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  1. At that price, rather buy a box of 25 Punch DCs.
  2. Nice, same box code as mine. I wonder who is going to buckle and have one first.
  3. I have yet see a real Habanos on the USA soil that I have not brought here. The only store I know that is truthful about find Habanos and authenticating them is Holts, but they are unique. They Ashton and welcome the competition, so ...
  4. A great HdM Epi 2 with a good cup of coffee in the morning is a beautiful thing. By the late evening, when my palate is worn down, not so much. Have to reach for something a bit more strong with that rhum on the rocks, maybe a BBF. I have found mild cigars in the morning and strong cigars in the evening. I love Epi 2s, but would not waste them late at night when I know I wont taste them as much.
  5. Typically I'm not one to gloat, typically ... but yup! ... ... and the holy grail! Shout out to @Lotusguy for the Sir Winston trade! They all look and smell amazing. The SW will be going away for a nice nap.
  6. Rebuilding a brick retaining wall in my garden. Going to test my skill with Flemish bonds.
  7. No question; good bye James Bond! I mean really, 10% of all English literature can be traced back to Tolkin. What has Bond brought us that is even comparable.
  8. I went to a B&B once a few years back. They served what appeared to be a pretty nice breakfast, bagels, real lox, sliced meats, but decided on putting out only vegan cream cheese with no warnings. I still cant figure out why. I mean they had plenty of animal products, but vegan cream cheese? I don't think I could ever stay there again.
  9. There is a photographer I know who specializes in nothing but automotive photography, and of the golden age of the automobile. He pretty much shoots 1920s to 1950s cars, some of which only 2 or 3 were ever made. In his portfolio the 1930 Mercedes Benz SSK is one of my favorites!
  10. Any Cohiba Genios coming? If so, 25s or 10s?
  11. These are so fake. Glass top box is a dead give away. Plus no cuban cigar has been wrapped in cellophane since I believe the late 80s. Does that lid even fit the box? And was the seal placed directly on the cigars, and not the exterior of the box? There are some fakes you need to really study to figure out if they are fake. These are not them. If you paid $30 for them, they are probably filled with nothing you would ever want to smoke. Trash them. Cut one open if you would like, but it wont be pretty.
  12. I'll have to point this out that next time I am with my sister in law.
  13. I typically don't really care unless the crack is like 1/2 inch or more. Most though are just small cracks that don't impact the experience. Every now and then I will come across a cigar that has some cracks in the body of it. If I have some time, and I have a few of these, I will usually cut the cap off, let it sit between a paper towel with hot distilled water for about 20 minutes, so the glue breaks down, and unravel the cap. Then I will glue that tobacco over the crack to sell using cigar glue and let it dry out in the humidor. Of course it take a couple weeks for the cigar to get back to normal humidity, so these are not ones you can smoke right away.

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