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  1. Very cool! General Hancock.....makes me think of this: Spoiler: he should have gotten off his horse when Ken Burns asked him to.
  2. I have nothing to offer, so I’ll post this.
  3. Okay, thanks! Seems weird then--neither of the LCDHs I went to in Lima seemed like the kind of places that would move 50 count cabs of 109s. It was more like Troyas and Quinteros, with a lot of bare shelves. I wonder if they didn't intend these for the internet market from the get go.
  4. Does anybody know who was actually behind these cigars? I stopped at two LCDHs in Lima a couple weeks ago hoping to pick up a few to try (or, let’s face it, talk myself into a box) and they had never heard of them. I would have figured Peru was as “Andes Region” as it got.
  5. Oh nice, the Punch Triunfos. I wonder if it'll be handmade, unlike the old ones?
  6. My 84 year-old Chinese grandmother recently discovered the avocado. Her Jewish Millennial doctor told her about them and she’s been peddling avocados the last few weeks to us grandkids like she invented them.
  7. Not even necessarily Cantonese vs. Mandarin. Cantonese vs. Taishanese is pretty different.
  8. I used to finish every book I started, but as I get older I get lazier. There are books like Ulysses that I got through 20 years ago, but I don't think I could get through now. Once in a while I'll pick up a book and start reading right where I left off years later. I think I had 6 years in the middle of Anna Karenina. Thank God for Wikipedia.
  9. There ain’t any in Lima oddly enough.
  10. Dad took me to see Top Gun. That giant 2-screen movie theater was knocked down and is a Krispy Kreme surrounded by an unusually large parking lot now.
  11. Bad luck dude. If the Germans and Chinese agree on something it’s probably true. I had to pay a penny when I was a kid. I guess $1 is because of inflation.
  12. I think plenty of us Tetris degenerates looked at those picture and thought, “nah, you got plenty more room in there.”
  13. To be fair they might be Snapchatting the person across the table.... Damn kids!
  14. It’s hard to say—we’re still adjusting to all these rapid technology changes with all the unintended consequences. Overall it might end up being a good thing, but we’ll need a 100 years to figure it out. No one knows what the ground rules are supposed to be, whether it’s governments or just families trying to parent their kids. It’s like if booze was invented last year and people haven’t decided if they’re supposed to let their 3 year-olds guzzle it yet.
  15. Hey, thanks for the recommendation on Drift! I bought a copy of the Havana issue and you're right--really cool.

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