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  1. Axis vs Allied powers ... fair point, I guess. We are seeing the creation of a new religion, sparked forth by those whom insist on leaving religions while unknowingly adopting this as the dogma their new religion. This is why they are so resolute, and outraged over the slightest of slights. They take it as a personal assault on their faith. And this is why it is so sincerely scary, because you cant compromise with people's dogma. Once again I am not condoning Gruden's comments, just pointing out it is furthering a forgiveness free faith with standards no one can actually
  2. First, how did I know you would take the bait. Second, we need to come up with a better abbreviation for the Washington Football Team then WFT since (and I am sure I am not the only one) I keep on reading it as WTF, which is not something I can write out in full here. Insofar as your point that Gruden made those comments on a work email, you are certainly correct. But I do feel that even if he did so on a private account and the NFL someone got a hold of them, they would have still been leaked and his head would have been piked just as hard. I am not condoning the comments, just that
  3. First, this is nothing but a superficial woke sacrifice to distract from the possibility of any real wrong doing by WFT (no actual emails concerning them were released even though there was an investigation) along with other controversy the NFL is dealing with. One such controversy that was starting to get press in the media was that for the last three decades, about, the league was using a practice called race norming to determine how much to settle for with black players with brain injuries as opposed to white players. Lets just say they were paying out less to black players based purely
  4. He is a big fan of Davidoff and Cuban Cohibas, but he also had quite a few custom rolls at the top too. There were also quite a few small humidors throughout the house too. It was actually kind of hard to turn around any where in the house without seeing a humidor.
  5. Spent two days photographing one awesome vacation house last month that had a great man cave. All those cabinets on the right is one giant humidor! and fully stocked. Owner was really cool too. After he learned I liked cigars, he through me an Esplendido to enjoy, which I will probably light up this week.
  6. Ready yourselves for yourselves for overprice avocado toast!
  7. So, who else has lit the wrong side of a cigar besides me? Just lit up a HUSW in the dark and lit the wrong side. Waiting for it to start to unroll, lol.
  8. How about Visas? Would the 90 day Visit Visa cover professional photography work? Would we need a sponsor? The client is based in Riyadh, but has locations in Dubai. How would this effect sponsorship?
  9. Thanks for the replies all, and I will follow up when/if the PO goes through. As a photographer, I would certainly be doing a far amount of portfolio building, along with video. Insofar as receding into the background, as a blue eyed Anglo Saxon American, would wearing the traditional garb be offensive? I would be thinking mainly walking around in linen pants and long sleeve Also, I tend to wear an Akubra hat whenever I am working. I assume this would draw attention in the Middle East?
  10. My wife just got a verbal on what would be a 5 week project in Dubai, and we are now waiting for the PO. I would be going with her if this happens (although I dont count anything until they sign on the line that is dotted!). Any advice on what it would be like living in Dubai for a month and half? How should we dress? Any restrictions on photography? Thanks, Joe
  11. To be honest, I have the same feelings about beer. Being sterile enough to make sure the beer does not get infected is such an annoying part about the process, along with all of the boiling. Which is why I gave up beer making for wine making. With wine, sure, you need to be sterile, but only to a point. Wine has too much acid and alcohol to be a good environment for bacteria, not to mention there are no sugars for the bacteria to eat. You only need to worry about acetobactia, which is easy to control for with sulfites. Beer, though, likes to get infected. I often wonder how
  12. For that mead, my starting was 1.084 and final is 0.996. It has a very nice lighter flavor with a flowery bouquet, a touch of Acacia wood flavor, and a PH of 3.15 for a nice crispness. The terroir of the honey from the apiary I source my spring honey from gives an apple, pear and apricot taste, so it is actually quite nice. It has only been 6 months though, so the flavor of fermentation has not completely evaporated away yet. The other four I am experimenting with are a fuller bodied mead made with spring and fall wildflower honeys, an Acerglyn made with fall and buckwheat honeys and
  13. Not sure, but the vineyards I have been visiting all appear to be healthy and growing well, except for one but I feel like that was the fault of the owner and a poor trellis system being employed. I can only speak to my own experience with them. Last year they were all over, like everywhere. I hike and bike a lot, and I could not go a few steps without seeing a dozen. This year I have only seen a few of them all together. There are traps on trees all over the place and many are cutting down the Tree of Heaven, which they prefer to lay their eggs on.
  14. Perhaps I would keep some bees, but mostly source. I have been looking into what is necessary to qualify for a farm assessment to save on property taxes. Regulation vary from state to state, but all seem to require a two year period where you can show you made money from the land. In PA it is at least $2000 per year, and in NJ it is only a $1000 per year. Of course, with any type of deciduous fruit bearing plants, there downtime until you produce a harvest, not to mention all of the tests needed to perform before planting, so honey could be a good source of agricultural income. Not

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