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  1. For a not so breaking the bank option, I am a real fan of Zaya 18 years with a splash of cocoa bitters. In the USA, Ron Zacopa is great. In Havana, 7 Anos and up are my personal favorites.
  2. 6 PM would be great for me. Also, I know it does not work for you, but Monday is great if anyone else is interested.
  3. Thanks for the tips. Insofar as timing, I have to be on site until about 30 minutes after sunset. Not sure if that will work out.
  4. Hello Group, well I will be heading to Chicago tomorrow on business, and will arrive in the morning. Unfortunately the production company wants to test me (even though I have been tested twice this week) before allowing me on location, and that wont happen until Monday afternoon. Needless to say, I will have a lot of free time on my hands tomorrow. So, are there any cigar lounges/bars open currently in the city? I will be staying until Friday morning. Thanks, Joe
  5. Happy belated New Year FOH community. Giving my wrists a much need rest after removing 500 pounds of plaster and putting up 500 pounds more. Here's hoping the base coat dries by Easter so I can put up the veneer coat before Spring.
  6. So production got pushed back into January. Here's hoping the lockdowns do not become more strict. I plan on being there from the 10th through the 15th, and then off to TX.
  7. Sir Winston is a different level. However I am finding the Tacos to be on par and just as great.
  8. Pretty much anywhere that has great architecture to photograph, so not many places. Just joking, but in comparing Dallas vs. Fort Worth, it seems FW is better when it comes to modern architecture.
  9. Thanks all. I have already looked into getting a C-19 test before leaving. And it is great to know there are placed to hang out and have a good cigar. Insofar as the dates, not sure yet. We got the go ahead and that we are the contractor who will be working on this project this afternoon, and it is now a 3 day shoot instead of a 2 day, but we are waiting for production to set this up. I am pushing for next week, so arrival on Tuesday and staying until Saturday. Unfortunately the third location is yet to be determined, but we are pushing for next week since C-19 lockdowns I assume w
  10. There is a good chance I will be heading to Chicago next week for a two day project. What are the most recent lock down rules? Is there any chance I will be able to actually get pre-made take-out meals at a restaurant, perhaps dine out, or should I plan on only being able to visit groceries and make my own food? I need to determine what amenities to look for when booking a hotel. Is there a curfew? Any cigar lounges open right now? Also, I will probably head down to Dallas afterwards for some personal work, to explore the area, and regain part of my sanity. How is the sce
  11. And unlike Carmine Galante, he was able to walk away unscathed.
  12. Right now I am just wondering if I will be lighting up my first Talisman tomorrow or a plugged Upmann Connie A. With the trends being set in FL, looking like a Talisman.

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