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  1. Lately I’ve been on a Concorde jag and have been reading everything I could find about it. It would be awesome to have flown on one. Were cigars and pipes on airplanes culturally unacceptable before cigarettes were? I remember being in restaurants as a kid, just bathed in disgusting cigarette smoke, and everyone would bitch if there was one guy smoking a cigar. Sometimes there were even signs in smoking sections forbidding cigars and pipes.
  2. Yeah, they’re a real Kobayashi Maru type situation. You really do need to be drunk to agree to a long ash contest.
  3. The sanctions work as intended: they get free votes down in Florida with zero electoral downsides. They’re a no brainer. Has anyone ever said, “Gee, I really want to vote for Candidate X, but he increased sanctions on Cuba, so I guess I’ll vote for the other guy”?
  4. I don’t know—I assume people only do it when they’re sitting around in a group smoking cigars. It’s just a silly way to pass the time with friends.
  5. Years and years ago my grad advisor had this idea to encapsulate booze with calcium alginates (from seaweed) and all us grad students laughed in his face except for the lab alcoholic. I remember them making vodka-filled spheres in a microreactor.
  6. There were still a lot of 2014 HUPCs up there a few months ago. Other than that, maybe some Andorra regionals. E. Leclerc grocery store also has a great Cuban rum selection.
  7. 🤐 I lost all my cigars in a tragic boating accident.
  8. They’re Federally banned. For a while US Customs was confiscating them on the WA/BC border.
  9. Stagnettos had great aged stock at least through 2017, but I had a friend check it out a few months ago and it’s all current stuff now. Gibraltar is awesome to visit though.
  10. I'm not an expert, so take this with a grain of salt, but the bottom of the Taino head is running into the white box too much and I've never seen a legitimate band where the bottom of the chin is touching the two squares below it. The gold head is also misaligned, but then again I've seen legit Cohibas that were almost that misaligned. The printing in general looks a bit less crisp than it should be. There might be some other more obvious things I'm missing. Construction-wise the cigar itself didn't show any red flags for me.
  11. https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/opinion/our_views/article_d0032720-9580-11e6-b566-73de5fbe8433.html I'd always assumed that Simon and Schuster had simply not taken Toole's manuscript seriously, but at least according to Gottleib, apparently Toole's mental health was starting to slip during the editing process. It might have been a case of editor meddling, but then on the other hand plenty of good novels have become great with a talented editor.
  12. It always struck me as odd that so many publishers passed on ACoD. Even if you accept the incorrect assertion that it’s about nothing, it’s so hilarious that that alone would have made the novel successful.
  13. 😁 Is it good enough to post a picture of yourself reading it on Instagram?
  14. You are quite right, of course. Man, I wonder how much that bribe is?
  15. No rule, but they can be considered a weapon in carry-on luggage and confiscated, but if you put them in checked luggage they’re fine.

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