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  1. Kitchen

    Maintaining RH

    A sudden drop in temp could certainly be the cause. Remember, relative humidity is the ratio of how much water vapor is in the air to how much the air can actually hold, which increases as temp goes up. So if temperature goes down, the amount of water vapor that the air can hold goes down as well, which means that amount needed to maintain 62% will need to go down as well. If the temp suddenly drops, the excess water vapor will probably take a bit to dissipate.
  2. Kitchen

    What to wear in Cuba

    Hopefully as least a thong was also required, if not a little more.
  3. Kitchen

    Quote of the day

    I was once writing an estimate out for a project and was wondering how much of a profit margin I could add on where I could still have it accepted. The project was pretty much mine to loose, as they say, and I was being kind of greedy in writing it out. I asked a mentor of mine what he thought, to which he replied, "pigs get feed, hogs get slaughtered!"
  4. Kitchen


    Of course, but that would all take time. Sorry, I'm not that much into computers that I want to learn how to build them and then build them. It's kind of like rolling a cigar. Cool to try, but do you really want to roll every cigar you have? I have my profession that takes up most of my time, and my hobby, cooking, that I fill in the rest with. This hobby is nice too, but used more for decompression. But computer building, no thank you. I would rather have the middle man do that and allow me to make more off of what I do best, photographing architectural. P.S. A mentor of mine once told that as soon as I can outsource a task that does nothing else but the obvious, to out source it. Building computers does nothing more then the obvious. I'm not putting on a show for my clients, I'm not developing skills that will make me more money, I'm not networking or building client relationships for what I do. It would not do anything for me other then the obvious.
  5. HdM Epi 2, must have a good firm pack otherwise it just burns too fast. CORO RASS RA DC Monte #2 Upmann Sir Winston Upmann Connie A BBF Punch 48 The next best PSP box of 48 to 50 ring gauge sticks except for anything Partagas.
  6. Kitchen


    That certainly is. I think it should anyone who buys Apple just to be in the Apple club is retarded. Other times though, it is a well thought-out purchase. I'm a photographer and the graphic softwares just work better on an Apple. I will contest though that I gave a good deal of thought on going PC during Apple's 5 year hiatus of not upgrading their desktops.
  7. Kitchen


    If you don’t mind spending a “little” more, I really like my Monte scissors. Expensive but certainly a nice cutting tool and addition to your collection. If you wait till the holidays, you can usually get them for less then $60 on sale. I have never been a fan of normal cutters since if you get a strand of tobacco inside the housing, you’ll never get it out and it will jam the cutter. Scissors prevent this problem and are easy to clean.
  8. Kitchen

    NYC Herf?

    Hanging at Paley Park. Nice place, water fall is a little lows though.
  9. Kitchen

    Hotel Partagás

    With Cuba being a salt water enviroment and the building be an old masonry structure, I have to wonder how stable it really is. Plus the Cuban Government is not known for its building maintenance; just look at Central Havana. At this point, it may just be best to raise it and rebuild. Perhaps save the front elevation, but even that may be difficult. Keep in mind many famous buildings we think are the originals are not. Independence Hall has been rebuilt several times with nearly every part replaced. The tower in St Mark's Square in Venice is not the original. So rebuilding is not necessarily a bad thing; all things have a life span even buildings.
  10. Kitchen

    NYC Herf?

    Any of those dates could work for me, or not. Too far out for me to make a decision; my schedule is so up in the air. Keep me posted though.
  11. Last thing I bought from the store was a box of Monte Dantes EL. I have had two and they are pretty damn good. Super chocolatey and smooth, complex and a bit below medium (average). With this being said, these are the only two sticks I have had, and I have a PSP & HQ box sitting in long term storage.
  12. Kitchen

    NYC Herf?

    I do a lot of work in NYC and would certainly be interested if my schedule panned out. I have only been to Soho and would certainly be interested in seeing other places.
  13. Pretty much any Churchill size, especially the Monte Dantes, or Cohiba. I would love to get my hands on a box of Sir Winstons.

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