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  1. Yeah, Kane/Hearst did everything possible to encourage that war. Although BBC is probably the only news source I look at anymore, I’m not really sure what scandal 99 is referring to. That said, politicians and their media shills have lied to the people they’re supposed to serve since the beginning of time, including lying to take them into unnecessary and foolhardy wars. You can read about it in Livy or Thucydides. To me, nothing can be as bad as sending people off to war for no good reason. As far as the media goes specifically, I think historically they’ve been pretty terrible, going back to the colonial era in the US—think Benjamin Franklin Bache and the Philadelphia Aurora, to Hearst in the Spanish-American War, to well......what goes on today. Local journalism is usually okay, and we might have had some kind of brief interlude of good national-level journalism in the Edward R. Murrow era, but that was probably an anomaly.
  2. I suppose there’s also inertia. The president doesn’t have the authority to end the embargo, and getting the US Congress to agree on something with no obvious gain for either side would be somewhat problematic.
  3. I’ve often wondered why myself. From a practical standpoint, Cuban-Americans do apparently send a lot of money back to relatives still living on the island, so I suspect people with US relatives do a lot better. The anger that some older Cuban-Americans have is understandable, but respectfully, I think it’s healthier to move on. My grandfather’s family lost huge amounts of land to the communists in Southern China, and I suppose he has every right to be bitter, but he isn’t—in fact, he considers himself to be blessed.
  4. I’ve always assumed it’s because Cuban-Americans favor a hard line approach. Many of them are single issue voters on this, which makes their votes more powerful. There might be plenty of Americans that would favor ending the embargo, but they aren’t all in one place, and there are many other issues they care more about.
  5. Seems like time for a message from Tom Raper: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nGSN7JVg1yQ
  6. Yeah, this. I‘ve been trying out a coffee subscription from Japan. Usually it gets here in about a week, but it’s been about 5 weeks and it hasn’t gotten on a plane yet. It can pretty much go in the trash when it gets here.
  7. It’s been a couple years, but I assume they still sell them. You can buy the blank ashtrays fairly easily, so pretty much anybody can have them engraved. Actually I’m surprised more places aren’t selling their versions.
  8. If you’re just curious about water loss or gain in cigars, any old inexpensive kitchen or reloading scale will pretty much do. You can get them for as little as $10.
  9. That’s great news, Fuzz. Hope you’re 100% soon! Heh, Human Bender. Definitely in the Top 5 for me.
  10. 2.5% to 4.3% is actually way higher than I would have expected for the San Jose area. To me it’s good news that it could be that high.
  11. Gotta love that Seattle Freeze. If only the extremely antisocial nature of your standard Northwesterner could be duplicated in other localities. Uff da!
  12. Yeah, no joke. I think a lot of us introverts always suspected this was the case, but then to actually do it....

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