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  1. Giving this a try 通过我的 XQ-BQ72 上的 Tapatalk发言
  2. You'd be shocked to find that we cant even smoke cigars, technically, on municipal golf courses, as they are considered parks. Weed, however, is all fair game. 通过我的 SM-G991W 上的 Tapatalk发言
  3. Canada... Unfortunately... Taxes here are already through the roof. 通过我的 SM-G991W 上的 Tapatalk发言
  4. I removed it. Didn't really destroy the wrapper. But still. 通过我的 SM-G991W 上的 Tapatalk发言
  5. Popped into the store today and picked up these. Finally it looks like the plain packaging madness is upon us. Not that I care about the wood boxes, but the fact that we the customers are paying for the repackaging of these to satisfy some lawmakers crazy tobacco hate kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth. O well, nothing we can do. 通过我的 SM-G991W 上的 Tapatalk发言
  6. I definitely smoke more during summer, maybe 5 a day, vs winter, maybe like 1 a day. Just because it gets dark early and cold outside even with two heaters. Also smoke a lot more small cigars than large ones.
  7. The whites are supposedly a bit lighter. Personally I haven't been able to tell the difference.
  8. Like many here have suggested. So far haven't found anything that beats cohiba shorts. Have some of the new Trinidad's on the way will give those a try
  9. 15k is just.... No cigar is worth 1500 a piece...But the box is indeed beautiful. Christmas ?
  10. They are indeed pretty crazy. My box is still intact but luckily a friend gifted me 10 singles, hence the indulgence.,??
  11. Tried this one today. Been sitting in my humidor for over a year now. Absolutely fantastic cigar By far the best construction I've had from cohiba, burn line very straight throughout. Smoked fairly slowly but no relighting or touch up at all. Draw was fantastic. Very strong, complex. Coco and cedar aroma aplenty. Definitely one of the best cigars I've had. Can't complain about anything other than the shocking price of these.
  12. I picked up a box yesterday for 150 CAD a stick. Not bad compared to the behike and talisman prices here
  13. A special cigar for the last day before Christmas break.
  14. Tried one out yesterday. For some reason it wasn’t burning very well for the first 3rd, and the draw was very tight, wasn’t getting a lot of smoke, which was kinda unpleasant. After getting through the first 3rd though, it was fantastic, full bodied, deep, and lots of flavors. Like it better than the RYJs this year (cant remember the name).
  15. Don't worry, my dad goes through on average 5 a day if it makes u feel better. ?
  16. Went through my storage today and realized this is how much I've went through in the last 18 months.... feel like I need to seriously cut back....?
  17. Tried the Dumas yesterday and I think it was surprisingly light for some reason. Also not a lot of flavors to be honest. The construction was excellent on mine. Just finished a Maltes and it's significantly stronger and much more flavorful. Don't know if it's just me but they seem very large. Took me a long time to finish the Maltes today. So really hoping the Dumas would be better.
  18. Join me any time in Vancouver. We play bridge.

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