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  1. I'll have to point this out that next time I am with my sister in law.
  2. I typically don't really care unless the crack is like 1/2 inch or more. Most though are just small cracks that don't impact the experience. Every now and then I will come across a cigar that has some cracks in the body of it. If I have some time, and I have a few of these, I will usually cut the cap off, let it sit between a paper towel with hot distilled water for about 20 minutes, so the glue breaks down, and unravel the cap. Then I will glue that tobacco over the crack to sell using cigar glue and let it dry out in the humidor. Of course it take a couple weeks for the cigar to get back to normal humidity, so these are not ones you can smoke right away.
  3. Thanks, but I think I may build my own. I am thinking about building a 84 in tall humidor/bar combo. Pretty much humidor on the bottom and bar on the top, perhaps with a bar counter for drinks. I just need to convince my wife.
  4. 24 boxes! I went a little crazy, but I have a decent amount of aged sticks right now. I really need to invest in a good cabinet humidor currently.
  5. Keeping with the bee thing, I read an article recently that some vegans are taking issue with how we use large commercial honey bee hives to assist with pollination of farms. Turns out our farms are much too large to be pollinated with just the local bee population, so honey farmers rent out and move their hives from farm to farm to assist. So, for some hardcore vegans, this means that most vegetables are the product of forced bee labor too and they are looking for a solution. Crazy!
  6. Perhaps your niece is different, especially with doctors as parents. My whole things with vegans is, if they ate fresh vegetables and fruits, and grains, I would kind of be okay with possibly agree they are leading a healthier lifestyle. However, the stuff I see most vegans eat are processed to hell and back, along with anything else that does not have animal products, like potato chips, pasta, candy, way to much chocolate. My biggest issue is them not eating honey because it is forced bumble bee labor. This just shows a total lack of knowledge in my opinion. Bees make honey, all day every day. They make a lot more then what they actually needed, like almost three times more. Taking half of their honey is not going effect the hive one bit, but for some reason they cant eat honey.
  7. I've always liked this parity on what it is like being a creative director dealing with a client.
  8. I agree with this whole heartedly. My sister in law and her boyfriend are both vegans, and you would think vegans are healthy, until you know one. The highly processed foods I have seen them eat just to avoid animal products is insane. You would think vegans would embrace the vegan lifestyle of fresh vegetables and salad, but it is the total opposite.
  9. Personally, I'm waiting for the 60 day dry aged version to be released.
  10. There is a fine line between being truthful and good advertising, and unfortunately the level at which good advertising can stray from complete truthfulness can be pretty far, but still be acceptable. In a lot of cases though, it makes sense. I primarily shoot architecture and interiors, and we are constantly Photoshoping out light switches, electrical outlets, exit signs, etc. It makes the picture look better and it is not really a lie; people are not hiring an architect for his ability to design in electrical outlets. For resorts, it is not uncommon for us to photograph the best room (photographically, not necessarily the best room to stay in), and then photograph the best view from the resort, and drop that view into that room shot. Once again, this is not really lying since the resort has many versions of this same room and that view exist somewhere in the building. It's a room that does not really exist, but could very well, and even if it did, the chance of you booking that exact room are low anyway. Another genre I work is splash photography. Recently I did a shoot with a very large Italian coffee company where they want their canned cappuccino moving through the air. The problem is cappuccino is kind of translucent and does not photography well in air, so we used brown paint, which is completely opaque. The paint was the identical shade of the product and looked exactly like the product but without the background bleeding through, so once again it was not really a lie. So if people get offended enough to complain about that cream cheese commercial to the point of making a government agency to put an end to it, where is it going to end? Will what I described above soon be frowned upon by the PC police?
  11. Smoking a PLPC after just two days in the humidor and loving it. Granted it has 2.5 years on it, but I can see why these are so faught after.
  12. I’ve had a few from 2016 and loved them. I’m waiting on some cabs coming out of Havana and hoping they do so soon. I think it is the only DC I would buy in quantity.
  13. As was noted before, neither of the ads in this case had anything to do with what you just described. They were pretty mundane jests. As John Cleese said, "all comedy is critical," and I feel, at the expense of pleasing those whom are the easiest to be offended, who can literally find anything to be offended by, we are sacrificing creativity and comedy.
  14. I came across this article the other day and, as someone who works in the creative industry, I can't help but think the shock waves that these rulings will send through the industry across the pond. To be honest, I was expecting some overtly misogynistic advert from decades past, but these were pretty mundane to say the least. The offense drawn from these requires quite the stretch, especially in the case that some feel the female climber being a sleep implies the idea that women should be passive. 🤔 Knowing the industry and the unremarkable nature of what was found to be wrong, this just added a whole additional level of bull shit and lawyers to deal with behind the scenes when planning campaigns, in the UK at least. I know in the USA, Pharna advertising is very regulated, which leads many creative directors to completely give up on working in the industry. Those that do, hate it and only do so because Pharma has near endless pocket books, and it helps keep the lights on at the agency. I cant help but think this will cause some of the same feelings in the UK, across all genres though. I am kind of wondering what people think of this. Are there any creative directors here in the UK that can give some perspective?

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