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  1. I cant remember the exact box code but it is a box of 2017 Ramon Allones Specially Selected. First stick/light was amazing, had a female friend say that's her new favorite and stole it from me mid smoke. Then second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, stick ALL plugged. I havent touched the box since.
  2. I've done that with both CC and Non-CC. Now I do it for birthdays and just because. Certain goals, Ive got some mentally aside for but I keep it to a minimum. Goals nearby not years away. I could be dead by then. As much as I've wanted to put cigars aside for "investing", most I know I will never sell. I also know from this forum and from day to day, that life is too damn short. So as of this year, when I go in my humidors, I stop myself from thinking that and smoke what I actually want to smoke. (Siri... play Drake "in My feelings") Dont mean to be a Debbie Downer.
  3. I'd estimate 500-600 CC and 150 Non CC... And after reading others, all I keep hearing is:
  4. As far as cubans, Partagas No 1 - best maduro so far and always keep in my humidor. Cohiba Maduros are overrated in my opinion. As far as the Non Cubans: DTT - Mi Querida Charter Oaks - Maduro (only $5) Fuente 858 Sungrown Kristoff San Andres & Maduro Leaf By Oscar - Maduro Island Jim - San Andres Cant go wrong with any of those.
  5. I think thats the problem with the idea of merch. You have to invest a good amount up front. Especially when you have some ppl saying they want shirts, others want polos, others want dri-fit shirts. I do shirts for companies and for something like this, its best to do a group buy. With Rob's approval and Im sure he'd be willing to give art work for a rate per shirt. The sizes thing can be tricky for some of of the larger sizes but can be done. I recently had an order where I had to find an 8XL blank T shirt. So anything 6XL and below is fairly common for T-shirts. Not so much in polos and dri-fit poly material.
  6. I need to make a son ASAP so I can have this plan set up. My daughter hates how I smell when I smoke cigars so I might as well count her out.
  7. Back to the fakes, has anyone had fake singles with triple caps on them?
  8. I've gotten singles from Hotel Libre in the past. How could you tell they were fake? My friend just brought me a single of the 2018 LE Propios from there last week.
  9. I had a friend grab me a couple from Hotel Libre last week in Havana. That was the only place I think he saw them.
  10. Cohiba for the most part has always been underwhelming and Sancho Panza as well.
  11. For a really nice dinner, go to Vistamar especially if your traveling with a female. As far as everything else, Habana 61 is the one of my absolute favorite. The croquetas to the ropa vieja to the drinks. Then there is Cafe OReilly for breakfast. Mas Habana for lunch Lo De Monik also good for breakfast and lunch. So many options. Walk around and try a few random places.
  12. Magnum 50's Ive experimented with about 3 years of age. They got better as time went on. I would say the P2 also which Ive also aged about 3 years. I know plenty of ppl on here age the Cohiba Robustos. I havent really aged most of the rest, longer than a year so I cant say on them.
  13. Ive never been to Hotel Nacional and not been allowed in the humidor. And I agree about the restuarant for 5 y 16. It was one of the best I went to while being all around Havana. If your traveling with a female, take her for the Daquiris. She said out of the 30 + that she tried, that place had the best one.
  14. It was a non cuban. Opus X Super Belicoso. two years of ago. It was so good.
  15. So Ive never really been one to sell any of my cigars let alone the ones I dont like, I usually smoke them. However, my last trip to Havana, I came back with some I just dont like. Where do people sell their stuff ? I know not on this forum and Ive heard of the facebook groups but apparently they either reject my request or wont trust me because Im not a flipper like all these other guys who post things on the daily. Anybody got some ideas. Im trying to recoup some money since Im going back to Havana in September.

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