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  1. Outdoor, and this time of year I dont smoke many sticks. However, my wife we will be gone on business for 4 days next week and we just moved to Manayunk, so I may have to try out the lounge on Main street.
  2. Kitchen


    Box of Tacos on the way! Those oily brindled wrappers get me all the time. And damn, glad I placed the order when I did; did not expect those to sell out so fast!
  3. Kitchen

    Left or Right?

    Just finished a box that looks like the left, opened a box yesterday that looks like the right but have not tried one yet. So ... uhm ... give me a month to figure this out.
  4. Kitchen

    2019 Habanos EL Releases

    Will certainly look forward to trying the RA #2, and perhaps the Trinidad 50th if I can get a few outside of buying the humidor. Yawn on the others.
  5. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will certainly have to go through this thread in more detail and figure out the best places to stop in.
  6. My wife and I are thinking about heading down to New Orleans end of March for a long weekend to relax and just get away from it. I have been looking at hotels in the French Quarter and noticed many have balconies and was wondering if any of these hotels (or perhaps all of them) are okay with smoking on the balcony? Can anyone confirm that enjoying a cigar on a balcony is not frowned upon, or recommend a place that would be cigar friendly? Also, any must see cigar bars or jazz clubs? I would love to find a good jazz spot to just sit back and relax at; it does not need to be cigar friendly.
  7. Those boxes of Coloniales look great, but are they not on the list. Thoughts? And the on the Epi Especial, I assume the 10's are just as nice too?
  8. 18+ year old box and you have not smoked one yet? Damn you have patience.
  9. In Philly, we have an Italian festival every year in South Philly with a similar event, the lard pole. Same idea, but a metal pole with 100 lb. of pig lard spread over it. At least this event has pads at the bottom of the pole. But for the life of me, I cant fathom how someone would look at that and think, "yes, I'll get covered in lard while I'm out away from home and spare cloths and a shower."
  10. In the water, the saltie would win 100% of the time. On land though, I think the grizzly holds the advantage. The saltie only has its jaws to fight with and must land a good bit on flesh, not fat, to be effective. Unfortunately, grizzlies have a lot of fat, so this would prove to be difficult. Now the grizzly not only has jaws, albeit smaller, to work with, but also some pretty damn strong arms and legs. Not to mention I would assume the grizzly would be more nimble during a fight. Still, my original point was, N. America has plenty of animals that can kill you pretty damn fast too. The only thing is we instinctively know these animals are dangerous. Nobody thinks a bird, even a big one, can kill a person with little effort, so it is more off putting. But at the end of the day, you have your birds to worry about, and we have our bears.
  11. If it came down to defending yourself against an attack from an Australian Cassowary or a North American Grizzly Bear, I'd take the Cassowary any day of the week.
  12. Just finished lime plastering my middle room. Keeping my fingers crossed I don't wake up tomorrow to find cracking, on the walls or my hands. Thinking about it, I am going to open the window a bit more in there now.
  13. Kitchen

    So why no La Trova?

    Nice to see these coming back on the shelves. I would love to try them, great size. El Pres, you think you'll have some available soon?

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