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  1. Well sure—it’s unanswerable. Like I said, idle chatter on a lazy weekend. If setting aside high strength young cigars would be your best bet, I wonder if Non-Cubans might be the way to go?
  2. Lazy and idle Sunday question: Rob has mentioned a few times that he often gets asked what’s smoking good right now. What about the opposite—what do you all think would be good regular production cigars to put aside for 20 years? 30 years? 50 years? Assume for the purposes of discussion that you wouldn’t have access to those cigars over the decades, but that they’d be properly stored. Also, assume through some sorcery that you were guaranteed to be around to enjoy them.
  3. Hmm, Ken brings up a good point here. A lot of married guys have garage fridges that look exactly like these. The real fridges are full of kale and celery and crap like that.
  4. bpm32

    Unethical Pricing

    I don’t know much about the USO, but if they’re anything like AAFES it’s probably a point of pride that if enough service members ask for something, they’d move heaven and earth to get it. That cuts both ways—I’m old enough to remember when the exchanges offered really, really high end stuff, but the GIs preferred cheaper alternatives, so that’s what they get now. It used to be pro-level camera gear and Rolexes and now it’s $8 ties and “shoulder thingies that go up”. It wouldn’t surprise me if service members asked for CCs, so USO found them on the local economy marked up already and had no idea what they were supposed to cost.
  5. bpm32

    Unethical Pricing

    Presumably vetted local businesses were selling the cigars, so most likely not illegal. Sort of like how there are a lot of kiosks in the “mall” part of the Exchanges selling, well, junk basically. It’s not the US military itself selling those ornate hookahs on the Middle East bases and velvet tiger art Stateside.
  6. bpm32

    Unethical Pricing

    One of the Exchanges in Kuwait sold CCs until a do-gooder/hall monitor raised a stink and put a stop to it. This would have been in 2003-2004.
  7. "That Cuba cigar got me all riled up."
  8. I went to Au Pied de Cochon recently based on the threads that mentioned it on FOH. Great food.
  9. If you guys think PF’s methods are complicated, look into how chemistry laboratories are made. Basically you’ve got all the complexity of humidity control except dozens of fume hoods are replacing the air in the building every few minutes. For a lab that deals with energetic materials it’s even more complicated. Explosives are mostly polar organics that are insanely hygroscopic, so like a normal chem lab you’d want to keep the humidity way down. But then some of them are intensely ESD sensitive, so if the humidity goes too low, waving an ungrounded finger near them causes them to detonate. Complicating this is that the diagnostics for these materials are highly specialized and cost millions of dollars, and they prefer low humidity.
  10. This RE is also a little different in that it honors a guy that a lot of people really liked. The vitola and marca chosen were particularly appropriate and classy, which hits the right tone for dudes like us because most of us will light one up and fondly remember the cigar buddies we’ve lost too soon.
  11. So what do you think he should do PF? Having experienced the same issues I’d be interested to hear your advice.
  12. No one else jumped in so I'll just mention what I did before I had reasonable storage: I stored everything in high quality coolers with tight seals. It didn't protect the cigars from high temperatures, but it did dampen the massive temperature swings. The thing is, I already had the containers, but for the cost of good coolers you could probably just buy a wine cooler. This sounds goofy, but I suppose you could get a baseline cigar that has what you feel is ideal water content and tare it on a reasonably accurate kitchen balance. Then you could periodically weigh that cigar. If weight goes down, humidify everything; if weight goes up dehumidify everything. Just don't accidentally smoke it....
  13. Not sure where the controversy comes from. The chart, as asthetically bad as it is, shows the relationship between temp and rH for a given concentration of gaseous water in air (presumably). It is basic junior high science class, but on the other hand overwise intelligent people forget this stuff, so it’s nice to be reminded once in a while. The chart says nothing about mold and it offers no advice on how you should store your cigars.

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