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  1. Weirdly enough, right after this came up here I inherited this George Dickel Powderhorn from the 1960s. Apparently the bottle is popular with Star Trek fans because it appeared as “Saurian brandy” in the Original Series.
  2. Suntory Highballs are fantastic and I’ve never seen them at the Japanese stores in the States. Wish I’d brought a case home.
  3. Exactly, George D. finally getting some love. Twelve or fifteen years ago I started making the rounds with the Japanese whiskies, Pappy et al., and the defunct single malts that are all worth big money now.....and it’s George Dickel No. 12 I reach for these days. A lot of those other beverages were great, but to me they aren’t worth the chase and the cost.
  4. Yeah, they've got a decent humidor, and a lot of cigar accessory-type stuff. I raided their cigar bookshelf--found a couple books I'd been looking for for a while.
  5. I'm not sure there are any cruise ships that fly an American flag, so presumably they could all still go to Cuba, just not with any US citizens?
  6. bpm32

    Behike 58

    I believe it. My grandmother made us pack our bags up and move floors in a hotel once because we were on the 4th floor. “88” is a really funny one because “88ers” is a term for white supremacists in the States now.
  7. Gimeno is the one everyone mentions—you have to ask to see the humidor downstairs. There’s a tobacco shop every few blocks, usually with a small humidor. Provided it’s not on a Sunday, it’s worth just wondering around as you see the tourist sites and stopping when you see a shop. Other than that El Corte de Ingles tobacco shop actually isn’t bad—it’s in the basement. Close to all the touristy stuff, there’s one in Placa Catalunya and one in Eixample. I’m sure there are nice finds if you dig, but most of the stock is pretty new. It’s not like it was a few years ago in Europe where you’d just roll in and find 20 year old stock. Even Andorra is cleaned out except for HU PCs. Edit to add—Estanc Duaso, if you happen to be near it. For regionals, just the LGC D5s (I think 75€ per 10) right now, but they also have a fair number of jars if you look around (Gimeno just has the HU Mag 50 jar, Estanc Catedral has the Partagas P2 jar, etc.). You’ll see a lot of cigars with a second “Sevilla” band—those are singles from the jars. Right now there’s also a special 10 count box of aged Monte Edmundos celebrating the bullfighter Morante de la Puebla for 200€ everywhere. Also, nothing worthwhile at the Barcelona airport—either terminal.
  8. Damn, no grandfather clause? I wonder what’s going on with cruises already underway?
  9. Yeah, I think people who didn't grow up with these sorts of things might not see how we could view them as entirely positive and wholesome. All of my childhood memories or impressions of smoking (in my dad's case a meerschaum pipe) or firearms have been happy.
  10. You know, somehow it doesn’t surprise me that the SEALs smoked Gurkhas after shooting Osama bin Laden.
  11. Let’s get back on track here guys. From personal observation, there is actually a great deal of collegiality in the American government on all sides, probably almost as much as there was in the 1950s. The difference now is it has become unpopular to broadcast it to the public, whereas back then the public almost demanded it.
  12. Asians are disproportionately lactose intolerant. Why milkshakes, except as a racist dog whistle? I don’t know about you, but I feel victimized and triggered.
  13. I’ve been meaning to go to Trail Dust, since it’s close to me. I guess I assumed it would be Santa Maria Style though.
  14. What? A barbecue thread and no one's been banned yet? I thought Americans took their barbecue seriously.... The best barbecue I've had in a long while was actually in Colorado of all places: Wayne's Smoke Shack in Superior, CO.

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