the Republic ”As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free.”
  7. $16 - High Altitude Butane After years of struggling to get my assortment of torches completely filled only to get weak flames out of them, I followed up on a tip to buy butane specially formulated for high altitudes. The reason being, these butane canisters refill with high force so the torch tanks fill up quickly and fully. Not only that, but the formula is so potent that I can set my torches to their lowest setting and they work perfectly. That means I can go much longer between refills. I travelled to the USVI and the BVI the summer and brought just my smallest torch ... it lasted the whole trip (seven cigars) and then some once I was back. A huge amount of stress and frustration gone!
  8. Rarely, if ever, does someone contribute to an exchange of opinions on a topic that I’ve never heard before and that allows me to see the argument from a new perspective. This was one of those moments. Thank you, @GavLew79
  9. I’m glad I turned off my old timey Westerns long enough to read this thread. I may always have my traditional definitions of gender, of what a masculine man is and what a feminine woman is, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the right of people to exist the way they want to exist. I don’t claim to have all the answers or know how the world today works, but I’m smart enough to know everyone deserves to be respected.
  10. Cheeseburgers are one of my all-time favorite foods and until a few years ago, I would eat at least a few or more every week. That was, until my doctor had a very frank conversation with me ... no more than one serving of red meat PER WEEK! Goodbye burgers, bacon, steaks, bacon, pork chops, bacon, ribs, and bacon. I’m not crazy about Burger King, the Whooper isn’t my favorite burger, but dammit if I’m not waiting for the doors to open to try this meat-less burger when they start selling them. Edit: In case anyone suggests it, I can’t get a new doctor. Even though he makes me give up red meat, he also has zero issues with me smoking cigars every day so he’s my ride-or-die doctor for life.
  11. Here’s me with my daughter and my ‘stash.
  12. I worked at a radio station in the early 2000’s on a morning radio show. When the shuttle Colombia broke apart in the atmosphere upon reentry in 2003, I made a moonshot (no pun intended) effort to reach Buzz Aldrin by phone for some words of encouragement. He picked up the phone and without hesitation spoke to me that early morning before speaking live on our show. I’ve meet few people that are as endearing and intelligent as he. He spoke words of encouragement and hope and aspiration for humankind’s continued progress. He spoke of the incalculable value of space exploration and of his role in it. He said he walked on the moon, and I believe him without a shred of doubt in my mind.

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