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  1. That would actually be a pretty high turnout in the States, depending on what it was for.
  2. I’d like to think that all booze has life extending properties: my Japanese grand dad got most of his calories from George Dickel, refined carbs, and animal fat. And I literally mean fat: I once saw him consume just the gristle from a 20 lb prime rib and he routinely ate ALL the rendered fat from the Thanksgiving/Christmas turkey on nasty Hawaiian rolls. He lived to be 90 too. Of course, in order to mimic his lifespan I suspect I would have to accept everything that went with it, including storing my cigars in random toolboxes with spare screws, loose ammo, and loaded revolvers.
  3. I suspect the US has a lot of patriotic flag waving for the same reason Switzerland does. We are both old republics that needed the patriotism and nationalism to draw very different groups of people together and to keep us from abandoning/killing each other. A lot of people are attacking the Brexiteers because leaving the EU is reckless and will have unintended consequences. What they often don’t admit is that the same can be said for joining the EU in the first place. The EU is still an experiment, and I suspect they will have to instill a lot of the same jingoistic EU pride into its people if it’s going to work.
  4. You UK guys can gnash your teeth all you want, but I was Brexit’s first victim. I was on Orkney the day of the Brexit vote and, thinking Remain would easily prevail and drive up the value of pounds against USD, I bought enough £ to fund no small amount of future whisky on future trips to the UK. Lost a fair amount of money on that one. Please consider donating to my GoFundMe account. #FirstVictim #NeverForget
  5. I'm way fatter than you and I don't have either of those problems, so maybe you could gain 50 lbs and they'll go away? I prescribe a dozen doughnuts a day from the King Sooper, chased with two liters of non-diet soda. Non-diet part is important. Fat goes on quicker if you drink those calories. In fact, you can microwave your ice cream so you can consume it faster. Also, try to limit movement.
  6. bpm32

    Travel case?

    Did you have any issues with the foam smell? I bought a Pelican for the same purpose, but even after weeks of sitting out the plasticizer/unreacted polymer smell never went away.
  7. I don’t know about Hawaii, but it can’t be worse than Washington, where you can walk down the street smoking a joint without a second look, but if you smoke a cigarette you’re probably going to get confronted.
  8. I find that in most things in life, like in sports or some craft or whatever, if you find some acknowledged "master" at something, he's always doing one really odd thing. Everyone goes, "should I be doing that too?". Typically, the answer is probably not, because his circumstances are different. For example, there was a famous Swiss Olympic gold medalist who shot in Free Pistol competition named Moritz Minder. He held his pistol sideways (different from gangsta style--palm up). Some people tried to adopt it, but the only reason he did it was he'd been in an accident that messed up his shoulder. In the case of MRN, I don't know. Maybe because his cigars are so old, he's trying to limit aging, so he's storing them colder. In that case, maybe he had to do something weird and non-intuitive with the humidity? Just idle speculation on my part.
  9. I think some people give the US a hard time because we’ve got this bizarre embargo going with Cuba, but not other communist countries like China and Vietnam. The thing is, the US seems to give a huge amount of attention to what the displaced immigrants in the US want. In my view, the embargo has been driven mostly by Cuban-Americans. Sure, one side or another might try to pander and virtue signal to the Cuban-Americans, but generally the embargo is not a top ten issue for non-Cubans. I grew up with a lot of Vietnamese, and I can’t think of anyone who said, “hey, let’s form voting blocks and push to punish the communist regime there in Vietnam”. They just didn’t care all that much. I would hope they had somehow already become 100% American. It was the same thing with my Chinese grandparents. They lost a lot of land in China—and I mean A LOT—but I’ve never heard them exhibit hard feelings toward China or Mao. It’s like they hadn’t even considered it, and these are people who hold incredible, ridiculous grudges against individuals. The subject has simply never come up and I don’t think they ever even think about it.
  10. If they were pragmatic about it they could just change the names for the American market, like Czechvar did. Now that everyone has the internet in his pocket it hardly even matters anymore.
  11. bpm32

    Value of Time

    That's a great thing you're doing for these kids. I'll bet some of them will remember these lessons for the rest of their lives.
  12. Have you been to the Fram Museum in Oslo? I plan to have a long layover there this summer and was wondering if it was worth checking out the various boat-themed museums.

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