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  1. I was under the impression that only Cubans could buy property, so that a foreigner could only buy under a Cuban’s name. Is that not correct?
  2. You would technically need a factura for any banded cigars—that’s a halfsheet-sized receipt that has your name and passport info on it, along with the cigar information.
  3. Everyone has their own pet methods and theories: carry-on vs. checked luggage, Terminal 2 vs. Terminal 3. When I went through Cuban customs my guy actually spoke English, but alas I could speak no English or Spanish that day. I did however make a lot of pensive, tooth sucking Asian sounds (despite my not being able to speak an Asian language), and helpfully produced a bunch of non-relevant receipts and documents for various things. About 30 seconds into my painfully sloooow, painfully broken English, they had had enough of me. They did not want to take a guy like that to the back room for a full inspection. But I guess it only works because I look the part.
  4. Too bad!—it was excellent earlier this year.
  5. The version sold at the Partagás LCDH looks like the one on the right, but it says “Casa del Habano” and “Partagás”. It was 9” in diameter and 28 CUC. I’m surprised I’ve never seen any pictures pop up anywhere.
  6. For me the cold draw is an important precursor. I just got a cold draw from a Davidoff Lancero that was like those cola-flavored gummi candies.
  7. bpm32

    weird drinking laws

    I have a friend who’s really into exotic fish that has used alcohol to euthanize injured fish. Interestingly, he’s from Ohio.
  8. If I’m going to bring a bunch of cigars for people to smoke my cigar is always the one without the band. If people ask what it is I tell them it’s just some no name factory second. The true cigar smoking friends always get handed the cigars I want them to have directly. Sometimes I’ll precut my cigar so I can tell people, “oh, not that one, I already sucked on the end.”
  9. Since you're making a trip to Cuba soon I'm going to go the opposite direction and say peso cigars. Smoke like the Cuban Everyman for a day!
  10. bpm32

    Any Modern Times fans? (beer)

    Hey now, I like Simple Times! It’s a great way to end the night when your tongue is numb and you need to sober up.
  11. Besides Radar. But then again, if you ever saw “W*A*L*T*E*R” you might start to doubt.
  12. Was camping one time and one of the guys was dozing by the fire without a shirt. Antics ensued while he slumbered. Marshmallow set his chest hair on fire....
  13. Wait, the movie counts? Spearchucker then. He was the only likeable character in the movie besides Radar.

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