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  1. I worked at a radio station in the early 2000’s on a morning radio show. When the shuttle Colombia broke apart in the atmosphere upon reentry in 2003, I made a moonshot (no pun intended) effort to reach Buzz Aldrin by phone for some words of encouragement. He picked up the phone and without hesitation spoke to me that early morning before speaking live on our show. I’ve meet few people that are as endearing and intelligent as he. He spoke words of encouragement and hope and aspiration for humankind’s continued progress. He spoke of the incalculable value of space exploration and of his role in it. He said he walked on the moon, and I believe him without a shred of doubt in my mind.
  2. 50 Cab of Party Shorts ... perfect for any occasion and would last just long enough to restock the new humidor!
  3. I leave the bundle tied up in the SLB and just reach in and grab a stick whenever I want. Sure, after a few months the ribbon and wax paper are just in the way, but that tied ribbon sure does look nice.
  4. Under the Dome I’m a huge Stephen King fan, so when Under the Dome was adapted for TV, I was really excited. Then I watched Under the Dome ... and even the book was ruined for me. That someone would adapt a good book into a bad TV show, as bad as it was ... that’s the REAL horror story.
  5. I bought a box two years ago in Cuba that changed my life ... one of the first Cubans I fell in love with. I bought a box last year through another online retailer ... and it was the flattest, blandest Cuban I can recall smoking. The very definition of hit or miss!
  6. The concept of the Añejados is not so far-fetched. NCs are usually aged a few years or more before being boxed and shipped to the states. Really expensive NCs like Padron’s Family Reserve are aged longer. I think Añejados are just Habanos’ attempt at catching up to trends in the market. Quality-to-Price ratio is the only concern I have, not authenticity. But, if this release is like the others, there will be a lot of supply still on the shelves in a couple years and bargains to be had!
  7. I agree. I have enjoyed the final season, even the finale tonight, and now I look forward to Martin’s conclusion in his books!
  8. Five years ago I was passing through Austin and was craving some BBQ. However, once I saw the line at Franklin’s BBQ and the multi-hour wait, I kept driving. Less than a mile away I found Micklethwait Craft Meats with literally no line. Minutes later I was sitting down to the best beef rib I’ve ever had!
  9. Throwing in a different city into the mix: Dallas (specifically Addison). While ever city in America has been in a race to outlaw smoking, Addison (a small city north of Dallas) has embraced smoking. How and why? Because Addison is a business-only city. It’s a city of bars and hotels, and so the city and it’s all-business owner government has realized a money-making opportunity in being the only place to dine, drink, and smoke like the good old days.
  10. For the last 20 years Peter Mayhew and his family have lived in my area and yet I only just found out tonight. If I had this information even a week ago I would have driven over to his house and taken a photo with a movie legend!
  11. With a profit motive, anything’s possible. There’s not much to gain by colonizing Mars but mining asteroids ... that’s where there’s money to be made! Just one asteroid contains $1 Quintillion worth of resources and metals. We’ll be colonizing the asteroid belt to mine from it before we’re colonizing planets for scientific research.
  12. I’ve never seen a PUS box code before but I recently acquired a HdM EE cab with it and, man, they are a delicious and oily hue of dark chocolate!
  13. That’s exactly what I did too! Immediately grabbed a new Favorito and fired it up without a second thought!

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