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  1. Kitchen

    Zombie Films...

    Sorry, I forgot the spontaneous teeth sharpening and jaw muscle strength that the zombie virus brings.
  2. Kitchen

    Zombie Films...

    I'm fan of the zombie sub-genre, but I must say, whenever I watch a zombie flick, I cant help but think how many people would be saved if they just wore jeans and leather jackets.
  3. Kitchen

    Current Fitness Routines?

    Cycling and swimming mostly. Currently training for the MS150; a two day bike ride with 100 miles on the first day and 75 miles on the 2nd. I would like to finish the first day in less than 5 hours, and just finish the 2nd day. I also cook most of my food. I do work from home 2/3s of the time, so this part is easier for me then others.
  4. A Cohiba Maduro Genios that was part of a sampler. Never had one and I was looking forward to that stick the most. Lit it up and it tasted amazing, for the first three draws. Then it tunneled real bad. I cut off the top 1.5 inches and relit. Same thing, tasted real good but then it tunneled, so I had to chuck it. Thankfully I got a sampler of the Genios, and the one I had was real good.
  5. Kitchen

    No milkshake for you!

    Time to switch to gazpacho. There must be a place serving cold soup to go around London.
  6. Yes. Ecuadorian Viso Wrapper, Honduras double binder, and Nic. filler (2 Seco, 1.5 Viso and 1 Ligero). Robusto size. I also rolled 5 where I used half a leaf of St. James Perique in place of half a ligero as well.
  7. I rolled about 25 sticks a year and half ago and have completely forgot about them. Tried one after 60 days and it was good until the ammonia kicked in after 10 minutes. I think I will have to break one out next week and report back.
  8. I have gotten as far doing a cold draw on a cigar from the night before. That was enough; no need to light it up.
  9. Good to know, especially on the bikes.
  10. Thank you Ken and Fuzz, and I was being serious about the driving. Good to know the pedals are consistent, although driving while tasting may not be a good idea. My wife and I went to Beaune last year and did the bike tour thing (we ride all the time 😏). Maybe we will do that here as well. And two years ago when in Bermuda, getting use to the look left, instead of right, first when crossing the street was certainly something learned real fast. (I have an Australian client in NYC who talked about the same issue when she first moved here, getting use to looking right first.) I heard of Domaine Chandon as a place to visit, and will look into the others. Should be fun; we plan on spending three nights in Yarra.
  11. Kitchen

    Your Last Cracker Cigar?

    Enjoying a great Epicure Especial from 2017 currently. Before that, had a my first Cohiba Medio Siglo last week, which was awesome.
  12. So we are coming to Oz next year, just booked the flights February into March, and plan on spending 14 days exploring Sydney, Melbourne and the Yarra Valley. My wife and I are very much into wine, but admittedly know little about Australian wine. I would love to hear thoughts on which Yarra wineries to visit. Any suggestions? On a side note, we are still not sure how we will be getting from Melbourne to the Yarra valley, but are flirting with renting a car. As someone who has only ever driven on the right side, will driving on the left really screw me up? Also, is the gas pedal and break switched as well? If so, are the cars designed so you use your left foot to drive?
  13. Kitchen

    Friday Funny

    I agree! Certainly needs more cigars.
  14. This is of course relative. Compared to gasoline powered cars, absolutely. Compared to hydrogen fuel cell cars or diesel cars that run solely on plant oils, probably not so true. And that is my point, their are more convenient options being worked on that are actually better for the environment. When these options come to market, the euphoria of battery EVs will drop real fast.

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