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  1. Bit different and more complex. Just got chance on box from 2010 along others. Hard decisions ahead. But Serie A is a gem IMO
  2. I was very surprised by this cigar. Overlooked and underrated marca IMO. Had great experience with one and Serie A was even better
  3. First 24:24 purchase. BBF. Very nice box even from clearance monday
  4. Hi everybody. Mu name is Jan and i am pretty much new to FOH. Smoking and enjoying cigars 6 years now but started smoking cuban cigars since january 2017 and immediatelly fell in love. Originally only whisky drinker wanted to try how it pairs with cigars and since then a i am hooked. Love exploring world of premium tobacco and even more smoking premium cigars. Looking forward on my first purchase and participating in discussion. Happy Smoking FOH
  5. Bolivar PC 2016 and RASCC 2013. Fantastic long lasting smokes

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